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Ed Mass – Alternative Medicine Background


This Is "My Story", What’s Yours?

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Who Is Ed Mass?

This site presents a perspective of Alternative Medicine from Ed Mass, who has worked closely for many years (and continues to do so) with a M.D. who practices Alternative Medicine, also called Complementary Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Biological Medicine, presented from a unique perspective. Ed also works with a Dentist who practices Biological Dentistry. Here you’ll find Alternative Medicine presented from an evidence based perspective of what has worked for many people.

I encourage you to participate and provide your feedback in comments to my posts. I truly think you’ll gain a significantly greater understanding of health and healing that you won’t find in either conventional medicine or other Alternative Medicine sites.

My Story

Kidney Cancer Follow-Up – The Next Vital Step: Building My Immune System

From one day to the next, I developed kidney cancer! Of course, it wasn’t just in one day. It had been developing for some time. How long? Very fast in one month? Slowly over several years? No one will ever know.

I went to the hospital at 9:00 am one morning because I had blood in my urine and pain in my side. By 5:00 pm that day, I’m going into surgery to have my right kidney removed…and the tumor that was half the size of the kidney.

I was "fortunate", not, of course, in having the cancer, but in that the cancer had not spread outside my kidney. Therefore, I did not need any chemotherapy or radiation.

This Is Follow-up?

After the initial shock and scare of having cancer and recovering from the surgery, the next step was to have follow-up exams. Although I had utilized homeopathy, which is one aspect of Alternative Medicine, I was so scared by the thought of cancer, and the words from the conventional medical establishment, that I went to a nationally renowned hospital for follow-up.

I was on, what I now call, the "fringes" of Alternative Medicine. I hadn’t fully embraced it because I simply knew too little about it.

My follow-up consisted of x-rays and blood work every six months and CAT scans once a year. I kept wondering what they – the medical professionals – and I were doing with this information. It finally dawned on me that all they were doing was waiting; waiting to see when cancer would return.

They were checking to see if they could catch it early in its stages, as if they could treat it any better by catching it early. After all, the cancer studies follow patients for five years, as if that’s enough to extend one’s life.

Since the early 1970s and after tens of billions of dollars spent on cancer research, cancer rates are still increasing. Doesn’t this suggest that maybe this research is looking in the wrong places to cure it? How about the novel idea of just taking all of the known carcinogens out of our environment, out of our air, water, and food, and of products and manufacturing processes so people don’t get cancer in the first place? But, I digress.

My Life Rocketed Into "Serious Researcher" Mode

I had studied Alternative Medicine off and on for almost 20 years up to this point. However, I now catapulted into serious research and reading into Alternative Medicine for cancer. A "light bulb" finally lit up in my head one day when logic and common sense took hold of me.

My thinking went like this: I realized, from my study and talking with doctors, that everyone has cancer cells. A healthy immune system keeps them in check; kills them off. Since I got cancer, my immune system must have broken down. Therefore, why don’t I remove all the causes of cancer – the causes that weakened my immune system – for which I have control? Why don’t I simultaneously build the strength of my immune system? Yes, that’s exactly what I decided to do.

A Three Point Plan

In my research, I developed a three point plan. First, I learned of many evaluative tests that conventional medicine was not using. These tests provided much better and more complete information about the health of my entire body and all its organs. I made a list of all the tests that I wanted to have done.

Second, I made a list of preventive actions that I wanted to take including a variety of nutritional support. Third, I made a list of Alternative Medicine therapies that I would use if cancer should return. I wanted to be prepared ahead of time.

Once someone says that "you have cancer" your mind immediately goes into a state of great anxiety and it’s difficult to think objectively and evaluate options, especially unconventional ones. The time to prepare is ahead of time.

I "bumped" into a friend of mine who told me how Dr. Simon Yu had helped my friend’s wife get her health back after conventional doctors had "messed her up" with prescription drugs and their side affects and interactions.

I Found My "Guide"

I was amazed when I first took my lists into Dr. Yu. I found that he was using all the diagnostic tests and preventive treatments on my lists plus many more that I hadn’t considered. He was using a variety of therapies that drew upon the best that Alternative Medicine and conventional medicine have to offer. I had found the hope and the person who would be my guide to proactive health for whom I was looking.

When I started with Dr. Yu, I began my "second half" of recovering from cancer. Most conventional medical professionals exclusively focus on ridding the body of cancer. They destroy the body and its immune system while attempting to kill the cancer by poisoning with chemotherapy and burning it out with radiation.

The U.S. has some of the best surgical and trauma care in the world. But when it comes to chronic illness we are sorely lacking…often by wide margins.

Of course, I am thankful for the surgery that I had. Of the conventional treatments, surgery is the least destructive to the immune system. The cancer, however, may only be "conquered" temporarily.

The "second half" of conquering cancer is to make sure it doesn’t return. That means two steps. First, discover the causes that weakened the immune system and destroy them. Second, build the immune system.

My "Biological Terrain"

Since starting with Dr. Yu, we discovered I had mercury toxicity, parasites, and weakened organ functions. In my Alternative Medicine research, I found that these are a few of the many causes of weakened immune systems which can lead to cancer or a variety of other illnesses.

These "weak links" of my body have been remedied through the following actions: replacement of all my mercury fillings (I like to call them for what they really are and not the euphemistic name of "silver" fillings since they are at least 50% mercury.), chelation for removal of mercury in my body, parasite cleansing, and nutritional support to strengthen weak organ function and build my immune system.

I continue with periodic monitoring of my "biological terrain." This monitoring determines adjustments in my immune building routines to keep me on the right track.

There are no guarantees in life. However, I have been cancer-free since the removal of my kidney in 1996. I feel I am now taking the positive, pro-active steps to maximize my chances that cancer will not return so I can live a healthy life.

I am extremely thankful that Dr. Yu has chosen to use his knowledge, training, talents and skills toward what I consider to be the true practice of healing. I consider him one of the pre-eminent Alternative Medicine practitioners in the U.S. because he involves a wide variety of evaluation techniques and therapies. Often, even within Alternative Medicine, practitioners specialize in specific areas within the field

You can find more information about Dr. Yu at his web site:

Transition To Alternative Medicine and Health Researcher

I have studied Alternative Medicine on and off since 1977. However, I have studied it intensively since 1998. Plus I have a variety of business, marketing, and technical skills. Therefore, the follow up to my seeing Dr. Yu as a patient was that we developed a close working relationship.

This consists of numerous discussions on Alternative Medicine concepts, evaluation techniques, and therapies. It also includes planning his marketing activities, organizing the content on his web site, editing his articles, and resolving technical problems with his evaluation equipment. Dr. Yu has said that I know as much about his practice of Alternative Medicine as anyone, including his own staff.

Dr. Yu has sponsored five professional conferences on Alternative Medicine. I was in charge of the marketing for two of these. I moderated two of the conferences. I also gave a presentation on the "Politics of Health Freedom."

In addition to Dr. Yu, I also have a similar relationship with Dr. Rehme who practices Biological Dentistry. Dr. Michael Rehme is also a CCN, Certified Clinical Nutritionist. It is exceptionally rare to find this combination. You can find out more about Dr. Rehme at his web site:

My Blog Is Born

I talk with people everywhere I go about Alternative Medicine in both social and business activities. Either I find them or they find me but the conversations often come around to unresolved health issues for themselves, their family, or their friends.

That led me to finally developing this blog to share my knowledge. I hope your healing becomes real, you gain new insights with "ah-ha" moments, and you stay healthy for the rest of your life.

That’s my story (which, of course, continues in this blog). What’s yours?

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Ed Mass – Alternative Medicine Background


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