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Retro Review: Barbie Travelin' House playset (1995)

Hi again, doll lovers! How is your summer going so far?

Jeez, this summer is keeping me busy. Our House makeover is finally taking off. We've been busy meeting with the contractor and choosing the materials. At first I was quite frustrated because I didn't see any progress, but now I finally see it moving, slowly but steady. Also, both Mr. Monster and I got sick a couple of weeks ago, which didn't leave with much time left to play with dolls. Anyway, I'm finally here with a new blog post.

Generation Girl Lara Nichelle Barbie Travelin House

A while back Barb posted on her blog about a doll she had as child. On that post, I told her about this Playset and I thought it would be interesting to show it to you guys. Also, Barb, I hope you don't mind that I've been mentioning you like in 4 out of 5 blog posts lately. I hope you guys find it interesting, both if you had this as a child or if you are just curious about Barbie playsets. Let's start!

This is the Barbie Travelin' House. I didn't know the name of this playset, so I ended up googling something like "Barbie suitcase house" to find the name. It was produced in 1995, but I'm not sure if I got it that year or maybe on 1996. It was a Christmas present from either my grandparents or one of my uncles. I don't remember unwrapping it, but I remember that on the 26th I took it with me to a family lunch. Nichelle is going to guide us throug this lovely playset.

As you can see, the house on the outside looks like a suitcase/traveling trunk. It has some wheels on the bottom and this handle that you could lift to carry your playset.

Barbie Traveling House

It has some traveling theme stickers all over it, to accentuate the whole traveling theme.

Barbie Travelin' House plaset back view

To keep it close, it has this white fasteners. It also has a white handle with some stiching details on it.

Barbie Travelin' home playset 1995

Here's how it looks when you open it. I do remember that it came with a few accesories, but I don't know where they are.

Starting from left to right, here we have a pink cupboard that goes all the way up to the ceiling, a TV. stand with a white TV and some lights that really worked.

You can flip down the cupboard and your doll will have a nice bed to sleep. Since my table is also white, I put one of my photo backgrounds next to the bed, so it would show better on camera.

The cupboard was hidding this window and this cute little cat taking a nap.

The bed has a little lid that lifts to reveal a bathtube. I remeber it came with a little towel you could hang in that rack.

You can also lift this little platform and your dolls can sit there while preparing their bath.

Right next to the cupboard/bed/bathtube we have the TV. The TV stand has a little door that opens. On the TV you can see a little scene that features the Barbie Mini van that was produced  that same year. Fun fact: in Spain, the mini van was called "Picnic car".

Whey you flip the TV, it reveals a little vanity and a mirror (not that it was super well hidden behind the TV).

The table has two little buttons and, when you press them, they reveal a phone and a music box.

Next we have this  pink and white drawer . It has a white bust on top. I remember that this playset came with a hat and a couple of necklaces that you could put on the bust.

If you press the white button, the bust lifts to reveal a jewelry box, so your doll can keep her jewelry inside. Also, you can't open the drawers one by one, they open all at the same time.

Next we have the wardrobe. It has this little compartment on top, where you can some stuff. You can hang the clothes in this little round rack.

You can press a little button that's next to it to make the rack pop out and you'll be able to spin it, so your doll can reach the outfits that are on the back.

Then, we have a  pink drawer with a platform for shoes. The platform comes out and the drawer really opens.

I also found this hanger inside the house. I didn't think it came with this playset, but on some of the pics that I managed to find, the hangers shown seem to be this ones. I always thought this came with one of those 2 in 1 playsets that were produced in the early 90s. I had one that had a fridge on one side and a laundry room on the other.

I managed to find the commercial of this playset, where you can see all the stuff in action:

I love how they sing everything the toy does! Also, you can see some of the accesories I mentioned. I remember the hat as being pink, but on the add the hat they show is purple. Maybe it's my memory, or maybe it's a variant.

Also, here you can see the commercial of the 2 in 1 furniture set that I mentioned above. I only managed to find it in German.

I love this playset and it brings me so many childhood memories. I like the whole traveling concept and how the outside was style as a proper suitcase/trunk. Nowadays I'm not a huge fan of super pink playsets and I would prefer more realistic colors, but back then I didn't mind.

Since I started working on this post, I've been thinking about how a DIY version of this toy could be made. Maybe with a cheap or an old suitcase that has a hard shell on the outside. I wish I had the time, patience and skills to give it a go.

I hope you guys enjoyed this retro review, it's been something a little bit different for my blog. I had so much fun revisiting this toy that I played so much with during my childhood. Once I move, I might visit my parent's house again and try to find some more doll stuff from back then. Let me know if you would be interested in more retro reviews. Let me know aswell if you or someone you know had this playset or you never heard of it. Did it look any different? I'm curious to know if there were any variants. 

College starts in a month and I still haven't written all the posts that I wanted to write. I have already given up on doing more elaborated projects this summer and I will leave them for February, or even next summer. I hope will be able to write a couple more post before school starts, and I always want to write a post or two and leave them scheduled (but I never do so). Since I'm quite busy with my house reformation, I don't think I will have much time to write posts to get published now and to leave them scheduled. We'll see what happens.

So what do you guys think of this playset? Which toys did you have as a kid? 

Take care.


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Retro Review: Barbie Travelin' House playset (1995)


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