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70+ Legitimate Work From Home Writing Jobs

Writing is one of the most rewarding professions in the world (in our opinion, of course). However, it’s even better when it actually pays the bills. Thanks to the internet writers no longer have to “suffer” for their craft. We can actually pay our bills while doing what we live. And since finding the right writing opportunities can be time-consuming and leave you with hand cramps from repeated right-clicking, we’ve pulled together a list of over 70 companies that pay freelance writers to write about…well, everything there is to write about!

This list includes the following: Freelance Writers, paid blog article gigs, expert knowledge sharing, educational content, sales content creation, product description writing, freelance journalism and more.

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What You Need Before Applying for Writing Jobs Online

  1. Setup a Paypal account – You’ll find that over 95% of the companies that hire freelance writers pay via Papal so it’s best to already have an account set up, which takes no time.
  2. Have writing samples – Blog content platforms will ALWAYS want you to submit samples (usually 300-500 words) with your application, and some may require a sample on the spot-be ready for this!
  3. Be prepared to take assessments – If you’re looking for writing, editing, and/or proofreading gigs be prepared to take online assessments to illustrate your know-how.
  4. Get ProWritingAid – ProWritingAid is a freelancer writer’s best friend. The free version only offers 19 reports so we recommend the paid version which is only $50/year. A cheaper alternative to Grammarly (1/3 of the price). They offer a free 14-day trial that you can check out here.
  5. Know your writing specialty areas – It’s best to have an idea of what your “golden topics” are before searching for gigs, as it can save you time from companies that don’t cater to your topic expertise (or preference).
  6. Be prepared to wait at least a week to hear back. Depending on the company and job description it can take anywhere from 3 days to several weeks to hear back about a potential gig so be patient and try to line up several gigs to keep your options open.
  7. Be prepared to submit online W-9 and possible verification documents (License/passport) before beginning work. Freelancing companies will ask you to submit a W-9 for tax purposes (even if they pay via Paypal) and some may require you to send a picture ID to verify. If you can’t fax your documentation try using a secure file-share or encryption email service to protect your personal information.

Companies That Pay Freelance Writers

A Pass Education– Michigan-based company that hires subject matter experts for educational materials and assessments. Must have at least a bachelors and be able to work 2-5hrs/day.

A List Apart– Pays writers anywhere from $50-200 for pieces related to web content. Articles should be 600-2500 words. Send submission pitches to the editor at [email protected]

Academic Experts– Occasionally has offerings for new experts. Pays bi-weekly at $7-31 per page. You can choose your own assignments. Must have a masters though.  

AutoShopper– Pays car experts to write about vehicle upkeep, purchasing, and repair. Pays $10-20 for each post.

Back to College– Get paid to write about going back to college as an adult. It can take a minute to hear back about your piece (30-90 days), but they pay around $5 for each article of 1000-1500 words. They also have topical articles on assignment available and are looking for writers for their Ask the Experts

Beacon Fire–Beacon hires part-time writers for various types of copy (fundraising, advocacy, and marketing mostly). Send email including cover letter, 3 samples, and compensation requirements to [email protected]

ClearVoice– Connect freelancer writers with opportunities. Showcase your portfolio and work directly with your clients and set your own rates. Pays via Paypal.

College Humor– College humor is a hilarious site that gets about 120 million views a month. Email your pitch ideas to the editors: [email protected] Pay is $35-50 per article.

Contena– An online hub for freelance writing gigs. Must sign up for members, but it’s free and the jobs are from legit companies.

Content Divas– They don’t hire on an ongoing basis, but they when they do its for blog articles of 350-600 words. Not sure about the pay.

Content Remarketing– Hires freelancers for web content writing when there are openings. Send emails of your portfolio or samples to [email protected] (Subject: Freelance Writer).

Content Runner– Similar to Constant Content where you can write bout whatever you want, set your own rates, and pay them a percentage of your sales. Must have a bank account.

Content Writers – Another great online platform for freelance writers and editors. Work is assigned based on your experience and pay goes out bi-weekly via Paypal. Application process includes samples, English test, and phone interview.

Cooking Detective– CD pays freelancers to write about anything food related, from food and health, to appliances guides and recipes. They pay$75-$160 depending on the length of your article. Send them your background and rates to [email protected], or through their contact page.

Copy Press– Copy Press hires freelancers writers for work all around the world. They pay via Paypal and you’ll have to keep checking to find the openings.

