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On My Way To The Hardware Store...
2022-08-06 23:40
I was on my way to the hardware store to pick up some supplies. I pulled into the parking lot and as I looked across the way I saw what looked to be 3 Killdeer having a group discussion. Kil… Read More
Kicking Back Watching One Bird At A Time
2022-08-02 23:52
I've continued to treat summer as a time to take a break from active birding. Instead, I have taken to passive birding in summer months. That means short trips or in this case, a spontaneous… Read More
Heron Caught Something With Legs
2022-07-28 20:00
I'm used to seeing herons catch things in the water like frogs or fish but this one looks like a land dweller. Just a reminder that as beautiful as nature is, it's also brutal Read More
2 Different Heron Species Out In The Open
2022-07-19 23:35
Yellow-crowned Night herons used to be a species that I was trying hard to find for the first time. Once I found my first one, it seems that I see them fairly often down at the shore. This i… Read More
Birds At The Shoreline In The Summertime
2022-07-03 23:53
I have less of an appetite for birding in the summer but there is still lots to see, especially along the shoreline. It's always nice to see the young Osprey on the nest with their pare… Read More
A Peak At A Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
2022-07-03 23:28
This is not the picture I would hope for but is my only in-focus picture of a Rose-breasted grosbeak this year. It is sightings like these that keep me going in the summer Read More
Summer Break
2022-06-23 22:38
There comes a time in June when the migrant action slows down. it becomes more difficult to see birds through the expanding foliage and bugs start to stalk you. When I find myself running fr… Read More
Tree Fungus And Faux Flycatcher
2022-05-31 23:18
I snuck out to a small nature preserve early one rainy morning .I wondered what are these orange things in the cedar trees?A closer inspection showed me that his must be some sort of orange… Read More
A Warbler That Refuses To Be Ignored
2022-05-15 15:42
The Yellow Warbler is one of the most commonly seen warblers in Connecticut this time of year. The males are bright yellow with black beady eyes, and red streaking on the breast. They move a… Read More
If Elves Exist They Might Live Here
2022-05-15 15:24
I visit the Sexton Hill Preserve several times a year. It's not because it's big or has the most birds. I like it here because it has just the right combination of forest, falls, moss… Read More
Veery Cooperative Butterfly
2022-05-11 00:03
This turned out to be the week when I couldn't avoid seeing first of the year species if I wanted to, and why would I want to? My list jumped from 100 species seen in my county for the year… Read More
Searching Everywhere For New Arrivals
2022-05-01 23:59
It seems to me that the big spring migration wave has been more like a trickle so far. I got my share of exercise searching through Guida's Nature preserve this morning. It's a nice mix of o… Read More
Nice Appetizers Before The Warbler Parade
2022-03-29 13:06
A month from now there will be warblers all over the place which is great but I kind of like the early spring period leading up to that. Now is the time when you get to see a new arriva… Read More
Do Hermit Thrushes  Migrate?
2022-03-29 12:47
I was walking along the trolley-line path from the trolley that never was. Back in the early 1900s there was a plan to have a trolley run from Middlefield to Durham but the company doing the… Read More
I've Been In A Fog
2022-03-21 18:42
The temperatures have remained moderate but the river valley has been foggy in the early mornings. Believe it or not there are snipe hiding somewhere in that field!As I walked in my high boo… Read More
Seeing The Waxwings Through The Cedars
2022-02-13 14:37
Saturday was a 50 degree soul-warming day of sunshine. I checked the local Harris preserve to see what was around. I would have enjoyed seeing any birds on such a nice day but as I peered in… Read More
Winter Ducks Down By The Shoreline
2022-01-23 14:31
There are plenty of birds to see in the winter, especially down at the shoreline.I like to see some of the winter diving ducks. It was nice to see this male and female Bufflehead paired up.A… Read More
Is Seeing Robins A Sign Of Spring?
