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Self-Discovery 101: Strategies, Suggestions, And Solutions

tng14618-smlAt some point in life, many people find that they are dissatisfied with their current level of living. In some cases, these individuals don’t know why they are perpetually unhappy or find themselves facing multiple plateaus which preclude them from maintaining a continual sense of fulfillment and freedom. Luckily, there are several strategies that people can use to get out of the dumps and back on track to leading meaningful lives. One strategy that has helped millions of people around the world is self-discovery. By discovering who they really are, many individuals have developed the inner will and motivation necessary to make specific lifestyle changes that will empower them to lead authentic, rewarding lives. Below you’ll find just a few of many tips, tools, and techniques you can use to launch the self-discovery process:

1. Start Meditating Every Morning.

One strategy that you can deploy to make your self-discovery process effective is meditating every morning. In many cases, people find themselves constantly surrounded by other individuals. As such, they rarely hear their own voice or maintain the state of tranquility and oneness necessary to grasp who they are and what they want out of life. Luckily, meditation is a mindfulness modality that can empower individuals to become more conscious of the words and phrases that are continually running through their minds. Once this happens, the individual can consciously, continually decide whether they accept or reject the ideological underpinnings of what they’re hearing inside. An example of this process would be waking up to realize that the word “Whatever” periodically runs through one’s mind. This phrase has been prevalent in pop culture for many years, and the underlying ideology is that one can and should adopt and maintain an apathetic approach to life. You don’t have to categorize this ideology in terms of a moral binary such as “right” or “wrong.” You can simply look inside and determine whether this mode of thinking (and the actions it would likely lead into) is a reflection of who you are or what you want to be.

2. Do Yoga.

In addition to waking up in the morning to a meaningful meditation which grants you a deeper awareness of your normative thought processes and whether they reflect who you really are, consider the value of developing a strong yoga practice. Doing so will help you develop a deeper dimension of mind/body awareness. Specifically, you’ll learn about things like whether you possess the level of concentration and physical agility necessary to hold postures for certain periods of time. If you do not, you’ll see whether you’re willing to cultivate the motivation and inner discipline necessary to work your way up to remaining in specific asanas for 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. Doing yoga can also metabolize the self-discovery process by helping you see what you think about your own Body. Many people have discovered that their perceptions of what a body can and should look like are heavily influenced by photo-shop magazine images that are entirely unrelated to material reality and their own unique shape. Yet by continually looking at your real body in a mirror while remaining in movement, you can move beyond this fictive and ultimately unreal world. However, if you really want your body to look like magazine models, its time to hit the gym. Read this article for starters and who knows, sweating at the gym might help you motivate to do better things in your life.

3. Consider The Value Of Pursuing An Entrepreneurial Endeavor.

It’s important to know that where you work and the type of job that you have can play a profound role in impacting things like your self-concepts, life choices, preferences, and social network. As such, it’s a good idea to consider the value of pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor. Doing so can provide you with information regarding the types of things you enjoy such that you develop a deeper awareness of who you are and what you want. In the event that you’re ready to start pursuing franchise opportunities, know that Meineke is pleased to offer these types of opportunities to people.


If you’re ready to improve your quality of life but are not sure what steps you need to implement to realize the objective, know that focusing on figuring out who you are can become the foundation through which you decide which direction you need to move in to attain great outcomes like self-actualization, personal fulfillment, and professional success. You can use one, two, or three of the self-discovery techniques outlined above to remain on track to leading an authentic, empowered life!

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Self-Discovery 101: Strategies, Suggestions, And Solutions


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