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Canadian Christmas Presents under construction.

Hello there Everyone:

Cy Bear calling in.  We're just a little behind schedule this afternoon - because Isobel forgot to include a lunch date fixed for her immediately after attending St. Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham  for Mass earlier this morning.  Today, also, something called "Putting the Clocks Back" occurred in the UK, which meant that Isobel had an extra hour in bed this morning - something that always seems to throw everything out of kilter I've discovered to my cost!!  (The clocks don't have to "go back" for that to happen, by the way!)
Anyway, she's begun to catch us up, and I'm delighted to be able to confirm that the Panda and Polar Bear Slippers destined for Italy and SnraCF's grand daughters for Christmas were safely posted on Tuesday morning.  
Before they left, the usual "Farewell Ceremony" took place, with me supervising the packaging of the items:

This was the two pairs of slippers together after the second Panda Slipper was completed, and prior to their being packed, first in chemical free tissue paper, and then together in bubble-wrap. Finally the package was put into a Royal Mail plastic envelope and taken by Isobel to the local Post Office in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, where they were sent via First Class Airmail Tracker Service.  We've yet to hear that they're arrived safely, but parcels to Italy can take up to 10 days to arrive.  SnraCF lives not far from a long time family friend (who has given lots of Cuddlies their Forever Homes in the past) and they've taken that long to get to their intended destinations.

Newest Novelty Slippers prior to departure
Once this project was safely completed, Isobel then checked our Slipper supplies to see how many were likely to fit the measurements of her Great Nephews in British Columbia, Canada - which I did mention  (in last week's post) would be the next job on our agenda.  It gives me great pleasure to be able to tell you that all of the boys, and their younger sister, Mum and Dad can all be accommodated!  (The ladies and Dad have been added to the intended Christmas parcel by Isobel, as she didn't want them to feel left out)  Actually, Dad is going to need his own, because he shares the same measurements with one of the Boys, and we only had one example of each Slipper in stock.  (Over the coming weeks, Isobel will be replacing these items - but meanwhile, it does mean we have a bit of space in our Cuddlies stores to accommodate some of our newer items!).  In the event of orders being received for any or all of them in the interim, we allow sufficient space between receipt of order and dispatch dates for Isobel to be able to make them up in due time. 
So, Isobel has now begun work on a pair of Dark Grey Rabbit Slippers for Canadian Dad (CD) - and she's got as far as this to date:

The leatherette under sole has been attached to the insole (which has been cut out to the dimensions required for (CD)) and the back of the slipper is almost attached to the sole of the slipper.  

So far, this has taken Isobel an evening to get to this stage. (Cutting out all the bits and pieces needed for two Slippers took another evening).   The first slipper should be ready by end of the day on Monday, and the second one will be started on Tuesday.  So - given no unexpected hiccups, these Rabbit Slippers will be ready to be packed for Canada by the end of this week.  Isobel decided to make CD some Rabbit Slippers, because the measurements received for Canadian Mum (CM) happen to match a pair of Brown Rabbit Slippers too, but the trim is in a colour more suitable for a lady.  So, we thought it would be nice for the Parents to have similar, but not the same Slipper for their Christmas 2016 Present.  Everyone else is getting a different Head on their Slipper Present - (CM reported that she didn't think the Boys would mind either way - to have a Headless Slipper or not.  Because they all think it's "cool" to be getting Handmade Slippers from their Great Aunt this year!!)  We'll try not to let them down!

On the front left of the last picture, you can see the cream poodle faux fur lining which will be sewn in over the insole, once the top of the slipper has been attached in the same way as the back of the slipper.  The lining of the upper has been tacked together to await that development.  Then the whole thing will be turned inside out and the side seams sewn together - lining to lining and the Silver Fox Plush (the name of the fabric) pieces on each side of the slipper. (That way no seams appear).   Then, Isobel intends to sew black satin ribbon around the ankles - finishing off with threading it all with elastic - and, then the first of the last Christmas Slipper will be complete.

We'll keep you posted of developments - as and when.  Meanwhile, here's wishing you all a good week, whatever you are planning on doing - and may all those plans come to fruition.
See you all next week. 

Your Friend - Cy Bear.

Coldham Cuddlies Clinic

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Canadian Christmas Presents under construction.


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