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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Blog
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2020-05-23 11:00
Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature of 30°C or more the duration of persistence is shorter. Surface dis… Read More
Handwashing In The Clinical Setting
2020-05-22 12:00
The importance of handwashing in the clinical setting is demonstrated by 80% of sepsis cases are contracted outside of the hospital (see video below), hand hygiene plays a critical role in t… Read More
Has A Second Patient Been Cured Of HIV?
2020-05-20 13:00
A study of the second HIV patient to undergo successful stem cell transplantation from donors with a HIV-resistant gene, finds that there was no active viral infection in the patient's blood… Read More
A Natural History!
2020-05-17 10:30
If you thought the human body was only made of human cells, then think again. What scientists now know is that for every one human cell in a healthy body there are about ten times as many mi… Read More
New Metabolism Discovered In Bacteria
2020-05-15 11:30
Microbiologists have discovered how the bacterium Acetobacterium woodii uses hydrogen in a kind of cycle to conserve energy. The bacterium lives in an environment without oxygen, and thanks… Read More
How Silver Ions Kill Bacteria
2020-05-13 11:00
The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for centuries. While it is still a mystery as to exactly how silver kills bacteria, University of Arkansas researchers have taken a ste… Read More
ISO 22367 - Update
2020-05-07 11:00
ISO 22367, Medical laboratories – Application of risk management to medical laboratories, specifies a process for a medical laboratory to identify and manage the risk to patients and s… Read More
Natural Vs. Pharmaceutical Anticoagulants
2020-05-06 12:30
Image Source: Pixabay According to a 2019 report from the CDC, nearly 1 million Americans die each year from heart disease or stroke. It is also estimated that nearly 300 people die, every d… Read More
'Arms Race' Between Bacteria And Viruses
2020-05-03 12:00
University of Otago researchers have contributed to an international study which helps improve the understanding of bacteria and viruses.The study reveals how bacterial immune systems can be… Read More
The Advantages Of Enzymatic Detergents
2020-04-27 12:00
Contaminated flexible endoscopes are the medical devices occasionally associated with outbreaks of health care-associated infection. To minimise the risk, effective cleaning and disinfection… Read More
EU GMP Annex 21
2020-04-19 11:00
Annex 21 to the EU-GMP Guidelines has been published as a draft (on 20thMarch 2020), titled "Importation of medicinal Products". The Annex is aimed at Manufacturing and Importation Authorisa… Read More
Bacteria Killed By Light-activated Coating
2020-04-14 11:30
To stop the spread of disease, it could be used to coat phone screens and keyboards, as well as the inside of catheters and breathing tubes, which are a major source of healthcare-associated… Read More
Rapid Identification Test For Salmonella
2020-04-12 11:30
Researchers from Cornell University, the Mars Global Food Safety Center in Beijing, and the University of Georgia have developed a method for completing whole-genome sequencing to determine… Read More
2020-04-09 11:00
Bacteria can perceive how many they are. They release and sense signaling molecules that accumulate with increasing cell numbers, which allows them to change their behavior when a certain gr… Read More
Degree Of Coloration Of Liquids
2020-04-01 11:00
The European Pharmacopoeia Commission has adopted a new version of one of its widely used general methods, chapter 2.2.2. Degree of coloration of liquids, which has been extensivel… Read More
Guide To Sterility Test Isolators
2020-03-30 11:30
An isolator is an arrangement of physical barriers that are integrated so that the workspace (an enclosed environment) within the isolator is sealed from the outside environment. Isolators p… Read More
Qualification Of GC Equipment
2020-03-29 11:00
EDQM has posted new guidance on the qualification of gas chromatography equipment.The document is the second Annex of the core document “Qualification of Equipment”, and it shoul… Read More
2020-03-27 12:30
Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists Armand Dichosa and Anand Kumar have sent samples of the human gut microbiome into space tonight, part of a project with NASA, DTRA and Rhodium Scien… Read More
Interesting Flu Facts
2020-03-24 12:30
Imagine this:It’s an uncomfortably cold day outside, but an emergency forces you to go outside underdressed for the temperature. And… your hair is still wet. Are you more likely… Read More
EDQM Launches New Pharmeuropa Website
2020-03-17 12:30
The EDQM has developed a new Pharmeuropa website, which went live on 23 January 2020. The new website has been redesigned and now has more features that are expected to improve the user expe… Read More
Call For A Global Disinfectant Standard
2020-03-09 12:30
The time has come for industry and disinfectant manufacturers to set out guidelines for evaluating products appropriate for pharmaceutical cleanrooms.Maintaining environmental control in a p… Read More
The Invisibility Cloak Of A Fungus
2020-03-08 12:30
Researchers find out that a fungal pathogen uses an enzyme to hide from the human immune system.While viruses and bacteria regularly manage to infect the human organism, fungi only very rare… Read More
Why Are Bat Viruses So Deadly?
2020-03-05 12:30
A study of cultured bat cells shows that their strong immune responses, constantly primed to respond to viruses, can drive viruses to greater virulence. Modelling bat immune systems on a com… Read More
Changes To ISO 14644-3:2019
2020-02-29 12:30
ISO 14644-3:2019 is the second edition of the standard devoted to cleanroom and associated controlled environment tests, and it revises the 2005 version of the same international standard. N… Read More
Living Building Materials With Bacteria
2020-02-28 11:00
University of Colorado Boulder researchers have developed a new approach to designing more sustainable buildings with help from some of the tiniest contractors out there.Such structures coul… Read More
Taming Electrons With Bacteria Parts
2020-02-27 13:00
Electrons are tough to pin down in biology. Learning how to harness electrons is no fool's errand because, when electrons move, they are the electricity that powers life.Electrons power the… Read More
A New Treatment Strategy Against MERS
2020-02-25 13:00
First identified in 2012, the MERS-coronavirus is capable of causing severe and often fatal pneumonia. There are no effective treatments for MERS. Researchers from the German Center for Infe… Read More
Role Of Lactobacillus In Human Reproduction
2020-02-23 16:20
The discovery of microbial communities inhabiting the whole female reproductive tract has challenged the traditional view of human fetal development in a sterile environment. Technical advan… Read More
2020-02-20 13:00
The EU and Israeli Government (The Israeli Institute of Biological Research (IIBR))anticipated such Zoonotic Virus outbreaks and what they and we at Dyadic are doing to be better prepared fo… Read More
ISO 14971:2019 (medical Devices)
2020-02-19 12:00
The standard ISO 14971:2019 Medical devices — Application of risk management to medical devices has recently been issued. ISO 14971, Medical devices – Application of risk managem… Read More
Whooping Cough Evolving Into A Superbug
2020-02-18 13:00
Researchers have revealed the rise of evolving strains of the bacterium that causes whooping cough, a strain that is able to evade vaccine-generated immunity.It appears the evolving strains… Read More

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