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Totally FREE Kindle Books! Afternoon Mix 12/27/16

Totally FREE Kindle Books! Afternoon Mix 12/27/16

Here are some more totally free Kindle books for you. Promotions can start and end at any time, so I suggest you get yours as soon as possible. Some of these books are originally priced at $30. However, you can get them for free today. We just ask two favors of you:

  • Can you please leave an honest review on Amazon? and,
  • Can you please share these freebies with your loved ones?

As independent authors, we usually do our own marketing. Any help we can get exposing our work to the populace would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I post affiliate links here. Please CLICK HERE for more info on affiliate links.

REMINDERS: The free book promotion reserves the right to end at any time. So, please remember to do the following: Double-check the price to make sure the book is still free, make sure you download the books right away. Lastly, send your friends and family to Yo Santana for these freebies.

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT responsible for any quality issues with any Kindle e-book you download. If there are any problems, please contact for more information.


The books posted here DO NOT reflect the values and beliefs of Yo Santana! While we post books that may be contrary to the court of public opinion, the need to inform the populace is more important by stating different opinions and letting the readers decide.

Empty streets are littered with stalled-out cars, buses, and motorcycles. A sunless and moonless sky is covered with an enormous barrier that prevents any view of the heavens.
And silence, pervasive and absolute, reigns. Nothing stirs. The air is oppressive and there is no wind, not even the softest breeze.

Nathan Gallagher doesn’t believe in ghosts. As a fireman, he’s seen his share of dead people, but they never spoke to him before—until now. His marriage is great, and his relationship with his son is strong, but Nathan is sure that if he tells his family that he’s seeing ghosts, it is a quick ticket to a padded room and a straightjacket.

A powerful cult…

Only a stranger, Cyril Woods, claims to believe that Tara is still a virgin. A member of The Brotherhood religious order, Cyril tells her the child is a possible new messiah. But when prenatal tests reveal shocking information, The Brotherhood, fearing Tara will trigger an Apocalypse, becomes her enemy.

Rosa never thought she’d make it to sixteen…

When being unique puts you in danger and speaking your mind can be punishable by death, you might find yourself fighting to survive. Sixteen-year-old Rosa lives in one of the eight enclosed cities of The Woodlands. Where the lone survivors of a devastating race war have settled in the Russian wilderness because it’s the only scrap of land left habitable on the planet. In these circular cities, everyone must abide by the law or face harsh punishment. Rosa’s inability to conform and obey the rules brands her a leper and no one wants to be within two feet of her, until she meets Joseph. He’s blonde, fair-skinned, green-eyed, and the laid-back complete opposite of Rosa. She’s never met anyone quite like him, and she knows that spells danger.


Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado boasts one of the most beautiful and deepest canyons in the United States. For twelve-year-old Brian Garrett, a weekend camping trip in the park promises to be an opportunity to bond with his aloof parents. But after his father suffers a horrible accident during a hike to the chasm’s floor, events spiral quickly out of control, and over the next twenty-four hours Brian will uncover a terrifying dark side to his father–and an even darker side to himself…

What if you had a drug with side effects so powerful that the benefits would outweigh every risk. Would you take it?

★Edited & Updated 2nd Edition★

Alan just watched his beautiful girlfriend die from testing an unstable drug. It looks like this drug is still in the process of being released by a renegade doctor, so Alan teams up with an old friend Ryan to stop the dangers of the drug from hurting other people. Alan’s journey leads him to some new discoveries and some decisions that may leave him in need of a cure himself. When Alan and Ryan team up with an unlikely ally, how far will they go to protect people from this dangerous drug? What more dangers are they going to uncover?

During a time of great upheaval and unrest in Ireland,

as men and women run to take up arms against the tyranny and occupation of the British Empire, the lives of three women are forever altered, and thereby inextricably linked over the span of a century.

In this sequel to Maids of Misfortune,

it is the fall of 1879 and Annie Fuller, a young San Francisco widow, has a problem. Despite her growing financial success as the clairvoyant Madam Sibyl, Annie doesn’t believe in the astrology and palmistry her clients think are the basis for her advice.

Have you ever learned something about a boyfriend or girlfriend and thought “Why didn’t I already know about this?”

Would you have made different choices? you’d known how they are when they get angry would you handle things differently? To know how they handle money would you have better expectations for your life together? If you’d have known that they want their family to be intimately involved in raising their children would you have set up different boundaries at the beginning of the relationship?

Home Brewing Wheat Beer

—everything you need to know to brew wheat beer at home from start to finish. Includes tips and techniques to reproduce your favorite types of wheat beers.

Everything to get started is here: the basics of building a home brewery, easy-to-follow brewing instructions, and the latest insights in the art and science of brewing.

In order to survive this kind of lifestyle it becomes extremely necessary to have a proper diet that will keep them healthy and fit.