Cracked– Cracked is always looking for new engaging content. You have to sign up on their forum. Pay varies.

DesertUSA– Don’t let the hokeyness and ads on the site turn you off. DesertUSA is an Escondido-based company that accepts article submissions about desert and wildlife topics. They offer $50 author fee per submission. Be sure to read their writer contact (sample on submission page).

Doctor of Credit– Accepts articles about credit and banking. Submit article ideas and if they’re accepted you’ll be paid $50.

Dorkly– Dorkly receives about 8 million views a month and is mainly an entertainment site. You can pitch the editors at [email protected] They off$35- $75 depending on article length.

Freelance Moms – This site is about just that-moms who work as freelancers. Lisa accepts guest post submissions and they pay $75-$100 via Paypal. You must pitch her your outline first at [email protected]

getAbstract– Occasionally hires freelancers to write summaries about business books. Check site for openings. Not sure of pay.

Great Escape Publishing– Specializes in travel writing. $50 to $200 dollars, depending on the type of article you publish. Email a 300-600-word submission to [email protected] Pay is $150.

Get a Copywriter– Platform that offers copywriting gigs but only accepts 20% of applicants. Take 4-5 weeks to hear back about submission. Multiple payment options.

Great Content – Contracts out freelance writers to craft content for several clients.

Great Escape Publishing– International company that covers international travelling for business people. They pay $50-200 for a piece. Be ready to submit writing samples.

The Hoth– Hires freelancers for writing SEO articles about various topics on an ongoing basis. Gives you daily article assignments but you can choose your own articles. Very deadline driven and you must be able to work at least 20hrs a week. Work is plentiful. Pay varies depending on experience. Submit samples and contact info on website.

How Stuff Works– Pays $100 and up per article. Selection process is thorough, but a great gig if you have a background in science.

Hubpages (Revenue Share)– Pays freelancer writers to write about their passions. Potential to make a significant amount of bill money $$.

Income Diary– Their content centers around making money and other web stuff. When they’re accepting submissions, they pay $200 per piece.

IndieMade – Hires freelancers to write about independent businesses. Not sure of pay.

InfoBarrel(Revenue Share)– Lifestyle site that pays freelancer writers 75% of the ad revenue (Adsense) generated from their articles.

Kinzer Projects– Hires freelances for a variety of online writing jobs. Be aware though, the pay is pretty low-like .01/word low (so only if you’re desperate!).

Kirkus – – Hires writers to draft 350-word book reviews. Send resume and samples to [email protected] Pay unknown.

Knitty– Pays freelancers to write any and everything about knitting. Pays $150-200 per published submission.

Life Tips– Hires freelancers for copywriting and SEO articles. Apply online. Pay unknown.

Matador– A travel website where you can pitch your article ideas as well as scout out gigs in their Marketplace. May be several weeks before you hear back about pitch. Pay unknown.

Metro Parent– Lifestyle site for everything parenting and family-related in southeast Michigan (which has to be the focal-point of your piece). Pay ranges from $40-200 and up depending on topic and length.

Modern Farmer– Farming site that accepts pitches for articles about people, policy, plants, animals and technology of agriculture. Pay unknown.

News for Shoppers(Revenue Share)– Great for freelance writers who love writing consumer-related content-i.e. travel deals, credit cards, entertainment, tech, etc. Pays 70% of revenue earned (50% during training). Must write at least 1 article per week, and can write up to 3 a day.

Onespace– St. Louis-based company that always has at least one freelance writing (and/or editing) job opening for content in a variety of business subjects. Pay unknown but we hear that its decent. Be sure to check their requirements as sometimes they need content relative to non-U.S. business practices. Must have published work.

Penny Hoarder– Accepts articles of at least 700-900 words about making and saving money. Must pitch the ideas a fresh idea via their online form. Pay unknown.

Plum Deluxe– A lifestyle site that pays $30 for a piece. Not a part-time gig, but more of a way to get your name out there (and a backlink) from your featured story.

ProBlogger – We’ve been following Darren since 2005 and it’s amazing to see the growth of this blog. Some years ago, he added a job board where freelancers can find gigs from clients worldwide. There are always at least a handful of postings on there and it’s worth checking out.

Pretty Designs– Women’s lifestyle blog that hires freelance writers for articles and product reviews. Pay unknown.

