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computer idea pdf

Computer idea pdf is one of the activities which are going throughout the life span of Computer. As computer learning is a long process. The computer activities has a well set of instructions and roles. Likewise it has a set of background activities. The computer activity has a problem to solve for a particular activity. In addition, there are images to explain the idea of computer. The computer idea came into the history when the Chinese built its calculating device abacus. After that a series of different computer devices came into existence. Therefore, the computer idea came into world for modernizing the world. The computer idea is divided into important topics to understand better. Similarly it has a well define topics for reader to learn.

Chapter of Computer Idea pdf:

The following are the list of computer idea with a little explanation.

1: Representation of Data:

The data representation of data is divided into seven sub topics. The 1st topic is Binary numbers. The 2nd topic is Image representation. The 3rd topic is Text Compression. The 4th topic is Error Detection. The 5th topic is Information Theory. The 6th topic is Sound Representation. Lastly, the end topic in first chapter is Databases. Lets study it with a little explanation.

  • Binary Numbers:

The Binary number is represented into a serious of zeros (0) and ones (1). In other word, the 0 represents On state while the 1 represent 1 state.

  • Image Representation:

The Image representation is a series of numbers from 0 to 255. Therefore, The 0 represent black color while the red represent 255.

  • Text Compression:

The Text Compression is the suppression of binary numbers. Meanwhile the text are compress to have it a less space on the drive.

  • Error Detection:

The Error Detection is a process of character count. The characters are counted and placed at the end of the message. The receiver than recount and compare it the message. If both conclude in the same results the message are consider to be true, if different than error in the message.

  • Information Theory:

This is mathematical study of coding of information in the form of pules and symbols. These information are rapid transformation through circuits.

  • Sound Representation:

The sound can be capture using the microphone. The microphone than convert the sound into bits.

  • Databases:

The Database are the record of files of user data.

2: Algorithms of the computer of work:

Firstly, the understanding of computer idea is important. After that the working of computer is important. The first topic is Searching Algorithms. The 2nd topic is Sorting Algorithms. The 3rd topic is Sorting Networks. The 4th topic is Minimal Spanning Trees. The 5th topic is Routing and Deadlock. The 6th topic is Network Protocols. The 7th topic is Divide and Conquer. Lastly the 8th topic is Line Drawing.

  • Searching Algorithms:

The searching algorithm is used to search through the algorithm. The searching algorithm are linear search, binary search, and jump search etc

  • Sorting Algorithms:

The sorting algorithms are the shuffling of elements or data. The algorithm are selection, insertion, bubble and quick sort algorithm.

  • Sorting Networks:

The sorting networks consists of comparator and wires. The wires are used for data traveling while comparator is for connecting wires. Similarly, comparator swaps the values the wire if the values in top wires is greater than the lower wire.

  • Minimal Spanning Trees:

It is the sum of all vertices in the tree. In addition, it is the minimum cost of a spanning tree.

  • Routing and Deadlock:

Routing is the transformation of data through the transmission media. Meanwhile the deadlock is the accessing of resources hold by another process.

  • Network Protocols:

The networking protocols are used to route the data through the transmission media.

  • Divide and Conquer:

Beside sorting, this algorithm is also helpful for comparing, swapping, and partitioning.

  • Line Drawing:

Line drawing is the technique of drawing the line on to the screen .

3: Procedures:

Firstly, now it’s time tell computer what to do using different compiler techniques. The first topic is Finite state automata. In addition, the 2nd topic is programming language. Finally, the 3rd topic is Simulation. Therefore, lets discuss it one by one.

  • Finite State Automata:

It is the representation of a machine using finite state states. The states can either be accepted or rejected.

  • Programming Languages:

Programming languages are the way to solve the given problem. For example the programming languages are C++, Java, and matlab etc.

4: Intractability of Hard Problems:

Now this chapter focus on the problem which are hard of solve. In addition to this it has different techniques to solve hard problems. The first topic is Graphic colouring. Lastly, the 2nd topic is Dominating sets.

  • Graph Colouring:

Firstly the graph colouring is the techniques to solve the NP complete.

  • Dominating Sets:

In graph theory, the dominating set is the set d of v such that every vertex not in d is at least one member of d.

5: Cryptography of computer idea pdf:

This chapter focus on the information or content hiding. Firstly start from Information Hiding. Likewise the 2nd topic is cryptograhic protocol. Lastly, the 3rd topic is public key encryption.

  • Information Hiding:

Information hiding is the process of hiding data using encapsulation techniques.

  • Cryptographic Protocols:

The cryptographic protocol using different techniques to substitute and transform the information.

  • Public Key Encryption:

The public key encryption means encryption of data using a public key. It is also known as shared key.

6: Interacting with Computers

The chapter focus on the 5th generation techniques. Firstly starting from Human interface design. In addition, the 2nd topic is turning test. Finally, the 3rd topic is artificial intelligence.

  • Human Interface Design:

The human interface design the interface according to their requirements. Also is called as IDE.

  • The Turing Test:

It is the test put into the computer to distinguish it from a machine. In addition to this test a question given to both.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

It is the study of making the machine more intelligent through simulated thoughts and also through reasoning.

Conclusion of Computer Idea pdf:

Like the previous one photoshop cs5 key, this computer idea pdf explain all the concepts of computer. However, this computer pdf is good for beginners also. Similarly, this computer activity has a bunch of concepts level topic as well as advanced level topics. It is therefore conclude, that it has a rich set of topic to learn.

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