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Do you understand the Concept of LOVE!?!?!?!

The coolest game series on skates I have ever played. I am sure plenty of people agree that this game needs a sequel!

Name: Jet Set Radio Future
Genre: Graffiti Platforming Adventure!(or something like that)
Developer: Smile Bit
Publisher: Sega

Release Year: 2002
System: Xbox

The reason I think this game should get a sequel is because of it's art style, totally original game play, music choice and I would like to be welcomed back to this games funky universe.

after story, grind to the next section!

In 2024 Japan, a group of teenage skaters (Groups collectively referred to as Rudies) called the GGs vie for control of the many districts of Tokyo against many rival groups. A mega corporate enterprise (the Rokkaku Group) has taken over the many districts of the city and their leader is now the mayor of Tokyo. It is oppressing the people, taking away freedom of speech and expression, and is forcing other gang members to give up their territory using the corrupt police force of Tokyo.

Quite a cool story. It sounds heavier then it actually is. Like it is a brawler story or something, heh.

Clean up on aisle 10!

The subtitle reference refers to the Scape Goat Wax song "Aisle 10". One of the many great tracks in this games extensive library! I usually like music in a game I play made directly for it but since this isn't just normal licensed music, it stands out. Smile Bit got underground, non mainstream(thank goodness) music for this game. All the tracks are wonderful and each hold their own. The music had to be good in this game, the casts style and attitude exude rhythm!

Tag! You're it!

One of the big differences in Jet Set radio Future compared to it's former entry is the tagging system. Before you had to match arrow commands shown on screen with your analog stick. Not just up and down but half circles and what not. This was interesting and I did enjoy it in the previous entry but the way it is JSRF(Jet Set Radio Future, this is how I will refer to it from now on.) is much quicker. Now you just fly by pushing the tag button. It keeps the fast hectic game play........FAST! It also allows for bigger tags to be in more varying places.

The way you reached out of the way tags was usually by grinding to awesome heights and making crazy jumps! Even if it is not a dedicated sports game, I found grinding and tricks to be uber fun in this game. Probably my favorite of any game. Some of the tags were in hard to reach places, and you could get frustrated trying to reach em but it just makes it more sweet when you do.

But there was more then just tagging and grinding in JSRF, there are also enemies. From the simple ones like the cops who's backs you have to tag, to tough ones like the rival gang members. You have to chase them down and tag them for a good amount of time, dropping their hp bar. I have some great times chasing them down all across the stage.

Speaking of stages, the game has a huge amount of very different stages. From the sewers to the very pretty bright Tokyo night life. Each place houses a different gang.

This game has 12 playable characters. Each with their own unique style. Not only that, there are also 12 MORE unlockable characters in the game. Most are characters from rival gangs, but a few extra surprising ones in there which I will not mention.

Last but not least, a trailer for JSRF!

gotta love that art style! cel-shaded graphics was pretty much started by Jet grind radio. They made it look even nicer in JSRF!

Final Thoughts
Keep the GGs Stayin Alive!

My favorite skating game ever made. Art Style, game play, Characters, music and the cool world that it is set in, this is why this game needs a sequel. Well, there has been mention of a sequel but it has also been said that it didn't work out(for now). So until there is one, we will just have to sit back and enjoy JSRF like we already do. Come back to us GGs!


I am not sure how many people would agree with me about this next game, but I am going to post it anyway! Next time we will take a look at Megaman X: Command Missions!

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Do you understand the Concept of LOVE!?!?!?!


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