PsychCentral– Accepts posts by freelancers and mental health professionals. Posts for the blog are 600-900 words. Take 2-3 weeks to hear back from submission date.

Pure Content – Hires writers and editors for various types of projects. Apply on website via form. Pay is unknown but “varies”. Must submit resume and cover letter online.

RankPay– Hires freelancers to write about SEO topics. Pays $50 per article. Must have at least 2 published online blog posts. Don’t place all your bets on this horse, as it may take up to 2 weeks to hear back and they state that they “may not respond at all”.

RiseSmart– RS usually has some open slots for freelance resume writers. Their projects are on an hourly basis and you must submit a resume sample to apply.

Screen Rant– SR accepts pitches from freelance writers on their website. Pay unknown, but you do get credit. Check to see if their accepting new contributors, and there will be a notice if they aren’t.

Scripted – A great platform to get steady work. You set your own rates, pick your own assignments, and work with clients directly.

Search Influence– A “Norleans”-based company that sometimes hire freelance writers for online content creation.

Search Sciences– UK-based company that hires writers in the U.S. as well. They provide little information on if they’re currently hiring, but it’s worth sending them a line.

Sibia Proofreading – Oregon-based editing company that occasionally has openings for proofreaders. Currently looking for Science Editors.

Sitepoint– Produces content for web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Must send a pitch (via online form) to be added to contributor list which produces 40 pieces/month-so it may not be consistent work depending on the number of other freelance writers in their pool. Must be able to meet deadlines on any work you accept.

Skyword– Create your portfolio and build up your brand to the big-name clients (IBM, Iron Mountain, Wiley and more) within their platform. Must set up an account first and submit samples to be added to the network.

SmartBrief– SmartBrief frequently has openings for writers (mostly journalists) to work from home and we hear they pay decent rates (though they vary per job). Must sign up and create a profile on their site (resume/cv).

Talent, Inc.– Pays $20 for freelancer resume writers. Must be able to produce with fast turnaround times. Apply online with resume and cover letter.

The Content Authority– Georgia-based company that pays freelance writers to write mostly blog articles for their clients. Must write quick 150-word sample on online application. Must have Paypal. Be sure to check to see if they’re currently reviewing applications. If they’re not, there will be a notice.

The Anxiety Foundation– Welcomes articles of at least 550 words related to mental health, and if accepted, they’ll pay you $50. Submit via online form.

Theme Park Tourist–Pays freelance writers$50 for short-form articles of 750-1000 words that are related to theme parks. Must be able to write in a tone that’s fun and engaging for the readers-list articles work best. To submit send them 3 sample article ideas via email. Sometimes their roster is full (they’ll list this on the “write for us” page if it is) so be sure check for openings. We’re guessing spring/summer months are probably the best times to check them out.

The Expeditioner– Takes open submissions and pays $40 for first-person narratives related to traveling. If you’re a travel writer this may be right up your alley. Ideal length is at least 1200 words. Send submissions and pitches to Matt(at)

Travelicious– Sydney-based company, Travelicious pays travel writers $40 per 1,000-word article. They also hire freelance social media marketers as well. A good place for new writers as they offer free training on how to build your brand online. Must have a Facebook and Paypal account. social media marketers. 

Tripbase– Tel Aviv-based travel site that pays freelance writers $30 for 800-word travel articles. You must include your own images and they deduct $5 if they have to replace them. Submit your article via their online form.

VQR(The Virginia Quarterly Review)– Pays freelance writers $200-1000 for works of fiction/non-fiction and poetry-if they decided to publish it. They also pay upwards of $1,000 for personal essays and literary criticisms. They have a “reading period” for their submissions which is July 1st-31st, so this wouldn’t be a steady income earner, but more suited for writers looking to get their name out there.

Watch Culture(revenue share) – UK-based site that covers anything culture related, from Tech and Science to Film and History and Sports. They pay freelance writers £0.50 (66 cents) for every 1,000-page views within the first month of publishing.

Wow Women– Publishes content by women and for women, related to writing. Accepts personal essays and pays $50 for each. Email tales[at]wow-womenonwriting[dot]com.

Yoga International– Pays freelance writers for articles under 1,000 words that are related to yoga. Minimum payment is $50.00 per piece. They pay more ($150–200 USD) for instructional articles written by expert teachers.

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70+ Legitimate Work From Home Writing Jobs


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