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Three Years into Retirement

I'm going to do this, I've taken a bit of time thinking about this post and I'm just going to do it. I'm not throwing anyone under a bus, but some of these things just have to be said, "Out Loud." You need to know !
What you have to know before retiring, the day to day things
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1.    You MUST have a sense of humor, you MUST laugh, OUT LOUD, from your toes laughter. With the humor MUST come honesty, 100% honest. I have no problem with this one, but there will be some fights that come up. We have a huge master bathroom here, I am very proud to say, “We had never shared a bathroom in 35 years” Well, we do now, and have for 3 years. Oh boy do we, and I had to say, “GET out, PLEASE get out.” This sounds funny, but, it was hard.  A discussion about who’s hair products and where they are in the shower? Laugh it out !

2.    I had to learn the difference from CHEAP and FRUGAL. He’s cheap, 100%, proud of it and it has and always will drive me NUTS. Using a coupon….5 cents off, I will give you the  5 cents, get the shopping done and let’s go home and do something fun. He is now grocery shopping for everything and I stay home. In my book a win, win. I laugh out loud, very Tuesday as he leaves., with his list and coupons ! Laugh out LOUD

3.    It’s alright to eat alone, I love it, you cannot make me any happier than a good cup of coffee, a sandwich and let me watch people. And it’s alright, I’m not sad, I’m not lonely, I’m thrilled. Smile, nod, but please leave me alone.

4.    BEFORE you retire - GET YOUR MONEY in Order  - BEFORE you retire, quit, or do anything.

Let’s start at the VERY beginning, we worked,  (Husband and I) saved and saved. And with lots of work we retired early, in 2013 Husband was 57 and I was 55. NUTS, I know, but we did it. Thank you Dave Ramsey (I receive no fee for this, should, but don't)…..look it up, it worked for us, TAKE THE CLASS. We are living in Florida, I’m sleeping  in, sewing, reading, swimming, taking  walks or I could be standing at a bank teller window, a good job, hard work, and sore feet. TAKE THE CLASS, enough, do the work.  NO more money talk, you HAVE to do your own work on this one.

5.    It’s just the way life is, you worked to retire and live comfortable, you have to keep planning for the years to come, medical needs, write out wills, health directive, do it all. Do it and check on it from time to time.

6.    NEVER again say, “When I was working.” NO ONE CARES. Stop saying it. Retirement is like going off  to college, your slate is clean, start over don’t look back.

7.    And, on that note, same with, Medical talk, NO ONE CARES. And I do care, but I need to know you more than 2 days, don’t over share.  I have glossed over, became starry eyed, thought about what’s for dinner, what time is it, and people just keep talking.  As we grow old we will all have something, just STOP talking about it.

8.    Be Kind, with (old)  job titles and big ego’s comes entitlement. You are NOT entitled, I don’t care where you live, what you drive, what you did before, if you are an ass, you are an ass. Be kind, be nice and don’t think you are better than ANYONE. Stop it.

9.    Do a random act of kindness. I gave the gentleman ahead of me the 4 cents he needed at the dry cleaners. Easy, you should have seen his face, worth millions. Easy as opening the door for someone, or just saying, “You look nice today.” Worth millions.

10. If you see it, do it, don’t ask, don’t wait, do it. From house work, laundry, something on the floor, clean it, pick it, throw it. DO IT.

11. When I tell you what I want, do NOT debate it with me. Husband has done this for years and now it’s to the point of crazy. I don’t say what I want, because he will always do the opposite, always. It’s done at a lot of store too, I’m at Lowes, have measurements, pictures of just what I want, don’t talk me out of it. I’m writing the check. Just let me do what I want.

12. And about check writing, don’t, it’s 2016, cash, debit or charge. Don’t write a check, NO one wants it.

13.  Stop starting any conversation with, “I remember,” “Can you believe they now….” Come on….. stop it. Yes, bread was a dime and at the time, who had a dime, let it go !

14. A hard one…..personal hygiene and I preference this with I’m a bit of a clean nut. But, odor is odor and a smell is a smell, shower, shave, dress daily. Wash your hair and brush your teeth! And here in Florida, it’s alright to do it twice a day. Enough said.

15. Stop sharing every thought, idea, time of day or what you just read in the paper. Do not read it out loud, NEVER. Hand me the paper.

16. Learn to text, short, sweet and done. Do NOT leave phone messages that are too long, with no point and rambling. And, on this subject, calling the doctor’s office, write down why you are calling, under pressure you can never remember why you called.

17. Drive with both hands on the steering wheel of the car. I don’t care if it’s 10 and 2, 9 and 3, or top and bottom, put 2 hands on the wheel.

18. Piles of papers are just piles of paper,read it, shred it and throw it away.

19. Stop eating on a schedule, I don’t care what time it is, hungry eat. And, if someone asks you to lunch and it’s 11 am and you just ate at 10, GO to lunch with them, eat light, have coffee but go.

20. Don’t make noises when you get out of a chair, off the floor (Yoga class) you know that groan and moan noise, stop making it. You are making yourself even older.

21. Do not talk about anything that happened more than two years before. Someone told me a story about a terrible medical event, she finished the story with, “that was just over 18 years ago.”  After that many years you have made it, “Stop telling the story.”

22. We moved and are closer of family, we had never been around family before, and that’s a land mine in itself. Our holidays had been us, our boys, and a few friends. Now, sister’s, brother’s, Mom’s and Dad, etc. And the whole have to have dinner on the exact day still drives me NUTS, meet me on any Tuesday and I’ll buy lunch and let’s just be together and visit, no cooking and doing dishes. This is one that is still a work in progress, Laugh out Loud.

23. Getting here to retirement and getting through the land mind of retirement has been….let me say, “HARD, very hard”  We are now……together, one car and together. Looking back I was not prepared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with each other. Get prepared and think about it, before. 
24. This is for all, take care of your skin, lotions, creams, sunscreen, start NOW, you will get OLD

25. LAUGH, smile, rejoice and LAUGH

IT'S all TRUE,
Let the adventure of year 4 begin !

And PLEASE just comment with Happiness, 
DO NOT be unkind, I have written with a grain of salt and a smile. Please do the same.

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Three Years into Retirement


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