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2021-04-04 22:18
This was my second attempt at some 3D Art. I decided to go with the donkey theme on this one. It was a little more challenging than my first one (Moon Hiker), but I really enjoyed making it… Read More
2021-04-04 13:38
With the Covid Pandemic there has been upheaval in everyone’s lives. During this past year I took a break from my wood canvas art paintings. Just recently, I decided to explore art ag… Read More
2020-04-13 15:44
I did this painting in honor of my mother who recently passed on 21 Mar 2020, and for my wife’s mom who passed ten years earlier on 4 May 2010. My wife and I loved our mom’s dear… Read More
2020-02-17 17:31
This is my 9th painting of Penelope and Louis continuing their globe trotting adventures. Here they are in the Falkland Islands at sunrise with a February Snow Moon. The Falkland Islands… Read More
2019-10-15 22:32
Recently, my oldest son and his fiancee, my niece and her fiancee did a float trip on the Big Piney River. When my son posted some great pics of their trip, I asked him if I could use on… Read More
2019-06-23 20:52
This is my 4th painting of a Hawk. My previous efforts were Puddle Hawk, Harris Hawk and Moon Hawk which all can be seen here on my blog. I think one time or another we all have seen or want… Read More
2019-05-12 18:58
Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! Why not do a “Feeling Good” painting for this special day! So I did. It’s a small little painting with a BIG m… Read More
2019-04-21 13:10
One of my Nieces (Michelle), told me she likes elephants. So, I decided to paint one for her. These are indeed incredible animals. I basically only used three colors. Black, White and Antiq… Read More
2019-03-12 23:44
I did this painting for my wife’s sister Adri. My wife and Adri are from Holland, so it wasn’t hard for me to come up with something to paint for her. The Dutch windmill is iconi… Read More
2019-03-03 17:50
Penelope and Louis HikingThis painting is of Penelope and Louis Hiking. It’s the 8th painting of them in a series I am doing. I used to small pine planks glued together for the canvas… Read More
Red Headed Woodpecker
2019-02-15 21:56
The Red Headed Woodpecker is native to Illinois. Someone my wife and I know loves birds. She left it up to me to surprise her on what kind of bird to paint. I decided to go with this species… Read More
2019-01-13 15:29
This is my 7th painting of Penelope and Louis penguin adventures. This time they find themselves in the African plains. This painting was inspired by my 8 year old grandson who says he wants… Read More
2019-01-08 03:11
Who doesn’t love a couple of Donkeys on the farm? Why did I paint these two? I don’t know, it just felt right at the time. Besides I know a couple of people who love donkeys, and… Read More
2018-12-09 16:07
Strategic Moves A challenge and a victory. Hiking the Knife Edge Trail to Chimney Peak on Mount Katahdin Maine. Like the game of Chess it takes strategic moves. I did this painting for my… Read More
2018-11-27 23:08
My brother-In-Law (Brother), Ray asked me to do a painting for him. I asked him what kind? He said something military. Since we were stationed together on the same base in Europe 40 years… Read More
2018-11-03 16:16
The Conqueror Eagle The determined fierce conqueror eagle is unafraid as he commands the dark skies. He thrusts his strong wings through a perilous epic journey. His quest is towards calmer… Read More
2018-10-21 14:02
Sun Catcher The graceful dolphin’s arched leap over the sun catches the fading light that will soon turn into night. My wife likes owls and hummingbirds. She also likes dolphins and w… Read More
2018-09-21 18:13
My wife and I just floated the Current River, and I felt inspired to do another painting of it. It was a great float! I decided to go with a bright pink and orange sky, and a huge morning s… Read More
2018-08-12 15:23
The Pier Imagine on a sunny day standing on this pier. A cool ocean breeze slips across your skin. The blue-grey water gently moves back and forth below your feet. Reluctantly, you leave to… Read More
2018-07-08 13:45
To me something about sunrises and sunsets have a calming effect. The anticipation of a new day or the satisfaction of a day well spent. The geese fly west…southwest towards the exti… Read More
2018-06-17 17:55
One of my favorite places on earth is the Missouri Ozarks. People come from all over the world to float it’s rivers. Of all the rivers there that I have floated, my all time pick has… Read More
2018-04-08 13:45
I called this painting Sunrise Moon Hawk. It has a sort of mystical look to it I think. There is a tree near where I live that when stripped of it’s leaves in winter looks like the on… Read More
2018-03-11 18:36
Northern Lights have always facinated me. So, why not do a painting of it? And, for added measure, I through a snowy owl in the mix. This is just one reason I love to paint. You can create… Read More
2018-02-27 14:26
It is with deep sadness that our family friend Grace passed away last night. She had been going for chemotherapy treatments for Stage 4 Sarcoma cancer. She was only 33 years old. Anyone who… Read More
2018-01-28 15:19
The Super Blue Blood Moon glows brightly red in the cold black night as a seagull sails above a mighty ocean wave. I wanted to make a painting/tribute about a rare epoch celestial stunner t… Read More
2017-12-31 18:19
I call this painting Eagle Over The Smoky Mountains. The Smoky Mountains bring mysterious, peaceful and sometimes haunting images throughout the hours. It all depends on temperature and tim… Read More
2017-12-10 18:38
With this painting my mind harkened back to when we went to Colorado on vacation a little over a year ago. The scenery is a hodgepodge of photos we took. Part of that trip we stayed in Este… Read More
2017-12-09 15:05
And now for something completely different…I handmade this for our grandkids. Three pics below…. When I started this Blog, I did it to display and archive my paintings on wood… Read More
