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15 Things to be done if you are trying to get pregnant

Things to be done if you are trying to get pregnant
Getting Pregnant is not as easy as most people think. So much work needs to be done. The question people ask experts is “what can I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?” It is not an easy question to answer because everybody is different. This question can be answered on the basis of science. Science has given us so much information on how the human body adjusts itself for conception. Here are some of the things you need to do if you are trying to get pregnant:

1. Having an intercourse when it really matters. 

It should be noted that the female egg lives in the reproductive tract for 36 hours. The male sperm, on the other hand, can survive a good five days after ejaculation has happened. The newly released egg needs to be welcomed well by simply having sex in every opportunity in each of these five days before the day ovulation occurs. By doing this, chances of getting pregnant are increased since the number of viable sperms heading to the egg for fertilization is high.

2. Reduce stress. Being anxious is very bad for someone looking to get pregnant. 

This is because the stress hormone tends to be stronger than the progesterone, which maintains the fertilized egg. If that is not enough, stress also drains your body of nutrients that are key for this process.

3. Frequently having intercourse. 

Sex during ovulation is crucial in this process, but having sex regularly, regardless of the situation increases the chances of a woman getting pregnant.

4. Stop smoking. Smokers, according to research have to wait an extra two months to get pregnant. 

For men smokers, the toxins contained in cigarette smoke affect sperm motility; this means the sperms are unable to cover the distance to the egg. For female smokers, the cilium gets damaged and so the eggs cannot be guided from the ovary.

5. Getting enough sleep. Sleep makes the body reboot. 

Many menstrual abnormalities occur as a result of being sleep deprived. This is because the pineal gland in the brain which produces hormones that are directly linked to fertility gets affected by how much we sleep.

6. Maintain a healthy weight 

Being overweight has always been a bad thing, especially to people anticipating pregnancy. Menstrual irregularities are likely to be experienced since estrogen created by fat cells interferes with the cycle. So enough time should be put into working out before trying to get pregnant to avoid problems.

7. Stay away from lubricants 

Every form of lubricant has a negative effect on the sperms produced. A woman’s natural secretion moments after ovulation provide the sperm with protection. The sperms are exposed to high risks when lubricants are used. The best way to do it is having lots and lots of foreplay.

8. Have a check-up.

Pregnancy is a project. Before beginning this process, a doctor has to be visited and communicate any form of problems related to periods. It is also important to know whether you or your spouse has Chlamydia, a disease that leads to infertility.

9. Keeping track of your cycle. 

In this, a few things need to be known and put into consideration; which day you ovulate and how long your cycle is. Knowledge of this is important so as to keep track of the location of the egg, waiting for the sperms.

10. Understanding well the signs of fertility. This can be monitored in 2 simple ways:

• Basal body temperature (temperature when the body is resting)

• Cervical mucus (noting the color and consistency).

11. Buy a test.

These tests help women figure out their window of fertility. You should test your urine in order to know the hormone levels.

12. Good diet.

Make sure you eat healthy nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamin B6 that help in making your body strong and can comfortably carry a baby.

13. Taking supplements.

Folic acid is very important in this process. Women should take at least 400 micro-grams of Folic Acid per day. This is because it helps in the replication of genes, which is a very good thing.

14. Taking prenatal vitamins

Finding prenatal vitamins with high levels of folic acid to prepare the body for pregnancy and develop a very conducive environment for the baby.

15. Check out your surroundings well. 

There are some environmental factors related to fertility levels. In case you are having trouble conceiving, your environment might be the issue. It is very important to make sure that the environment favours you well in order to get perfect and positive results. Conclusion If these 15 steps are well read and followed, getting pregnant becomes very easy for all women who are r

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15 Things to be done if you are trying to get pregnant


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