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“The Final Four” – Pablo’s Top 4 Picks for the Latin American International Championships (ft. Zoroark)

“The Final Four” – Pablo’s Top 4 Picks For The Latin American International Championships (ft. Zoroark)

Óla 6P! We’re in the final run up to the next International Tournament in São Paulo, Brazil! May and June are going to be be crazy crazy months for me with the incredible amount of events about to take place.

To put things in perspective, from September 2017 through to March 2018, I played in a total of 9 Regionals and 2 International Championships. From next weekend until the end of the season, I will have played in another 7 Regionals (4 Regionals, 3 Special Events) and 2 International Championships. Basically, within less than 3 months, I will have played in the almost the same number of events as the prior 6 months. This speaks a lot about the inadequate event planning going on with TPCi and LATAM events, and I truly wonder if it will ever be fixed.

Regardless though, having a major competition every weekend is pretty exciting, and I will be playing Pokémon in 4 different countries: Brazil, USA, Canada and Mexico. Really can’t complain too much about that!

Deciding on a Deck is a completely different story however, as Standard currently has tons and tons of viable decks, whilst we also have Forbidden Light coming out very soon! BTW, did you know Ultra Necrozma-GX/Malamar just won a major event in Japan? The final was against Zoroark-GX/Garbodor, a deck that could have something to say this upcoming weekend in Brazil, but alas it is a Sky Field, Exeggcute-less format, so take that with a grain of salt.

So the dreaded question that everyone would like to know the answer for: what is the play for Brazil? I genuinely have no answer for that, and I don’t think there is one. Two players playing the same 60 cards in a tournament can have vastly different experiences, simply by the fact that pairings are completely random and you could face a good or bad matchup at any point.

Despite how much one tries to “predict” the meta, to the extent where we always have one hour long videos before tournaments with pro players discussing said meta, there is never an 100% right answer. Educated guesses go a long way for sure, but even if you guess correctly and make a great call, the 1% outliers such as Passimian or Greninja or a weird rogue deck might just ruin your day in the early rounds.

Having said that, with the goal of redeeming myself from lackluster IC performances both last season and this season (with Oceania 2017 as the one exception), I’m probably going to pick a “safe” play for the event. What constitutes a ‘safe play” may vary depending on who you ask. It could be a deck that has 50/50s across the board, or it could be a deck that you’re very familiar with. Either way, with such a big tournament in the horizon, I’m looking to use one of those decks rather than try to break the meta or something similar. My own personal safe choices boil down to these decks: Zoroark/Lycanroc, Zoroark/Lucario, Zoroark Counter Energy and Gardevoir.

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“The Final Four” – Pablo’s Top 4 Picks for the Latin American International Championships (ft. Zoroark)


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