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Firstly wishing everyone Eid Mubarak, and congratulations on completing 30 fasts during Ramadan. Fasting in itself is a great achievement for an individual both mentally and physically. Fasting even promotes the spiritual wellness of a person. It shows you have immense discipline and a strong will power. However to Lose Weight after Eid celebration is challenging.

For those of you who are unaware of what happens during Ramadan and Eid, I will promptly explain you.

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. In this month Muslims all around the world observe fast for 30 days. They fast without having food or water from dawn to dusk. They break their fast at sunset with water and khajoor (dates). This custom of feasting after the sunset prayers is called ‘Iftaar’. The process of fasting helps individuals to curb their physical desires, increase self-discipline and also serves as a reminder of those who are less fortunate.

The ultimate motive of fasting is to bring people closer to God and evoke the feeling of spirituality and to connect with the Almighty. However some may even discover a pleasant side effect of fasting in the form of weight-loss, but that is not the case in the true sense. Usually instead of losing weight people gain weight because of the intake of high calorie food during iftaar. During Ramadan the physical activity is reduced in order to conserve energy. So you are actually taking in more calories than you are burning it. Nonetheless your body is undergoing hormonal changes because of your altered eating and sleeping patterns.

Eid-al-fitr is celebrated after the completion of the 30 days of Ramadan. The day starts with a special prayer and then spending time with your family and friends amidst some really sumptuous savouries and sweets. Rather than losing any weight you end up gaining weight during Ramadan and Eid.

If you have gained a little weight during Ramadan, don’t worry, listed below are a few ways on how you can lose weight after Eid celebrations.

So the Big Question How to lose weight?

Its natural to gain some weight during festive seasons and you should not feel guilty about it. Do not deprive yourself of your favorite foods and just enjoy yourself.

Don’t try to resume your normal eating habits immediately. 30 days is a long period and your body is used to the new eating pattern. If you attempt to eat regularly you might end up gaining even more weight. This is because your glycogen levels or glucose level in the liver depletes and then your body will use up all the food to build back its glycogen levels. In time your natural hunger and sleep patterns will return to normal and so will your hormones. It is then important to increase your physical activity.

Plan your meals beforehand. Make sure you plan a healthy meal and if you are cooking be sure that you have a well stacked kitchen.  Include a lot of fruits and raw vegetables in your diet You may want to take around 2 portions of fruits and 5 portions of vegetables every day. Drink at least 2 – 3 liters of water daily. Avoid fizzy drinks, packaged fruit juices and high calorie drinks like thick shakes.

Do not eat foods with high levels of carbohydrates. Control your food portions and take about six to seven small meals per day. Say no to processed, fried or sugary foods. If you have a strong craving takes a small piece. Remember if you could sustain and control your cravings for 30 days, you can curb them even now. Hunger is more psychological than natural. Next time you feel hungry, drink a glass of water. You will be surprised to notice that you weren’t hungry, but thirsty.

We all should do any form of exercise daily for an hour at least. Exercise and walking can help reduce weight and tone up your body. Any exercise that will increase your cardio vascular activity will help you lose weight.

If you incorporate all these points in your day to day life post Eid, you will see remarkable changes in your body and will lose weight safely and naturally.

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