2022-01-16 17:03
I see American Robins all winter so I would not say seeing one is a sign of spring. I see them eating things like crabapples an berries during the winter. When the ground warms up … Read More
January Bird Search Is Like A Word Search
2022-01-03 15:23
It was nothing but grey, drizzly weather this weekend. Generally I prefer a little sunshine for better viewing and photo conditions but this weekend was different because it was the start of… Read More
Bringing Attention To Nature Preserves
2021-12-28 22:38
There are many land trust organizations in Connecticut and throughout the United States. They buy up pieces of property that they feel has habitat with some importance. Some of these propert… Read More
Just A Little Sun To Take The Chill Off
2021-11-16 00:37
I do like early morning birding in November. Many of the leaves have fallen from the tree and the frost has tamed the wildweeds. Some of the birds have headed south for warmer climates but m… Read More
2021-11-08 01:28
I can't believe that I've only been 10 minutes away from this pond and haven't bothered going there since I was a kid. The water was crystal clear, the trees reflecting off the water looked… Read More
2021-10-25 00:47
It's been some time since I've managed to get out birding before sunrise. I heard a little activity when I fist a arrived at fields but it was difficult to get a good look at what I was hear… Read More
2021-10-19 22:34
I visited a very peaceful Highland Pond Preserve this morning. I am thankful for the little places around Connecticut that are set aside for preservation that provide a respite from today's… Read More
2021-10-19 22:30
Rather than focusing on one particular birding spot, I've just been wandering from place to place enjoying the start of fall foliage. I'm not concerned about what birds I see or where I find… Read More
2021-10-03 16:27
I can sense the changes coming. The fields are just starting to get a tinge of color change.I've always felt that this time of year has a mystical feel to it.I always see these spider webs b… Read More
2021-09-19 23:51
There's a two week period every September when hawk migration is at it's peak. I could do things the right way and go to an established hawk watch site an hour away but I hold out hope that… Read More
2021-09-10 17:18
Fall migration has begun in the northern hemisphere and the weather is becoming more pleasant. The next thing to decide is where do I look for birds. I guess the answer would be anywhere and… Read More
2021-08-29 23:24
(Prairie Warbler)It's hard for me to believe that summer is almost over. I won't miss it much. I prefer the cool spring weather when the leaves are few and the migrants are many. Spring… Read More
Box Of Chocolates Birding
2021-08-22 12:48
July and August has been a partial break from birding for me. I've approached birding this time in the same way some people approach a box of mixed chocolates (not me). I check out… Read More
2021-08-02 18:55
As the month of July came to an end I had the urge to get back out in the woods to experience the wonders of nature again. So I followed the tracks out into the wildest section of the c… Read More
2021-07-13 11:28
So far in July it has been mostly 95 degree days and torrential rainstorms. That's not my cup of tea.I managed to get out to a local park and caught a Belted kingfisher in between raind… Read More
2021-06-28 01:18
I've been taking a summer break from birding so I can attend to other things but they're hard to ignore!I pulled in for just a little peek while down at the shoreline.Wouldn't you know a Wil… Read More
2021-06-13 23:51
I was looking for birds, not snapping turtles but this one blocked my path. I've heard a couple of stories about snapping turtles, both from my father. He told me as a kid he found… Read More
2021-06-13 23:49
I was out in the Durham Meadows the other day and came across this female blackbird that had a mouthful of food. She is a blackbird but not a black bird.This male bobolink is also a bla… Read More
2021-05-23 11:34
This female Bobolink was entered onto eBird and was the first of the year for my county list my county list. I use eBird all the time. I use it to find out what species I haven't s… Read More
2021-05-09 22:45
Whenever I stop at the gas station or store I look at the old factor pond across the road. The water is not pretty there. It looks brown and dirty. I wouldn't swim in it and I certainly woul… Read More
2021-04-25 23:03
I went to the reservoir waiting for that great warbler fallout. It was a beautiful morning but a Yellow-rumped Warbler was the only new  find for me. The larger warbler crowd has not ye… Read More
2021-04-18 12:50
The level of enjoyment when it comes to birdwatching can be affected by many factors. Rarity of the bird, lighting, and weather conditions in which you are doing you're viewing are a few exa… Read More
2021-04-04 15:24
I was out at the Helen Carlson Bog yesterday. This is a special place to visit. It is easily accessible from the road but a nice piece of bird habitat that makes me feel like I'm up in a rem… Read More
2021-04-04 15:17
I took a ride down to Clinton this morning hoping to see my first egret of the year. There are 2 types of egrets that are seen regularly along the shoreline once spring arrives, the Snowy Eg… Read More
2021-03-24 19:38
My favorite inland spot over the years has been the Wangunk Meadows which has a variety of habitat including open fields, marsh, woodlands and is bordered on one side by the Connecticut Rive… Read More
Herons On The Nests And Superzoom Cameras.
2021-03-24 19:33
It's become kind of a local tradition for those who know where to find the heron rookery (aka heronry) to check on the status of the number of herons on the nests. It's about a half a mile w… Read More
The Killdeer Are Here!
