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Best Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews 2016—2017

Weight Distribution hitches are also known as load-equalizing hitches. They are designed to provide a level ride between the tow vehicles as well as the trailer. The process is carried out by the equal distribution of the tongue weight of your trailer to the vehicle’s axles.

These devices use a metal spring bar for lifting the back end of the vehicle’s back, and it might be lower than the heavy trailer. If it is hitched properly, the difference in height is reduced on the entire vehicle.

Check out the best weight Distribution Hitch in the market and determine which one you will need.

Preview Product Rating
Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch... 662 Reviews
Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight... 50 Reviews
CURT 17007 Round Bar Weight Distribution... 43 Reviews
Ultra-Fab Products 35-946226 Round Bar... 20 Reviews
Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight... 158 Reviews

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Best Weight Distribution Hitch Review

Eaz-Lift 48058 Weight Distribution Hitch

The Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite is known for its excellent capacity of weight distribution that can reach up to 1000 pounds. Aside from this, it has a sway control and hitch ball of 2-5/16″‘.

This distribution hitch is sufficient for lighter towing up to the realm of 1000lbs. You will not have any problem because everything that you’ll need is already pre-installed like the sway control. It is meant to keep you going and up during all times.

You can work without disturbing noises since it is created to suppress extra noise. Aside from this, installing it is very easy and has no complications. All you need to do is to drill one home, and you can just bolt everything right away.

The design is fantastic, and it can effectively impress your potential customers. The only thing that you should remember is that it is a bit heavy, so it is not suitable for all users. The best thing with Eaz-Lift 48050 is the anti-sway hitches period for proper weight distribution.

The Friction sway control creates a level ride for your vehicle and the trailer tension. If you want to fine-tune the tilt of the head, you can switch links of the link chains. Also, you can add washers to achieve your desired tilt.

This device is electric brake compatible and it features a WD Anti Sway Control. Aside from this, it doesn’t allow backing up and it is created as a standard duty weight distribution hitch device.

In order to adjust the sway bar, you just need to mount and install it to the vehicle and join it in alignment with each other. It will provide you a good mount point for your vehicle.

662 Reviews
Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch...
  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Includes 1000 pound weight distributing hitch, sway control and 2-5/16"...
  • Hitch ball and sway control ball are pre-installed and torqued to...

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Pro Series Reese 49902

The Pro Series Reese 49902 can be considered as the best weight distribution hitch with sway control because it comes with an innovative 750 lbs round bar and has a tongue weight of not less than 700 lbs.

One of its promising features is its ability to distribute tongue weight to the axles to create stability. It also helps in gaining control over the tow vehicle and trailer so that you can create a level ride for both.

The adjustable tension helps in letting you have the most appropriate degree for control as well as resistance. Aside from this, the integrated handle can engage and disengage the system. You can also remove the 2 spring locking pins.

To gain superior flexibility, the forged steel spring bars are tapered to achieve this. The spring bar tension is also adjustable and can be manipulated by switching links to fine-tune it. To make it even more reliable, the solid steel shank is created with powder coating to protect it from rust.

It has a tongue weight of 550=750 lbs and a gross towing weight of 10,000 lbs. It can also fit a trailer hitch that has a measure of 2”x 2”. The weight distribution system of this hitch is perfect for the height clearance of this size of truck.

The measure of the shank is 12-1/2”’ in length and can rise up to 6” from top of hitch as minimum. It can drop at a maximum of 2” from the top of hitch receiver opening. The lift bracket of this device measures 5”’ in width.

50 Reviews
Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight...
  • Provides everything needed to improve towing, safety and performance right...
  • Preinstalled and torqued sway control ball and 2-5/16" hitch ball, U-bolts...
  • Fabricated head and welded hitch bar

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Curt Manufacturing 17007 Round Bar Hitch

The Curt 17007 has the ability to level tow vehicles and the trailer through the distribution of a portion of the tongue weight. This is a specialized towing system that can improve your vehicle and trailer control.

It can level the trailer and distributes the tongue weight across the trailer and vehicle’s axles. The weight distribution hitches are usually used for travel trailers, but you can also use it for other heavy and large loads.

