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7 Ways To Be Like, the Most Embarrassing Parent Ever

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7 Ways To Be Like, the Most Embarrassing Parent Ever

You’ll hear it a lot throughout your parenting journey. Mom, you are so embarrassing. Dad, if you do that again, I’m going to like, die.

Little do our children understand now, but pretty much everything we do is out of our intense love for them. Is that such a crime? So if you really want to ruin their lives, here are seven ways you can be like, the most Embarrassing Parent ever.

1. Cheer for them in public.

Nothing is more humiliating than the people you love cheering you on at a baseball game, soccer match, gymnastics meet, or piano recital. It’s like, so Embarrassing when family shows that they love and support you. So, go right ahead and cheer away! Let them know that you are proud of their accomplishments with a few shouts of “Great job!” and “Way to go!” Your kids will secretly love it.

Just watch the volume of your voice and the things that you shout. Real embarrassment comes when you make a spectacle of yourself.

embarrassing 2

2. Hug them in public.

Kids might cringe outwardly when you give them a little squeeze at school drop off or a big embrace after a competition, but as embarrassed as they may seem, kids dig the hugs. Showing your child a little public affection reinforces to them that you love them. It means security, unconditional support, and is just as sweet as a compliment.

Be warned however, that kisses may cross the line. It may get a tad embarrassing for your kiddos to receive a big wet one in front of their friends. If you’re just a kisser and just can’t help it…small and on the top of the head is a pretty safe place for smooches to land.

3. Play 20-questions with their friends.

If you want to be an embarrassing parent, make sure to ask your child’s friends lots of questions. Like, what do they like to do? What are their parents names? Have they ever been arrested?

Just kidding, but parents who do get to know their children’s friends will be more secure letting them hang out. Although they may feel like you’re trying to ruin their lives, play the 20-questions game with all of your kids’ friends. Find out basics like where they live, what their families are like, and what their interests are. Just don’t act like an interrogator—keep your questions light and non-judgmental.

4. Make them do chores before they leave the house.

But mom, so-and-so’s parents never make her do chores…why do I have to?

The worst parents do everything in their power to make life miserable for kids…like doing chores. Chores are like, horrible. They teach responsibility…yuck! They teach the value of hard work {emphasis on the word hard}, and cool parents would never dream of making their kids do chores before leaving the house to do something fun.

IMG_4821 copy

5. Become their friend on Facebook.

As if. Wanting to monitor their online activity to ensure their safety is simply unreasonable. Or to just want to be their—friend—weird! Because after all, online predators and scams aren’t real.

No matter how embarrassing they claim you are being, be persistent in monitoring your child’s social media pages and other online activity. Ask to see your child’s cell phone regularly. But make sure you respect them at the same time. Kindly and openly tell them that you want to make sure they’re taking in the good stuff and not the bad. Things get ugly when you sneak and pry.

6. Talk to their teachers.

Kids might act all mortified when they find out you’ve been talking to their teachers. After all, how dare you! How dare you take an interest in their education? How dare you speak to another adult about them? How dare you want them to graduate?

As a former teacher, I loved meeting with parents. It showed me that they cared about their kids. What I didn’t love however, was feeling ambushed by them. Do your child and his teacher a favor and first schedule a meeting. Keep your cool and act like a caring adult.

7. Sing “Stayin’ Alive” in the shower.

And finally, the most surefire way to completely and utterly be the most embarrassing parent ever…sing at the top of your lungs in the shower. Belt out “Stayin’ Alive,” rock out to Pearl Jam, and if you really want to make them red in the face, Justin Beiber’s “Sorry.”

Although they may be dying on the outside, your kids are secretly smiling on the inside, thinking just how lucky they are to have such a groovy parent.

So, that’s it. It’s really not that hard to be like, a really embarrassing parent. Some of us hardly have to try at all! Good luck you groovy parents out there!


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7 Ways To Be Like, the Most Embarrassing Parent Ever


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