2021-03-14 19:27
Killdeer are considered a shorebird but we often see them inland in grassy fields. they are very conspicuous making lots of noise. They also make believe like they have a broken wing to lead… Read More
2021-03-14 19:13
We had a touch of Spring this week with temperatures reaching the upper 50's! I visited some small ponds like this one buried out in the middle of the woods somewhere in East Haddam. There w… Read More
Is A Coot A Duck?
2021-02-27 14:14
The American Coot seen here may look like just another duck to some. If you look at their feet they kind of long lobed shaped toes and their bill is very small compared to your average duck… Read More
Is A Merganser A Duck?
2021-02-27 14:03
A merganser, like this Common Merganser is a type of duck that dives and catches fish. it has a long narrow bill which are equipped with look like little teeth (not actually teeth) to help g… Read More
Not An Eagle And Not A Hawk
2021-02-27 13:59
Many times people see vultures like this Black Vulture soaring in the skies in the company of hawks or eagles and assume that they too are a type of hawk or eagle. It's easy to understand be… Read More
I'm No Better Than The Woodchuck
2021-02-14 17:12
Like the woodchuck, I reluctantly climbed out of my hole. After breakfast at the local diner, I was off to find a nice spot to look for some birds. Then I looked at a snowy ridge overlooking… Read More
A Need To Accomplish And Organize
2021-01-24 22:53
I think birders fall get into keeping lists and counting bird species because of an instinctual need to have a sense of purpose and to organize things. I recently tried out a music app that… Read More
Peripheral Birding
2021-01-12 18:34
I think that one way we spoil the magic of bird-watching is by trying too hard. Instead of going out in the woods seeking birds like a bounty hunter it sometimes works better not to look for… Read More
What Was I Doing Last Christmas?
2020-12-25 13:19
One of the holiday songs that is being played over and over this year is a song called "Last Christmas". I think the original version was by George Michael but I've heard at least 2 mor… Read More
Christmas Count During Covid
2020-12-25 12:57
Fortunately, our ability to spend time outdoors has not been ruined by the covid pandemic. We had our annual Christmas count with a few changes: No carpooling, no group restaurant lunch brea… Read More
Return Of The Hooded And The Hoodless
2020-12-13 15:44
One thing I look forward to during the approach of cold weather is the return of the mergansers to inland lakes and rivers. The Hooded Mergansers have a nice contrast of color and do like to… Read More
It's Not Rare-Just A Blue Jay
2020-12-13 15:33
I never take pictures of Blue Jays because they're so common, may people don't like their attitude, and they're less cooperative than they're worth. I believe that if they were rare birds, b… Read More
I Spent The Morning Admiring Rocks
2020-11-30 02:35
I went out to a place called Seven Falls State Park looking for a reported rare bird which I wasn't able to find. What I did find during my morning hike along the main trail was a whole lot… Read More
2020-10-05 15:54
It was a foggy morning at the Wangunk Meadows along the Connecticut River in Portland. The fog slowly dissipated as the sun peaked through and reflected off of a spider web.  … Read More
2020-10-05 15:30
When I'm all by myself birdwatching my thoughts tend to jump from wandering to wondering.When I look at a bird I think of things like God, science, and nature. Like many people I have contem… Read More
2020-08-30 21:08
It sometimes amazes me how our perception of the world can change so dramatically just by taking a short walk along a nature trail.  This trail is a small section of what once supp… Read More
Non-Resident Parking Just $75!
2020-07-28 16:22
 I took a ride down to the shore hoping to find a particular species of bird at a particular town beach.I found the non-resident parking fee a bit steep at $75 and decided to turn aroun… Read More
Before The Heat Hits And The Flies Bite
2020-07-19 22:53
 Summer is not my favorite time of the year to walk in the woods. I try to get out before it gets too hot and those vicious biting flies get too aggressive. There's a certain time… Read More
Almost Abducted By Alien Spaceship!
