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Top 4 Fat Killing Exercises That Can Trim Your Waistline Fast

There is no secret that the toughest place to lose some extra kilos is the middle section of your body. Though girls mention it as ‘muffin top’ or ‘spare tire’, the fact is that it looks ugly, and additionally it can pose a danger to your health too. It is never too late to realize your muffin top! So pull up your shoes, and start shedding off that bulge before it signals any health concern. Blend it with a complete cardio and strength routine and you will be able to zip up your favorite jeans soon.

You must do these efficient workouts that are able to trim your waistline fast. For a better result, try them up to 4 non-consecutive days every week.

1. Dead Bug

Relax and lie with your face up. Extend your arms fully along sides. Now bring your legs to the tabletop position, keeping the knees bent while lower legs parallel in line to the floor. Now brace the core and reach the left arm up behind your head. Meanwhile keep your right leg straighten. Ensure that it does not touch the floor. Now return to start position and repeat the same with opposite side to complete one round. Do three sets of each side and repeat it for ten times.

Tip: Do not allow your lower back to lose a contract with the floor. Try and keep your lower back pressed hard downward while abs as tight as possible.

2. Cardio Core Crawl

This Exercise, if done with fast paced moves, pumps your heart beat and similarly strengthens your core. Let’s start with your knees and hands with the abs braced tightly. Keep your back naturally arched, while lift your knees 1-2 inches above the floor. Now quickly keep your right hand before yourself on the ground, little before your right shoulder. Now bend the left knee towards the chest and lift your foot off the floor. Try and keep your hips below the shoulders while abs tight during the exercise. Now as you come back to start point, step your foot back on the ground. Now repeat the same with the other side. This is called one rep. You must do 20 reps in total quickly, alternatively with each side.

Tip: If the exercise is too challenging with this move, then you may try resting the knees on the floor unless you are able to push and do more.

3. Double Criss-Cross

Another exercise that can trim your waistline fast is – double criss-cross. Lie with your face up. Bend your knees towards your chest and keep your hands behind head. Now bend the left knee and bring it close to your chest while pulling the right leg straight, parallel with the ground. Your right shoulder must turn towards the knee. Remember you must avoid pulling your head too much, so keep your elbow open wide. Pulse the knee and shoulder close two times. Now return to the starting point and continue this exercise with opposite hand and foot.

Tip: Don’t stretch your head too much, for it can cause a sprain in the neck.

4. Triceps Crunch

This exercise targets the triceps and works best for the abdominal walls, giving you toned arms and flat abs. You must repeat this exercise fifteen times. Grab dumbles and lie on the ground with face-up. Keep your arms straight up and face the palms in. Now bend your hips along with knees to 90 degrees, while keeping the elbows pointed forward. Now hold the dumbles and bring them lower and outside the ears. Hold your abs tight and lower the legs slightly towards the ground. Now slowly, expand your arms straight over the shoulders, with your shoulders and head slightly. Target bringing your forehead close to the knees or bring knees close to the chest.

Tip: Do not overstretch your back while exercising; else you might get strain in your back.

Hope the above-discussed exercises will help you to get your waistline toned and in shape, and admire the perfectly toned body of your own!

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Top 4 Fat Killing Exercises That Can Trim Your Waistline Fast


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