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Evaluating Big Y-700 Results

There are questions and conflicting opionions on many online forums about evalutaing Big Y-700 results. 

Why should I order a Y-DNA test?

DNA for family history is all about finding matches with other relatives,  =confirming what you know about your family, and extending your line even further. Y-DNA testing is one of the most effective ways to prove and extend many of your ancestral lines.  Y-DNA is for the strictly male line (your father's father's father, etc.), but you don't have to restrict yourself to your own DNA or that of a close male relative. You can use this same test for many of your ancestral lines. You do this by picking any male ancestor and tracing his male descendants until you find a living man who is willing to take the test. I find these descendants all the time by having several large online family trees and comparing my trees to the trees of people who carry my ancestor's surname. For Y-DNA to be effective, you must find Y-DNA matches to other men. Family Tree Dna has the largest database of Y-DNA testers, therefore I always start there.  I have had more success with Y-DNA than any other test, and you can see how this was done by viewing these stories:

What is the Big Y-700 test? 

We have previously discussed the difference between STR testing and SNP testing. The Big Y-700 test from Family Tree DNA contains both. The Big Y-700 test is a recently-released  test using completely new technology. It is much more comprehensive than the previous versions; it contains more SNPs and more STRs. For example, the Big Y-700 will give you approximately 700 STRs compared with approximately 500 STRs in the previous Big Y-500 test. More importantly, it will discover new SNPs that will refine your ancestral tree. 

The Big Y-700 is on sale until August 31, 2019, so you ma want to consider ordering it now.

Evaluating Big Y-700 results

many people who have ordered this test are still awaiting the reulsts, and others are waiting for the results for some of their relatives. I am currently awaiting the results of several Big Y tests, so we will see how to use the Family Tree DNA tools in a future post.  In the meantime, if you have received your results you may want to upload them to other databases. Every database contains unique benefits, and I use them all. The three that are most widely discussed are Yfull and the Y-DNA DataWarehouse.  THIS was copied from anothr site: \\\that previously tested Big Y or Big Y-500 and upgraded to the new Big Y-700 test. It may also help those new to Big Y testing and ordered Big Y-700 or plan to order the Big Y-700 test during the current sale ending 31st August or any future sale.

If you check your Kit regularly and see your Big Y results have been completed, you need to wait for the email confirmation from FTDNA that your results are completed. You may see a Awaiting Results logo further down the page too. Your 700+ STR markers are posted first. Then FTDNA needs to remove your Big Y-500 SNP results and replace them with the Big Y-700 SNP results. This will also change your Big Y matches.As instructed by FTDNA for people that had previously tested Big Y-500 and now have Big Y-700 completed, you need to look at your Big Y results page and click on Download Raw Data (upper right side of page). You should see at least two buttons. One will say Download VCF and the other should say Generate BAM if you have not previously generated your Big Y-500 BAM. If you have the Generate BAM button, then FTDNA have your BAM file ready to generate. If you previously generated your BAM file you will have the Download VCF, Download BAM and Share BAM buttons.

If you have a Generate BAM button, you can click on this to generate your BAM file if you wish to have further analysis of your Big Y-700 results with another company such as YFull or Full Genomes Corp. After clicking on the Generate BAM, check back in a day or two for the Share BAM button. If you have the Share BAM button, you can now click on it. This should now produce a LINK to your Big Y-700 BAM file raw data that you can then copy.If you previously sent your Big Y or Big Y-500 BAM file to YFull for analysis, you will have an ID number that starts with YF.

If you plan to submit your Big Y-700 BAM file, YFull will treat this as a NEW test and new analysis as if it was done by a different company. You will need to open up the YFull Order an Analysis page and fill it in as before but this time copying the Share BAM LINK produced for your Big Y-700 BAM file and pasting that Link into the appropriate box on the order form. In the COMMENTS box, you need to say "This is a new test for ID: YFxxxxx", stating your existing ID number given to you previously. If you manage multiple IDs for a number of relatives, make sure you use the correct ID for the person with this Big Y-700 result. Finish completing the order form and security question and check the permission box, then submit the form. You will get an email from YFull confirming the order and giving you a new ID number for this analysis order but attached to your current YFull log in email address and password. When the analysis is completed, you will get and email requesting payment of US$49 to unlock the results.

Make sure you JOIN this new ID number up to the I-M223 Group at YFull. You will be able to use the Comparison tool to compare your two Big Y tests (or your Big Y and Full Genomes or other company NGS tests if that is the case).For someone that has only tested Big Y-700 or someone that tested Big Y-500 or another Y-DNA NGS test with a different company but not previously ordered analysis with YFull, you will need to get a LINK to your BAM file as described above for your Big Y from FTDNA or follow instructions from your other testing company and Order the analysis as above but omitting the ID stuff in the comments box.

FTDNA now offers a good analysis of your results and links matching SNPs and new SNP locations with other FTDNA testers to form the branches and sub-branches you see on their Haplotree and Block Tree. The advantage of sending your data to YFull is that they report low read SNP locations, report more STR markers, report age estimations and accept BAM files from Public samples, Ancient Y-DNA and Research samples and NGS tests results from other companies such as Full Genomes Corp. YSEQ and Dante Labs, This allows matching to form new branches across a spectrum of submitted NGS Y-DNA data.

You are not required to do analysis with YFull (or another company) but if you choose to do so, you need to do it correctly. Any questions, please ask us on the Project's Activity Feed page or Facebook group page and we will try to assist you.

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Evaluating Big Y-700 Results


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