In this book, I will be talking about a gluten free diet and how it can help you lose weight thereby helping you lead a healthy and a brilliant lifestyle. I will be sharing some of the best recipes with you so that you do not have to think twice before making a meal that is gluten free in nature.

A person’s name is the title of their life story.

It is chosen for them at birth as a way to distinguish them from the rest of the herd. Each name has its own unique meaning to different people. Various cultures have different ways of choosing a child’s name at their time of birth, which attributes to the fascination around the naming process.

Everyone has secrets. Some more deadly than others.

When the ninth young girl falls into the clutches of a serial killer, maverick detective, David Temeke, faces a race against time to save her life.

The Duke City Police Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico is no stranger to gruesome murders, but this new serial killer on their block keeps the body parts of his eight young victims as trophies and has a worrying obsession with the number 9. The suspect is incarcerated in the state’s high security penitentiary but Unit Commander Hackett is faced with a dilemma when another teenage girl goes missing.

Sixth-graders Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie and Felix did more than just start a detective agency.

Using their math skills and their gut instincts, they actually solved a crime the police couldn’t crack. Now the Math Inspectors are called in to uncover the identity of a serial criminal named Mr. Jekyll, whose bizarre (and hilarious) pranks cross the line into vandalism. But the deeper the friends delve into the crimes, the more they realize why they were asked to help…and it wasn’t because of their detective skills.

Have you tried New Year’s resolutions without success?

Then you are in the vast majority!

So was I. For years, I had the same vague resolutions, like “lose weight, exercise more.” I would get off to a good start with some of my resolutions. Then I would fizzle out like a spent New Year’s Eve sparkler. Or I wouldn’t even get started. I’d procrastinate and soon it was so far past the new year, I’d say to myself, “I’ll do that next year.”

A Family Affair is where it all began…

Heartache, Betrayal, Forgiveness, Redemption…all wrapped up in the people you will love to love, and those you will love to hate!

When Christine Blacksworth’s larger-than-life father is killed on an icy road in Magdalena, New York, a hundred miles from the ‘getaway’ cabin he visited every month, she discovers a secret that threatens everything she’s always held to be true. Her father has another family which includes a mistress and a daughter. Determined to uncover the truth behind her father’s secret life, Christine heads to Magdalena, prepared to hate the people who have caused her to question everything she thought she knew about her father. But what she finds is a woman who understands her, a half sister who cherishes her, and a man who could love her if she’ll let him. The longer she’s around them, the more she questions which family is the real one. . .

Inspired by a series of whistleblowers,

Scott and Jennifer decide the work they’ve been doing for their nefarious employers needs to be brought into the light.
But the company is prepared to go further than either of them could have ever expected to make sure the whistle stays silent.

You heard of Grit, that combination of passion and perseverance that has been identified as a key to success.

While much has been written on how to develop these attributes for adults, there hasn’t been much practical advice on how to develop grit in children.

Your kids are the most important people in your lives. In this increasingly competitive and confusing world they need you to help them be their best. They need you to guide them in developing traits for success and happiness.

The Thrive Life is an opportunity;

it is an invitation to live the life you have always dreamed of. One of the most frightening things about life is that this is your only shot…you only get one. There are no re-dos, and there are no pause buttons. With each passing minute you are changing and developing into a new person. Those minutes that pass are never coming back, and the choices you make from minute to minute are shaping the person you are becoming. What if you could take control of your every choice, your every decision, and focus all that you are into becoming the person you want to be? What amazing things could you do?

Vegan Cooking for Beginners-

Create a Healthier, Stronger and More Balanced Version of Yourself with a Vegan Diet!

Let’s be real…

It is simply not possible to create any form of healthy vegan-friendly lifestyle if you don’t have recipes that are not only delicious and quick-to-make, but that also don’t leave you feeling like you’re ‘on a diet’….

Burn Fat and Lose Weight Rapidly with these 101 Amazing High Protein Vegan Recipes. Get this Amazon bestseller for your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have discovered the health benefits of the Vegan Diet
and are losing that stubborn abdominal fat and lowering their risk for hundreds of obesity-related diseases. The Vegan Diet is a Low Cholesterol diet for Animal Lovers with that is designed to have your body shed excess weight and burn stubborn fat.


You are just about to discover a myriad of super tasty, 100% vegan baking recipes that are jump-packed with nutrition and will help you get the body & energy you want.

Are you a demanding vegan (or wish to become one)?

-Are you sick and tired of pseudo vegan recipe books that promote honey or whey protein powder and eggs? (brrr….)
-Are you looking for quick and effective solutions to enjoy your vegan lifestyle and boost your nutrition so that you stay energized, happy and in great shape?

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Totally FREE Kindle Books! Afternoon Mix 12/27/16


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