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Super September Crafts and Activities!

It's back to school time and we can make it fun by creating colorful backpacks, pencils, crayons, groovy buttons, pop-up playgrounds and cool community posters!  

Supplies Needed:  Card stock, yellow construction paper, scissors, crayons/markers, glue/tape, small white strips of paper, googly eyes and stickers you wish to use!


1.  Cut out 2 outlines of a crayon box shape from yellow construction paper.  Attach the 2 outlines together on one side so that the 2 outlines are attached and can open and close as a book!

2.  Cut out 6-7 crayons shapes from card stock pieces of different colors.

3.  Using crayons/markers, draw faces on them and any other embellishment on them.  If you wish, use stick on googly eyes for the eyes.

4.  Cut out small strips of white paper and attach a strip of white paper onto the back of each crayon.  The strips should be sticking out on both sides to resemble arms for the crayons.  You may color in the tips to resemble hands if you wish.  (You may cut some strips into the shape of a "V" to make it seem as if the crayon is raising its' arms up in the air.)

5.  Glue or tape the crayons along the top edge of the box or anywhere else on the box that works for you!

6.  If you wish, color the outside of the box and decorate with stickers to make the box of crayons cool!

Enjoy the colorful collections of crayons below created by the children at the library!

Now let's walk to the school house, meet the teacher and find out about more supplies needed for school!  Let's see what the school contains!

School House!

Supplies Needed:  White construction paper, scissors, small pieces of construction paper in different colors, (yellow, pink, black and other colors), glue/tape, crayons/markers and stickers/foam stickers.


1,  Cut out 2 school house shapes from white construction paper and attach them together on one side so that they can open up as a book.

2.  Using crayons/markers, draw designs and windows on the school house and a door as well.

3.  Cut out a bell shape from construction paper and attach it onto the top front of the school house.

4.  Cut out a small rectangle from construction paper (any color) and fold it in half.  This can resemble a laptop.  Draw a screen on one side and a keyboard on the other and attach it to the inside of the school house.

5.  Cut out a small rectangle or square from black paper and draw a word or design on it with a white crayon.  This will be your chalk board. Attach the chalk board onto the inside of the school house.  Cut out a small piece of white paper into the shape of a piece of chalk and attach it onto the chalk board.

6.  Cut out other shapes from paper resembling other school supplies.  For example, cut out a small yellow rectangle from yellow construction paper and draw lines on it to resemble a ruler.  Cut out a pencil shape from yellow construction paper and color in the tip black and draw dark vertical lines on it to resemble a pencil.  Cut out a crayon shape from construction paper of any color.

7.  Attach the school supplies along the inside of the school house.  If you wish, you may draw faces on the ruler, crayon, pencil, chalk board, etc.  You may draw arms and legs on them to animate them.

8. Using scissors, cut a small vertical line at the front bottom of the school house and fold the cut part over to resemble a door that opens and closes.

Enjoy the school houses below created by the children at the library!

Now that we saw the school house, we can stop by the clothes store on the way home and shop for a new outfit.  Those sneakers are cool and so are those groovy buttons!  Just like "Pete the Cat" and his four groovy buttons!

Supplies Needed:  Dark blue construction Paper (or black), white construction paper, fabric, metallic ribbon, scissors, glue/tape, crayons/markers and stickers.  


1.  Cut out an outline of "Pete the Cat's" head from dark blue or black construction paper.  Cut out an outline of his body.  Attach the head onto the top of the outline of the body to put the cat together.  

2. Cut out 4 long strips of dark blue or black construction paper.  Place one strip on the top of each side along the body and these will be the arms.  Attach 2 strips onto the bottom of the body and these will be the legs.  Cut out a longer strip of dark paper and attach the strip at one end onto the back of the cat and this will be the tail.  

3.  Cut out 2 oval shapes from white paper and color them in according to what Pete the Cat's eyes look like.  

4.  Attach the eyes onto the head.  

5.  Cut out a small triangle from white paper and attach it onto the center of the face below the eyes.  *The triangle should be upside down to look like the cat's nose!

6.  Cut out 6 small strips of metallic or shiny ribbon and attach them along the side of the nose, 3 on each side.  This will be the whiskers!  You may draw the whiskers onto the cat with a crayon/marker/pencil if you do not have any ribbon.  

7.  Cut out an outline of a shape of a shirt from fabric (or paper of a bright color if you wish.)

8.  Attach the shirt shape onto the body of the cat below the face.  

9.  Cut out 4 small circles from white or light colored paper.  Color in the circles and decorate with stickers as you wish.  Attach the circles onto the shirt and these will be Pete the Cat's 4 groovy buttons!

10.  Cut out 2 shoe shapes from white paper and color them in as you wish.  Attach each one onto the bottom of each leg.  This will be the cat's shoes!

11.  Color in the paw and anything else on the cat as you wish!  

Enjoy the "Pete the Cat" cats below created by the children at the library!

We need a brand new back pack to hold our crayons and other school supplies!

Paper Backpack

Supplies Needed: One paper bag (any color of your choice), construction paper or Card Stock, glitter foam sheet sticker, scissors, crayons/markers, glue/tape and stickers.  


1.  Using scissors, cut out 2 long one inch wide rectangular strips out of card stock or construction paper.  

2.  Bend each strip into an arch shape or near circular shape until the ends almost connect. 

3.  Glue/tape each end of both strips onto one side of the paper bag.  Make sure that the strips are next to each other and on the upper center part of the bag. The strips should be about 1.5 to 2 inches apart from each other.  The strips will now be your backpack straps for the shoulders and the side with the straps will be the backside of the backpack.  

