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Breaking News: Millions of Bees Killed Overnight

Mosquitoes are becoming the talking point in news across the country with a healthy fear of the Zika Virus and the mosquito that's known to carry it. There have been cases of travel related cases in almost every state this year, however Florida has just confirmed 35 locally acquired cases according to

The Zika Virus can be spread by mosquitoes resulting in dengue fever, yellow fever, and the chikungunya virus. The virus is most commonly known for causing harmful side effects for woman who are pregnant. The virus can also be passed on by having sex with a man who has been exposed to the virus. "The Zika virus can cause Microcephaly or other birth defects" in unborn babies.

There is no doubt that this is an extreme danger to humans and the environment. Once the virus takes hold of an area it can spread rapidly. An example of the fast spreading virus can be found in Puerto Rico, where it has been plagued with the Zika Virus. Within just this past year there have been over 13,700 locally acquired cases of the Zika virus.

In addition to this problem, the Government is attempting to control the population of mosquitos in a hazardous way. Their solution was to pack an airplane full of a dangerous pesticide called “Naled”, then dangerously fly over a population and spray everything. Crops, water systems, homes, and even the air you and I breathe. Unfortunately for the honey bees in Dorchester County this poison was too much for them, and it’s estimated that 2.6 million honey bees died due to the spraying.

It’s not just our new lack of honey that raises alarm. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating over 90% of the worlds natural grown food, and over 30% of farmed food. Another concern is that if it killed the bees what fish and wildlife did this pesticide have an effect on? What type of effects does it have on humans? What studies are being done for long term side effects?

Even though the EPA seems to think that this pesticide is safe, they do not monitor how Naled brakes down in the ground or surface of the water. The EPA also clarifies it as a “Group E” chemical showing the ability to cause cancer. It doesn’t stop there. Naled can also interfere with the baby’s brain development during the pregnancy stages.

In Conclusion the governments solution to a biological problem that can cause birth defects is to spray the atmosphere with a chemical that has a endless supply of side effects including birth defects (what we are trying to eliminate), and has devastating effects on mother nature.

The Real Solution

Mother nature is the solution to our problem. We don’t need more chemicals, we need God’s creations, bats! We aren’t talking about your Saturday morning cartoon hero Batman. We are talking about those cute little bats that come out at night and typically live in caves.

A Single bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquito-sized insects every hour. On average one bat can eat up to 8,000 insects in one night. If you want to play your part in fighting the mosquito plague in your area before it starts this is what you can do to help. Get a bat shelter and help build up the bat population in your area.

You can find Bat Shelters on Amazon. Our personal favorite is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon is hand crafted in the United States, holds up to 20 bats, and can be purchased fairly cheap. Click here to get one today. These bats will be your new best friends. They come out late at night, so you wont hardly see them, and their presence doesn't cause birth defects. Bat's also don't typically eat bees since bees are mainly active during the day, and bats hunt usually after sunset.

Dorchester County Florida was just the beginning. If we don’t help nature take care of the mosquito problem naturally, our inapt government will take care of it, incidentally simultaneously they may take care of us, or our agriculture, or our wildlife at the same time. Knowledge is power, share this with your friends and loved ones.


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Breaking News: Millions of Bees Killed Overnight


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