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5 Common Daily Habits That Can Harm Your Skin

You often indulge in some habits frequently and unknowingly that can be harmful to your Skin health. If you just do a simple audit of your habits the actual secret behind the problems can be revealed. Seeking information online or taking cues from others may not always appear as a healthy solution, and it can be detrimental for your skin!

Here are some skin-sins you need to avoid in your everyday life!

1. Thinking that your Sunscreen Lasts all day Long

If you are using sunscreen in the morning before going out, you should keep in your mind that it will not last the whole day! And besides that, it’s also important to remember that you can’t escape the sun rays even when you are inside the car. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, people who spend lots of time behind the wheel, continually get more sun damage on a side of their bodies and faces.

Solution: If you usually stay longer under the sun, try to apply sunscreen every 3 hours. In another case, if you are using a foundation with sunscreen in it, try to apply sunscreen underneath it. And the most importantly, don’t forget to use sunscreen on your exposed parts while driving.

2. Touching your Face Often

Do you often rest your head on your hands if tired or bored or while busy thinking? Oh! It’s a very bad habit and please don’t do it. As the famous American author Robert Engelman says, “The mechanical pressure of the hands on the skin, or the occlusion [blockage] of sweat ducts, can lead to breakouts”. On the other way, during day-to- day works your hand gets in a touch of various bacteria and allergens, which affect your skin whenever your hand touches your chin or cheek!

Solution: Though it’s a very common bad habit, but a little caution on your part can help you to get rid of it. Whenever you feel sluggish, take a brisk walk in place of resting your face on your hands! It will help you to boost your energy also.

3. Laundering Pillow cases Infrequently

Dendy Engelman, MD, a dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, New York says, “When you allow your pillowcases to remain unlaundered, you risk a buildup of hair product residue, dirt, make-up residue, dirt, makeup residue, dead skin cells, and oil to transfer to your skin”. So, if you don’t change your pillow and bed covers on a regular basis, then there is a chance of exacerbating various skin problems. In this case, washing your face before bed can’t make you off the hook!

Solution: If you don’t hit the bed without changing your dress and removing your make-up, your fluffy bed can be a safe retreat after a tiring day. Swap the bed cover and pillow covers on regular basis.

4. Squeezing & Popping your Pimples

Pimples- a very common problem these days! It’s nothing but an inflammation of the skin due to various infections. Most of you with pimples have a strong tendency of pricking at them! Though it relieves in short-term basis, but as you start irritating the wound, it increases the chances of more infections!

Solution: Don’t squeeze them! Treat them with antiseptic or anti-itching ointments to prevent obsessive itching. It also helps to fight further scarring.

5. Buying over the Counter Medicines

If you have the tendency of buying over the counter medicines and without having proper knowledge of them, it can damage your health and in turn your skin. “Every individual has a different skin type. Hence, any treatment cannot be standardized. It’s commonly observed that if a patient is given a treatment for any skin condition and if their relative suffers from a similar problem, they tend to use those medicines without consulting the doctor. Such cases have damaged many patients’ skin”, says Dr. Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, dermatologist.

Solution: Never go for a medicine without having proper knowledge of it or without a prescription from a dermatologist. It will definitely help you in avoiding its side effects.

Hope the above discussion will help you largely to get rid of your usual bad habits by finding suitable reasons behind them. Wish you luck for having a healthy and glowing skin.

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5 Common Daily Habits That Can Harm Your Skin


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