The Curt 17007 features a 2” x 2” shank that is compatible with class 3.4, and 5 trailer hitches. It will also work well with Xtra Duty. Same goes with Commercial Duty as well that has a 2 ½ replacement WD shank.

The gross trailer is increased by the weigh distribution hitch. You should take into consideration the weight carrying capacity prior to towing a heavier vehicle.

It also features a heavy-duty formed head as well as spring bars that are made from forged steel. It can support a gross trailer weight up to 14,000 lbs. The tongue weight capacity can support up to 1,400 lbs.

You can also see that there are hook-up brackets and safety bar chains. To make it more convenient, clips and pins are also included. To protect your weight distribution from scratching, it is made with a black powder coat finish.

It also comes with hanger brackets. The adjustable shank of this weight distribution hitch can accommodate variety of styles of trailers. You can even have it swapped out to different replacement shank options if problems occur.

43 Reviews
CURT 17007 Round Bar Weight Distribution...
  • Levels tow vehicle and trailer by distributing a portion of the tongue...
  • Equipped with round, forged steel spring bars for reliable strength
  • Heavy-duty, formed head can be adjusted for precise leveling

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Ultra Fab Products 35-946226

The Ultra Fab Product 35-946226 is a weight distribution hitch that has a capacity of 10,000 Max GTW. It can efficiently balance the weight of the vehicle and the trailer to create a smoother ride. Also, it can reduce fishtailing.

You will also be impressed with the finish because it is made of rugged steel and a powder coated finish. It is made with a tapered round bar design that makes it look impressive. To make it convenient, it has a fully adjustable shank that can be highered or lowered.

May users praise it for its strength and versatility when it comes to different adjustments that you need to make. Aside from this, it is also amenable to different angles and positions. Through the use of this weight distribution hitch, you will be able to avoid fishtailing.

The Ultra Fab 35-946226 has a complete kit that includes everything that you’ll need. It allows you to improve your driving control and has a maximum shank drop of 6 inches. You will also benefit from its rugged steel construction that is known for superior durability.

When you avail the package, it comes with the Ultra Fab 35-946226 weight distribution hitch and a rapid hook-up handle. It features a Sway Control mechanism so that you can maintain total control of the truck and the trailer.

The tension adjustment screw of this weight distribution hitch can be easily turned by ¼ inches increments of fine-tune tension. The built-in lever allows you to disengage the system so you can release the tension as well.

20 Reviews
Ultra-Fab Products 35-946226 Round Bar...
  • 1,000 pound weight capacity (10K Max GTW)
  • Balances weight between trailer and tow vehicle
  • Creates smoother ride while keeping tow vehicle level and minimizing...

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Pro Series 49903 Distribution Kit

The Pro Series 49903 has everything you’ll need to carry out a smooth and safe towing of vehicle. This innovative series is best used for trailers that weigh not more than 1,000 tongue weight.

It features a standard hitch bar and has pre-installed chrome with a measure of 2-5/16 inches. It also includes a hitch ball and a sway control unit. These inclusions are used to improve your towing and safety.

In terms of distribution, the Pro Series 49903 earns a place on the long list because it is also easily accessible in the market. The spring bars helps in ensuring a smooth towing of the vehicle. However, you should remember that it can only support a tongue rate that is not more than 1000lbs.

This weight distribution hitch provides an even distribution to the axles of your vehicle. It is a crucial part because it determines the stability and control of your vehicle. You will have your tow vehicle and trailer in line for a smoother ride.

In order to install it, you just need to line up the vehicle and trailer in a level pavement. It should be uncoupled and in a straight-head position. It is better if you will record the distance from the ground up to the top of the coupler.

You should remember that some installations might require a longer hitch bar. The pickup truck caps can limit the turn angles, so a longer bar is preferred. After installing the hitch bar, you need to insert the pull pins next.

158 Reviews
Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight...
  • Provides everything needed to improve towing, safety and performance right...
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Preinstalled and torqued sway control ball and 2-5/16" hitch ball, u-bolts...

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Best Weight Distribution Hitch Buying Guide

It is not a joke to try hauling a trailer. The trailer makes your vehicle much bigger, so the driver will have a hard time in pulling it. If your engine works harder, the fuel efficiency goes down due to the extra weight added to it.

