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The best way for Career Planning 2017

Career Planning 2017 insights:

Are you one of those who dream big or one of those who wanted to grow big? Then probably at the end of this article you will start making better future plans for a better future. Career
planning 2017 is must should be first right step you need to take.

A great career strategy relies on strong foundations:

Every person will have their own unique way of thinking and different behavioural mindset. When coming to Career Planning it all depends on who you want to be and what you want to become. Albert Einstein once said “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The context here is very simple; everyone will have
their own ability where they can excel and make a perfect career in their area of interest. Our education system is in such a way that it not only makes a fish climb a tree but also make it run in a marathon. So stop caring about marks.

Marks are not the one which will judge your intellectualism; It only judges your memory or how much you can replicate what you just read. Try to think out of box, think out of your surroundings, your boundaries, your thought and your fears and try not to settle until you feel “This is where I want to be and this is perfect for me.” To do all these we give you a list of step to be followed:

1st Step: Self Assessment
2nd Step: Identify your Interests.
3rd Step: Shortlist your interests
4th Step: Set a goal for yourself
5th Step: Stick to the plan(goal)

Self Assessment:

This is nothing but assessing yourself. We all have different motives, values, inspirations and
needs. What drives crazy for someone don’t even come into consideration for other. What you select now, decides your future. Mostly two thirds of our day will be spent doing work to earn for our livelihood. Do the work you love so that you will not work a day with hate.

Understanding your skills, personal qualities and knowledge is highly important so they can match to jobs you would likely do. This also helps you to identify the personal qualities you might need or things you might need to acquire to achieve your career goals. An accurate and realistic assessment of these things is vital to an achievable career strategy.

Start questioning yourself on these topics so as to get a better assessment of yourself:
1. What is my skill set?
2. What are my job-requirements?
3. My long-term and short-term goals?

This is the kind of understanding you need when selling yourself for potential jobs. It also will
boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Identify your Interests:

This part is easy as you write down a list of interests which you ever wanted to become, or
wanted to see yourself in. This list is all about your dreams, your fantasies, your long-held
thoughts. Your choices or interests might be wider than you had realised depending on your wants, needs, likes and dislikes.

Don’t write all the unnecessary things because this a not a wish list. Be serious and be right
when you write down the list, where you think you are strong at keeping in mind about the time frame you have.

Look at our courses if you want to have an idea about what people are taking up after 10th, 12th or after Graduation.

Shortlist your interests:

As you now have a big list of options of your interest, you need to narrow the list against your values and preferences. Shortlist them keeping in mind about the relevant technologies or trends with the present world so that your time will not be wasted.

Remove all the obsolete options as they might not fetch you anything in future even if you have so much interest on them. Have a positive approach with a optimistic perspective and believe in yourself to be successful in every step you take.

As you progress you will have an idea about what skills do you need additionally to go into the path you are about to choose. Think about all the possibilities in all the direction when you are either including or striking down the list of options. This is to avoid wasting time reviewing the option again in future.

Set a goal for yourself:

Don’t just select a path keeping “Job purpose” in mind. Reach out for option which is rare at the same time what you are good at. This makes you stand different among crowd rather than one in the crowd.

Opt for a career keeping your past accomplishments in mind, so as not to forget the success you received at that time. Count your hobbies too, because they will have high impact on your career. Review the current career and job trends so that it will be easy once you step into market.

Be SMART in selecting your goal. Which means
Specific: be clear on what you are choosing
Measurable: so that you can look at what heights you reached
Achievable: so not to set goals which cannot be achieved by anyways
Realistic: let them be real, rather than something from dreams
Time: so that you can achieve them in specific time frames
Finally choose your path by asking these questions; What do you want? Financial Stability?  Individuality? Happiness? Want to make some difference in the world? To become Famous? or To be rich? Take more time to understand the motives that drive your sense of success and happiness.

Stick to the plan(goal):

Once you decided what you want to be, stick to that no matter what. There will be no “trial
basis” or “I’ll just try and see.” Don’t look life in a materialistic way. Look for happiness and
self satisfaction rather than money and fame.

Conclusion for Career Planning 2017:

Think about alternate choice only when the path you choose is not working in any possible way. If not stick to it until you achieve what you desired to achieve. Hardships and pains are common in this journey, but once you achieve it that will be the best part.
Career planning is not a one time activity i.e. should be done in schooling or college, it’s a
recurring activity. Every year or the alternate you should plan your career so that your future
will be fruitful. Career Planning 2017 is must and you need to do it right now.

Our team wishes you for you to achieve great future and be prosperous in whatever decision you take.

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The best way for Career Planning 2017


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