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Geocache: You have mail ...

This one was really one I gave a FAVO, it deserved it. A postbox to hide the Geocache, what a brilliant idea, it is just out there for any muggle to see, however none really touches it.

There's your mail or not?
This is not one of those difficult to find geocaches, especially if you read the description or hint, but still it is just out in public and not getting muggled. According to the cache owner there was one earlier that disappeared often so the container had to be hidden.

A picture from the side while the postbox is closed.
At this point while sitting at the airport in Atlanta the alarm went off, not sure what is going on, but not too many people started running around so I decided to keep on writing this blog, and that I keep on listening to music.

How do you like the Pink stones in the parking lot? I personally not a big fan of pink, but my daughter when they were smaller they for sure loved anything pink. The whole parking lot belongs to a restaurant, which only opens at noon so I had no problem finding a place. Ok, I did the American way, park right next to the geocache and grab, I needed the car to sign the log on top of it. Hm, not really, but that sound so cool to have the car there only to support my play.

Now that is pink for sure.
If the pink in the parking lot was not enough, here is a full pink pig in front of the restaurant, is that cool? Before you ask it is on the Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis. Elvis was never my favorite, so I was a few blocks away from Graceland and still did not get closer, maybe if someone would place a geocache inside I would go and visit. I was in the Memphis area for my work, and my flight was later that day and I decided to go after geocaches that are at least regular in size or has some trackable items in it, with the first I had luck, but with the second not much. I arrived with multiple bugs and left with one coin back to Europe, most of the times it is the other way around.

The restaurant.
As it was opening at noon, I could not try the food inside or check if it is all pink inside out, or just out. Do you often go inside restaurants, bars to eat or drink when they have placed a geocache close to them? I mostly do. Why? If the geocache is placed by the owner's permission then they deserves to have some benefits form it. I do not spend much usually, but at least a drink or a sandwich.

My geocaching rental car and the geocache far back there.
There were also some limousines parking back there, but I only spotted them while driving out back on the road to the next geocache. I realized that I'm a lot more efficient if I make a decision on what to hunt for, especially when hunting in areas where I have not too many smileys and many to find. If I have a vehicle and lots of time like this day the whole morning was for hunting, I usually go for a size that is not easy to find, or trackable items. Another good idea I heard from some hardcore geocachers is to go for the oldest ones first, as they might get archived and you might miss that given hiding date from your matrix. When I do not have the luxury of a car I mostly pick a trail which I can walk and get there by a cab or public transport. Now that is when my wife cannot sleep, I'm far away in an unknown area using unknown transportation, not sure about the safety in the area, and there is no place where they see me as a local. I do not really have an oriental facial structure to blend in in Asia or with a backpack, a camera, a tablet wondering in the USA I really do not look like local, more like a lost tourist, in some states every second car stops to help me or give me a ride to some place where I'm trying to get to.

Thanks for this hide, and keep on hiding ...

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Geocache: You have mail ...


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