2017-10-29 15:36
The air is crisp and clean. The majestic Locomotive roars powerfully across its tracks. The Lion within also reveals itself as it roars powerfully in the escaping steam. With manmade and na… Read More
2017-10-05 23:12
I call this painting Sky Chess. Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved the game of Chess. I have been wanting to paint something about Chess. Little things came to me here and th… Read More
2017-08-23 14:19
via Daily Prompt: Visceral Today’s Daily Prompt Word is VISERAL – the meaning is based on emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought. I thought this was fitting fo… Read More
2017-08-23 11:42
We have a family friend. Her name is Grace. She is only in her early thirties and she was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Sarcoma cancer. As of this writing she has started intensive chemo… Read More
Harris Hawk Soars In Moonlit Desert Sky
2017-07-23 16:27
Harris Hawk A mysterious night above the desert floor. A Harris Hawk soars through the moonlight sky. The idea of making this painting came to me on a recent trip that my wife and two of ou… Read More
2017-07-20 23:48
I know my blog is all about my paintings, but I couldn’t resist sharing a pic of my grandson’s shock and awe when we encountered a stray bull Elk in Estes Park. We were in the c… Read More
2017-07-04 14:27
Sunrise mist floating over the river. A Great Blue Heron effortlessly glides across the water. I was inspired to do this painting from the many memories I have of the Current River. The mor… Read More
2017-06-25 14:25
This is #6 in a series of paintings depicting the adventures of Penelope and Louis. Two loving penguins exploring the world. The backdrop of this painting was inspired from a drive my wife… Read More
2017-06-11 12:47
The Hawk soars effortlessly above. The country road is still wet with puddles from a passing rain. I got the idea of making this painting when I took a walk after it had rained. As the clou… Read More
2017-05-06 20:31
via Daily Prompt: Better I wrote the below narrative back in 2015 after a river trip. I think it is appropriate for the daily prompt word “BETTER”. My blog here is an archiv… Read More
2017-04-30 20:07
Penelope and Louis continue their adventures. They think they are people. This is the 5th penguin painting in a series. I made it using two pine board planks glued together Read More
2017-04-25 11:51
One of my paintings landed on the Tennessee Parks Facebook page. Tennessee has some AWESOME State Parks! You can check out which painting they posted here:… Read More
2017-04-02 20:46
This is my fourth painting in a series of Penelope and Louis. World Penguin Day is coming up on 25 April 2017, so I wanted a special painting of them on their day. By facing each other and… Read More
2017-03-26 21:36
Penelope and Louis are at it again. In my last painting, they found themselves in the desert. This is the third in a series. After playing in the desert sand they made their way east to Fal… Read More
2017-03-19 15:12
A tropical fantasy. A day dream floating in space. I wanted a painting with a tropical bird. Water seemed to be a natural pick for the background. Then I thought maybe a young version of my… Read More
2017-02-26 18:29
During some years, for about two weeks in mid to late February, the setting sun creates a mesmerizing deep orange glow phenomenon when it strikes Horsetail Fall. This is a small waterfall t… Read More
2017-02-17 13:53
I call this painting “Life…There Is Light After The Darkness”. This painting is one of my first, and its located on my main page of Word Press. I wanted  to add it o… Read More
2017-02-12 01:23
I made this painting for my good friend Don whom I’ve known for 40 years as of this year 2017. Don, since I know you love Salmon fishing, I decided to make a painting for you. Be… Read More
2017-01-18 23:57
19 January is “Penguin Awareness Day” and on 25 April its “World Penguin Day”. Who knew? I certainly didn’t until I stumbled upon this info while surfing the n… Read More
2016-12-22 00:07
I have dedicated this painting to the Super Moon. I call it “Super Moon Over Missouri Wetlands”. While Super Moons aren’t unusual, having three back to back to back in one… Read More
2016-12-11 14:09
via Daily Prompt: Mystical I know this appears as a shameless plug for my owl painting, but I’m just responding to today’s daily word prompt word “MYSTICAL&r&hell…Read More
2016-12-10 14:25
My Painting About Time Time Deceives Time Leaves Time Moves Past Missed Moments Between Time Won’t Be Stopped Time Doesn’t Care Time Relentless It’s funny, when you are a… Read More
2016-12-04 21:53
My niece said to me months ago that she would like me to make her a Buddha painting. I finally got around to doing something for her. I wanted to incorporate a Yin Yang with it. So, I embed… Read More
2016-11-25 15:43
I named this painting Window To Pikes Peak. Back in October of this year (2016), my wife took a photograph of Pikes Peak through a rock opening located in the Garden Of The Gods. The r… Read More
2016-11-20 14:30
I know there are numerous methods in making e-books. I just wanted a simple and fast and FREE way to go about it. I was stumbling around for awhile trying to figure it out. To many options I… Read More
Owl Mountain
2016-11-12 18:43
I call this painting Owl Mountain. My wife loves owls, and we both love nature. I wanted to paint a painting dedicated to owls for her. I didn’t want to just paint a single owl. I wan… Read More
2016-11-02 02:33
This is a little more about the blog post above on the “WHY” I decided to make a FREE e-book. Due to some requests, people have asked me on how I make my wood canvases. So… Read More
2016-08-28 20:20
I made this painting with the same theme of my Barn painting. This time I wanted to mix black and white with color on pine wood planks. It really is a mood painting. What mood are you in?… Read More

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