Both of your acceleration and braking mechanism will be affected and will take longer than the usual. Aside from this, visibility might also be impaired. To avoid this, a good weight distribution hitch should be utilized.

Before buying this kind of device, you need to know first how it works and you should learn to select a system that has the appropriate capacity in a given situation.

Why Do You Need to Use a Hitch?

If you decide whether you should use a distribution hitch or not, then you should be aware of the relationship of the gross weight to tongue weight. It is a known fact that the gross weight is the total of weight of the trailer, whole the tongue weight is only a portion of the trailer’s weight.

The Cargo in the tow adds up to the tongue weight. Through the weight-bearing hitch, the tow vehicle’s rear axle serves as the fulcrum. If the tongue weight is higher than the gross weight, expect that the vehicle will tilt similar to a seesaw.

The front end will lift, and the back end will dip down. Remember that if the weight in the front wheels is not enough, the brake and steering system will not function properly. On the other hand, if it will be too little, the trailer might swerve.

The primary task of the distribution hitch is to evenly distribute the weight from the rear wheels to the other axles of the tow vehicle. It is done to avoid the fulcrum effect to happen.

Parts of the Weight Distribution Hitch

The weight distributions hitch has different parts and components. First is the ball mount. It slides into the hitch of the vehicle, and the spring bars also slide into the openings that can be found on the ball mount’s platform.

The trailer will be hooked on the ball, and the spring bars will then be attached to the brackets on the frame of the trailer. The spring bars are essential because it is the part that provides the leverage needed to distribute the weight.

This device can also prevent the swaying of the trailer due to the weight of the unbalanced loads. You can find weight distribution hitches in the market with the Anti-Sway mechanism. You can also add it as an attachment if you prefer.

Choosing the Right Weight Distribution Hitch

Choosing the best weight distribution hitch can be rather challenging. It is a matter of determining the specific capacity to haul a trailer. The hitches in the market differ in features and performance.

It is important for you to determine the kind of application you will be doing before you choose the right type of distribution system you will use.

Size and Weight Balancing

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a weight distribution system is the total weight the system needs to handle. It should not be underloaded or overloaded. This will only result in a bad handling while on the road.

The trailers have their tongue weights listed; however, the weight of the cargo is still not included there. It is recommended for you to use a tongue weight scale for you to determine the exact weight of the tongue involved with the cargo.

If the trailer is lighter, the tongue weight should always be lesser than the gross weight. You can use a cinder block to move the scale up to the standard towing height. The trailer should be placed on the coupler of the scale.

Always check the vehicle’s hitch rating because it should have both the weight carrying and distributing capacity included on the list of the hitch. If it is missing, this signifies that the hitch cannot be part of the distribution system.

Spring Bar Types

Another component of the weight distribution system is the spring bar. These bars are offered in different variations for its performance and ease of use. The trailer and your tow vehicle have to be on the same level with each other.

You can reset the mounting head using the washers, and they vary from one design to the other. Other platforms in the market can also accommodate on either side. Aside from this, these spring bars come in different styles like in round shaped and trunnion.

Round bars require more clearance while the spring bar is not that necessary at all. They are usually made of spring steel. Other spring bars can also be made from advanced materials that contribute to better performance.

Another consideration is the use of anti-sway brackets instead of using chains. The weight distribution system also varies with the type of brakes the trailer has.

Other Important Accessories

The weight distribution hitch is available even without the mounting ball. Also, some of them are also sold even without the shank part. You should be aware that the shank and ball are vital components of the distribution.

It may also include an anti-sway system, and it can be purchased separately. The trailers that have a weight of 6,000 pounds or higher can be supported by a single anti-sway bar. On the other hand, heavier trailers should at least have two anti-sway systems.

If you maneuver on the ice, you can remove the system to prevent it from getting damaged further. The trailer is better without it when moving on the ice.

Hitch Pin and Clip

The hitch pin is also known as the steel bar that moves horizontally through the receiver’s holes. The hitch mechanism is held by the draw bar. The hitch pin and clip are the reason why your vehicle can follow you as you move away.

Preview Product Rating
Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch... 662 Reviews
Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight... 50 Reviews
CURT 17007 Round Bar Weight Distribution...

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Best Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews 2016—2017


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