2020-06-28 23:37
 It was early in the morning when a tractor beam from a UFO lit up the forest. I stood frozen as I stared up into the trees trying to get a glimpse of the mother ship but the sun w… Read More
Turtle Soup At The Local Bog
2020-06-28 23:25
It seems you have to watch what you say these days more than ever. The wrong combination of words can put you in hot water. I happened to run into some hot water down at the local bog where… Read More
Birder Access A Little Tricky On Shoreline
2020-06-07 21:48
 I took an early morning ride down to the shore. This time of the year gets a little tricky as you maneuver around no parking signs and locked gates.One of my favorite stops is right be… Read More
One Special Place For One Special Bird
2020-06-01 23:20
 Early in the spring I go to places where I can see the greatest variety of birds but once I've had my fill it's time to slow down.There is one special place I go every year around this… Read More
A Veery Strange Sound In The Woods
2020-05-26 23:21
The Veery is a thrush that can be heard deep in the woods throughout the spring and summer. They have a subtle appearance but there is no mistaking their unique call. If you ever played vide… Read More
I Almost Forgot I Had A Camera
2020-05-17 23:19
 It was one of those magical spring migration days at Machimoodus Park. The air was crystal clear and birds were dripping from every tree. We saw 55 different species in a matter of a a… Read More
Biking For Birds And Avoiding Cars
2020-05-01 00:16
 I found my old bike buried in the garage and decided to pump up the tires and take it for a ride. Of course, I had to bring my binoculars and camera too! It's amazing how much ground y… Read More
Like A Bird  In A Well-lit Haystack
2020-04-19 22:57
 I went to look for a single White-faced Ibis last week and picked the perfect morning. Often Ibises look sort of black but with the sun shining on them just right the subtle colors in… Read More
Return Of Osprey And More
2020-04-05 22:21
It's a good indicator that spring migration is picking up when the Osprey return to their nesting platforms. An early morning walk through the forest was the perfect place to… Read More
Not All Ducks Are Mallards
2020-03-28 18:24
I stopped by the Helen Carlson Bog this morning. It used to be a cranberry bog but over the years beavers flooded it and altered the habitat.Sometimes people passing by and ask me what I'm s… Read More
Head Of One Of The Most Hated Birds Around
2020-03-22 23:09
 How can anyone hate a bird with such a handsome head of brown feathers?Brown-headed Cowbirds are returning in big numbers. The females will soon be replacing the eggs of other species… Read More
2020-03-16 23:35
 I saw my first turkeys of the year this weekend.There was 10 hens but it was these two toms that put on a real show. They sure seem proud of their tails!It's a Tail Of Two Turkeys… Read More
Birds Soaking Up The Sun At Machimoodus
2020-02-24 19:51
 I went to one of my favorite spots this weekend, Machimoodus Park. It is a great place to go birding because you have the comfort of wide, flat, dry trails with a great varie… Read More
3 Rules: Early, Prepared, And Committed
2020-02-16 23:45
I always enjoy my morning birding excursions when I follow 3 rules. My first rule is to be early. I'm there when the doors open at 6am for breakfast at Sarah's on Main. This mornin… Read More
Stopped In My Tracks By Waxwings
2020-02-15 22:54
 This month I've been going out early on Sunday mornings with a wish list of birds I'd like to see and a predetermined idea of where I'm going to look for them. Sometimes&nbsp&hell…Read More
Always Something At The Shore In Winter
2020-02-03 17:39
 People that aren't into bird-watching often assume that most of the birds show up in spring but there's always plenty of birds to see down at the shore. I was able to see Sco… Read More
More Snow Buntings Than Snow Storms
2020-02-03 17:20
We've barely had any snow so far this winter in Connecticut. I'm not complaining though. In all likelihood we'll get pounded before we reach April. It's kind of nice that i've seen… Read More
The Scavenger Hunt For Birders Begins
2020-01-14 20:44
 One Thing I enjoy about the month of January is starting all over again with the yearly bird list. These are the first Canada Geese of the year for me. Can you find the duck in the bac… Read More
The Christmas Counts Are Here Again
2019-12-16 17:45
I was out and about for our local annual Christmas Bird Count This weekend. We don't have a very birdy territory but were able to reach 40 species which is a new high for our section of the… Read More
What About The New Sparrow On The Block?
2019-12-16 17:30
 I searched the edge area along a stream at Frederick White Farm in Durham last weekend.There was a few sparrows around including the newly arriving tree sparrows which seem to sort of… Read More
No Creeper But I've Never Been Skunked
2019-12-01 21:52
 I went to an area that I've always been able to find a Brown Creeper.They love viney half-dead trees like this. I have not seen a creeper all year which is unusual for me. I was a… Read More
Even A Dirty Old Factory Pond Has Ducks
2019-11-17 21:01
 This is the old Wilcox factory building which has been restored for use as offices I think. Back in the 60's and 70's they made ship anchors I believe and there was a giant hammer that… Read More
The Cardinal Used To Be King
2019-11-17 20:59
Back when I was a kid Cardinals used to be the king of the birds. When you saw a male cardinal that was the tops. Now like anything else we've grown accustomed to them and they don't get the… Read More

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