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Entries Of The Summer Fun Doll Photo Contest 2016!

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Thank you all for entering your pictures in the 2016 Summer Fun Doll Photo Contest! All of the doll pictures are SO creative! I'm amazed by all the work and detail you put into your pictures. Let's take a look at the official entries...

From Kelsey--My Dolls Kailey and Nicole can't wait to catch some waves and go snorkeling! 

From Anastasia--Maryellen and Kit found a lovely field and decided to play a game of "Follow the Leader". Nothing beats good old fashioned games with a good friend in the summer time!!

From Scarlett--Emily was strolling through the woods on a beautiful summer day when she saw something-fairies! They didn't seem to notice her, so she watched them from the side, busily at work.

From Quinley--My doll Anxelin (renamed Ashyn Ella) enjoying a nice summer day.

From Emy--My doll's name is Sophie, her puppy dog's name is Phyllis. In my photo my doll is relaxing, and reading a book, with her puppy dog.

From Lu--Kit is about to leave her house for a fun summer picnic, with her pet rabbit and all of her friends, on a sunny day!

From Julia--My dolls had some snacks at a fun pool party! My doll Maisy had watermelon, my doll Raven (Kaya) had a freezer pop, and my doll Rylie had an ice cream sandwich!

From Emily--Molly and Emily had fun playing in the sprinkler earlier this summer!

From Ms. AGdoll--My doll Analise loves playing in her new wading pool. :)

From Bella--For summer my dolls went on a bike ride/rollerskating. Katrina is the one in front on the rollerblades, and Saige is in the back on the bike.

From Lyssa--My doll on the left in the photo is Julie, and the one of the right is Malisha. I had a beach fun photo shoot with them when I went down the shore for a few days, and this is my favorite of the pictures. Julie and Malisha had lots of fun getting to take part in my family's vacation!

From Hanna--Molly loves climbing trees, and Emily is always looking out for her.

From Jasmin--Sophia has a picnic in her garden under the summer sun.

From Maddie--Kit, Saige, and Meatloaf are having fun in the sun while playing bean bag toss! They are so excited to show off their summer fashion!

From Anna--Hazel relaxing in the shade.

From Lu & TheEightLittleDollies--Saige and Mini Kit had fun travelling California this year on Summer Holiday.

From Ashley--The dolls in picture are Emma (the blonde), Chloe (serving the ice cream), and Gabby (in the pool). My dolls are trying to cool off from the 100 degree weather, so of course they went to the pool to relax! And on any hot day, a cold treat is definitely required!

From Maggie--My doll Elena likes to play Little House on the Prairie. She is collecting wood and picking flowers.

From CutePolarBear--Felicity, Fawn, Amelia, and Violet are having fun playing badminton in their backyard.

From Abby--My doll Quincey likes to play with her dolls, Addy, and Marie-Grace in the summer. She wears her AG Place t-shirt to remind her of her favorite store!

From American Girl Doll Artist & Catlover02--Grace's town, Bentwick, is having a half-marathon. Grace and her 2 friends, Maddy and Ella are selling pastries to the crowd as they wait for Grace's mom to cross the finish line.

From Bella--McKenna, Saige, Kanani, Lea, Lanie, and Grace are in the pool having a water gun fight, I made the pool out of pool noodles and fabric. Rebecca is reading a newspaper trying not to get wet. Kirsten and Emily were throwing a beach ball until it hit Isabelle who is suntanning.

From Light4theLord--From hiking, riding, and blueberry picking, this trio of dolls (Elizabeth, Samanth, and Noelle) are having a ton of summer fun!

From Mary--Maryellen and her dog Scooter having a blast running through the sprinkler on a hot summer day!

From Sarah & Eva--Lanie is giving Grace and Maryellen a tour of her garden. Lanie supplies Maryellen's diner with fresh produce and Grace is the head chef and baker for the diner. Sammy the sloth is Lanie's head gardener. In the picture, Lanie is showing off her gigantic, prize tomato. The girls had a lot of fun strolling through the garden and sampling organic produce!

From Zoey--The doll up close is CJ. She loves music and sports. Next to her is Zoey, my look alike. Zoey is such a girlie girl and loves shopping (like me).

From Valentina--Ruthie dressed up as "Pinkie" from the painting by the artist Thomas Lawrence.

