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Is Exercising Everyday Sufficient For Good Health??

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Yes, we’ve all heard about the apples. Yes, everyone must have also heard about how exercise is important. But with the overflow of information that is readily available on the internet these days, often the truly important pieces of information get overlooked. While there are several reasons for that, the purpose of this article is completely different.

Let us all objectively evaluate if what we have been learning so far is correct. This we can start to discover by questioning what we’ve been essentially been fed growing up in this day and age.

We all have been led to believe that the fancy diets that companies show are the only ones to work. “Less carbohydrates, more protein, zero fat”. The fun thing is, it doesn’t always work for anyone that way.

Did you know that crash dieting is more dangerous than normal dieting? People opt for crash dieting in an attempt to reduce their weight ‘faster’. What they do not realise – and later fall prey to – is that crash dieting causes several side effects later. The Body requires everything in a proper proportion for it to function well. Completely eliminating certain products from your diet, and gorging on other products only does not help. Hate to stray away from the stereotype, but that is how it is.

Also, research proves that those who lose their weight faster in this way become more prone to gaining weight faster in the future. Yes – more prone – to gaining weight faster, and all due to the attempt to reduce it just as fast. This happens because the body is then conditioned to having only certain kind of food products. Any slightest change in the diet can then cause changes in the body, which it cannot react to sufficiently fast. Having got the extra nutrients, the absorption of the nutrients becomes different, and excessive amounts are taken from each serving. This gradually leads to the increase of fat levels in the body faster and significantly.

If you are still among the many people to believe that having an apple a day can keep the doctor away, the following might now come as a shock to you. It’s been found that while eating an apple has many benefits, it can still warrant you to a visit to the doctor. Why? Apples can be as bad for your Teeth as sweets and fizzy drinks. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Let us explain it further.

A study has found out that apples can be as bad – if not more – for your teeth as compared to sweets and other fizzy drinks. This is because apples have high acidic levels that can damage your teeth. If apples are eaten too much too frequently, they can contribute to the erosion in the teeth. On the other hand, the drinks most often associated with erosion, concerning carbonated drinks like Cola, show no increased risk as compared to apples.

The results bring to the forefront that dietary advice should be targeted at strong acids like those that are present in apple rather than some of the commonly consumed soft drinks. Both can be bad for your teeth, but knowing that apples can cause just as much damage is a scary prospective.

Another popular notion is that brushing your teeth immediately after eating apples can negate the acidic effect that they leave in the mouth. However, this is dangerous advice! Half-knowledge is dangerous, and this is just another proof that reinforces the statement. What happens is, when an apple is consumed, it leaves the teeth more acidic and the eroded portion is now exposed. Now, when the brushing action takes place, what is happening is that the strong cleaning agents from the toothpaste are actually working against what is expected of them! They now have an eroded portion to work with, and brushing can take away more particles from the portion, making it significantly weaker. If anything, that’s exposing the teeth to more damage. Hence, it is best to brush before eating an apple. Also, an apple a day may warrant a visit to your dentist someday.

Moving on to what we consider as another grand myth is that exercising daily is fully beneficial. The problem with this blanket statement is that it does not reveal exactly what should be done in daily exercise, and neither does it state the proper information regarding it all. It seems that any kind of exercise, done daily, will keep you away from all ills. But is that really the case? Not so much. You must have observed how even the most athletic people suffer due to various problems in their health. This is because, exercise may externally be buffing up the body, but it leaves the internal aspects a lot more into the imagination.

For instance, heartburn or sensitive teeth can occur to anyone. It does not matter how much one exercises or maintains their workout regime, some things can happen regardless. What does this indicate?

This means that the real problem lies inside the body – not outside it.

So what does one do to effectively tackle these problems?

There simple solution in one word would be: balance. It is all about what sort of balance you maintain that suits your body both internally and externally in the best possible way. The thing is neither of the things we have spoken about so far effectively tackles the issue of maintaining personal overall body health in a better way. If anything, it tells us the various misconceptions that we have had in our mind regarding things so far, and shows us the actual scenario. So without further ado, we must move on to the solution now.

The idea is to take care of yourself in such a way that you provide the least possible scope for yourself to be affected by disease in the future. Also, in case unfortunately you do happen to be affected, there should be ways to tackle the problem permanently for long term relief instead of opting for temporary solutions. It will also help well if this treatment is more natural and oriented in a way that heals your body from the inside.

It is important to realise that if you take care of your body from where it matters – internally – the effects it has on your body are two-fold. The first is that you get relief from your problem in way of a long time solution. The second is that using natural alternative remedies (from authentic sources, of course) removes the problem from its roots, internally, which minimizes the chances of it relapsing.

What we’d like to leave our readers with is this. Falsely believing that only exercise or only healthy food is what regulates your body needs is just that: false. In the onset of diseases or infections, you need to take the best road to recovery by opting for alternative remedies from trusted sources. Nowadays, you can also find them online. In those cases, just ensure that you can talk to the representatives before going ahead to purchase any of their products. Regular dietary maintenance, with sufficient and regulated exercise, along with any required doses of herbal natural remedies are the sure-shot way to maintain holistic health.

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Is Exercising Everyday Sufficient For Good Health??


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