4.  Cut out a square from card stock or construction paper and make sure the square is about 4 inches wide and 4 inches long.  

5.  Fold the square and color designs on it if you wish and put stickers on it.  Glue/tape one side of it onto the top part back of the bag near where the bag opens. 

6.  Attach a small rectangular shaped foam sticker onto the front side of the paper square that is not attached to the backpack.  That will resemble the Velcro fastener to fasten the bag closed. 

7. Cut out a slightly smaller square from construction paper or card stock and decorate it using crayons/markers and stickers.  

8. After you decorate the smaller square of paper, glue/tape the square onto the front and center of the bag under the Velcro fastener.  But only glue/tape the bottom part of the square and the bottom of the sides.  The top of the square should not be attached and then this will be your pocket.  

9. Cut out a little yellow square of paper and decorate it to resemble a crayon box and cut out pencil shapes and decorate it to resemble a pencil and try to place them in the paper pocket on the front of the backpack. 

10. You may further embellish your backpack with more decorations and supplies if you wish.  You may place the backpack onto a stuffed animal with arms that can go through the straps if you wish to have fun with the new backpack. 

Enjoy the paper backpacks pictured below created by the children at the library!

Now that we have our backpacks, we need more school supplies to place in our new school bags!  Let's make some colorful pencils and crayons! 

Pencil Puppets

Supplies Needed:  Card stock, beige or off-white paper, pink fabric, scissors, crayons/markers, glue/tape, stickers, googly or any other decorations you wish to use.


1.  Draw an outline of a pencil onto a sheet of card stock.  You may trace an outline from a picture of a pencil as well if you wish.

2.  Using scissors, cut out the pencil shape from the card stock.

3.  On beige or off-white paper, draw or trace a triangle the same size as the bottom point of your paper pencil.  You may place the card stock pencil shape onto the light paper and trace the shape of the point if you wish.

4. Once the triangle is drawn, cut out the triangle using scissors and then glue/tape the triangle onto the pointed tip of the pencil.

5.  You may color the point of the triangle black or any other color of your choice.

6.  Cut out a rectangle shape from pink fabric.  The pink fabric shape should be the same width as the pencil and measure around an inch in height.

7. Place the pink rectangular fabric onto the top end of the pencil that is not pointed.  This will resemble the eraser.

8. Decorate the pencil as you wish using crayons, markers, stickers, googly eyes, glitter foam shapes, etc.

9.  Cut out a small strip of paper and shape the paper into a circle attaching both ends together.  Use glue/tape to fasten the ends together.

10.  Glue/tape the circle onto the back of the pencil (the side not decorated) and place your finger or fingers through the circle so that you can hold the pencil as if you are holding a puppet.

Enjoy the pencil puppets below created by the children in the library!

Now that we have a colorful variety of pencils, perhaps we can create multicolored crayons for art classes!

Crayon Mosaic

Supplies Needed:  Construction Paper, pieces of cardstock or pieces of old postcards, glue/tape & scissors.

1. Cut a crayon shape out of construction paper.

2.  Glue/tape pieces of postcards all over the crayon shape in different patterns to resemble a mosaic.

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With colorful crayons, you can create a poster about your neighborhood!

Neighborhood Poster

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper and or Cardstock, glue/tape, crayons/markers, scissors.

1. Cut out shapes and borders from pieces of card stock, such as trees, buildings, animals, the sun, clouds, people and anything else in your community.

2.  Glue or tape all of the cut outs of elements in the community onto a sheet of construction paper of a light color.

3.  Feel free to color or stick a boarder around the edges to create a picture effect.

4. Color or draw anything of your liking to embellish the poster.

Now that we prepared for school and did our homework, let's play on the playground at school or at the park! 

Paper Playground

Supplies Used: Cardstock, glue or tape, scissors, stickers and string.

1.  Cut out pieces of multicolored card stock into different shapes (circles, rectangles, squares, etc.) and sizes. 

2. Bend some of the pieces of card stock into a round shape and tape the ends together to make hoops.  You may then tape the hoops onto a big flat piece of card stock in a formation to make it look like tunnels or money bars. 

3.  Take 2 rectangular pieces of card stock and attach them together by each end to make a long rectangle.  Bend the rectangle to form an arch.  Make sure one side of the arch is flat and diagonal.  Then stand up the arch on top of the flat card stock to form a slide.  Glue/tape the slide onto the cardstock.  You may have to bend the bottom of the slide or adjust it so that the slanted part of the slide actually slants down.  Make sure the slanted top part of the slide is flat and diagonal to actually resemble a real slide.

4.  Take a small piece of card stock, roll it into a circle and then placed it underneath a rectangular piece of card stock to make a see saw. 

5. I attached a small piece of string to a large hoop to make a swing. 

6.  I took a small piece of card stock and folded the ends underneath to form a bouncy trampoline. 

7. Feel free to adorn your paper playground with stickers, small pieces of patterned cardstock and anything else of your preference.

8.  Have fun!

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Make sure to prepare for the class field trip to the library the next day!  You will need your library cards to borrow books!

Paper Pop-Up Library!

Now we can look forward to the fall season and Halloween!

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Super September Crafts and Activities!


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