From Sylvia--Evelynn (top) and Abigail (bottom) playing in a tree.

From Aimee--Kathleen had fun celebrating the Fourth of July this year! 

From Kaitlyn--Saige is ready to have some pool fun on this perfect summer day!

From Olive--Kit loves to climb trees in the Summer evenings.

From Karina--Peyton loves to relax on a nice summer day with a good book and a furry friend! 

From Sarah--Maya and Scout (left to right) are Pokemon hunting.

From Nanki--My 4 AG dolls having a relaxing day in the sun outside.They're also wearing their favorite summer clothes! {going clockwise}-Emily Bennet, Chrissa Maxwell, Jessica Rose Maxwell, Lila Hunter Maxwell.

From Lauren--Olivia and Yuki enjoying summer by biking around our neighborhood.

From AG Unicorn Girl--Kanani is enjoying the Summer in the shade.

From Cady--My doll Molly is having summer fun climbing trees and hanging around the park!

From Keo--My dolls having Summer fun in the sun!

From American Girl Doll Crafter--Lea enjoyed visiting her grandparents lake house this summer. She loved being outdoors, and the sunsets were so beautiful!

From Gracie--Caroline and a pretty flower.

From Lauren EM--This is Molly, acting as big sister taking Emmie and Pepper swimming in the lake. This photo was taken in the beautiful Okanagan in British Columbia, a great place for summer fun!

From Sarah--I brought Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha to our town's Fourth of July Festival. The girls helped me sell my homemade doll-sized pinwheels. :-)

From Lynn--Maryellen is getting ready for some sun bathing and reading!!

From Sarah--This is a picture of my doll Lanie who I got this last Christmas as a surprise. I know that Lanie loves butterflies, so I created my own Monarch butterfly garden backdrop with pictures of flowers and butterflies that I printed out and Lanie had a summery photo shoot in front of it!!!

From Isabelle--My dolls Isabelle, Rebecca, and Samantha having their annual summer sleepover!

From Carissa--Maryellen watches Old Faithful erupt at Yellowstone National Park.

From Katelyn--This is my doll, Lulu, who’s hosting a pool party in a summer dress my mom made!

From Joanna--Willa finds a fairy in the woods in Alaska!

From Victoria--This is my doll, Teddie, hanging out by the pool. 

From Eva & Katy--Our dolls Julie and Felicity at the beach!

From Lil--Kaya works at the Aloha Snack Shack, and she has been working there for a month. Her cousins came for a relaxing day. Kristen Natile met her and bought some food. She then relaxed with her sister Grace and her cousins Emily and Sophie. Sophie sat and watched Grace swim and Emily shell searched. They had lots of fun!

From AwesomeAdventurer551--Josie is relaxing this Summer on the steps!

From Lois--Come join Abby for a refreshing drink from the Bahia Berry Stand.

From Kristen--My dolls Samantha and Anuevella love to ride bikes and pick flowers in the summer! Annie doesn't know how to ride a bike yet but Sam is totally on board to teach her! Samantha likes to stay true to her time line but Annie loves her summer dresses!

From BibleBeeSenior16--Julie enjoying a fun summer treat: a fresh tomato picked right out of the garden!

From Lily--Here's my doll Becky (dark hair) with her best bud Carrie, both diabetics, having a sleepover enjoying stories, doing make-up and hair while snuggling with Brownie (dog) and Coco (cat).

From Sky--Marisol, Lanie, Lea, Mia, Chrissa, and Julie are having a picnic in the backyard on a hot summer day.

From Marie--Lea and Isabelle are enjoying hiking and bike riding this Summer.

From Clementine--Daisy enjoying a summer sunset.

From Megan--Felicity, dressed for summer and enjoying a sunny day reading outdoors with her own mini Felicity doll.

From BakingCraftsAndDollsOhMy--Here Emily is having summer fun being a gymnast! She might be eyeing that gold medal too!

From Katherine--I was able to take a picture of Grace from my window seat on a plane flying home. She looks so excited!

From Lucy--My dolls having their annual pool party!


Wow, so many amazing entries!! Stay tuned to see who will be the winner of the $25 American Girl Giftcard! The winner will be picked randomly & revealed tomorrow!

Thanks again to all who entered in the contest! I can't wait to see who will win! :)

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Entries Of The Summer Fun Doll Photo Contest 2016!


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