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Top 5 Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps

If you’re looking for ways to build bigger Biceps, you are not alone. Bigger biceps offer you with an attractive impression for your body, which certainly you don’t want to miss.

The visibility of the muscles actually signifies strength and power of your body.

But in order to build these biceps, you need to understand that there are groups of muscles which form your biceps, which need to be trained to develop in size and strength. While there are different strategies that you may apply, here are five exercises that are simply perfect for the purpose.

#1 Barbell Curl

barbell curlMain target area – This exercise targets the biceps brachii from its original position towards its peak and insertion.

Strengths – This is a great way to work on both of your biceps, where each of the arm gets to work equally towards developing the muscles.

How to do – For this, you have to hold a barbell with the grip being at your shoulder width, and stand in an upright position. Keeping your upper arms unmoved, try curling the weights in a forward direction, while allowing the biceps to contract. Keep moving like this till your biceps are completely tapered and the bar comes to your shoulder level. Then, gradually try bringing the bar to its original position. Keep repeating.

#2 Incline Dumbbell Curl

incline dumbbell curlMain target area – It targets the biceps and brachialis, which takes into consideration the full length of the bicep muscles.

Strengths – A high resistance is place on the biceps brachii, which is most important for visibility of the biceps. The incline offers you with a unique position for the exercise, which is not offered in any other bicep workout.

How to do – An adjustable bench is needed for the exercise, where you will place the bench at an inclination of 45 to 60 degree angle. Holding the dumbbells by your side, sit on the bench, and by keeping your upper arms static, bring the dumbbells closer to your shoulder. Then bring them back to original position. Repeat.

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#3 Standing Cable Curl

standing cable curlMain target area – The Main Target Area of this exercise is the biceps brachii, and with using a rope, the focus is further on activation of the brachialis.

Strengths – The cable used here offers a constant tension which is as beneficial as using high cable curls for developing your biceps muscles.

How to do –Using a straight bar, you need to stand in front of a cable machine, with the cable being adjusted to a height just few inches above the floor. Hold a straight bar and slowly curl it to the top till it comes to few inches level from your chest. Keep your elbows static and gradually take the bar to its original position.

#4 Concentration Curls

concentration curlsMain target area – Biceps are the main Target Area of this exercise.

Strengths – 97% of biceps activity is yielded by this technique. With the back of the thigh stabilizing the arm, the biceps muscles get isolated and trained.

How to do – Sit on a flat bench, and keep your legs spread with knees bent and feet being on the floor. Hold one dumbbell in your hand and rest the back of your upper arm against the inner side of your thigh, thus stabilizing it. Keeping your arms static, bring the weights forward and contract the muscles. Continue till complete contraction of the muscles take place, and then gradually bring the weight to its original position. Repeat.

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#5 The Preacher Curl

the preacher curlMain target area – The biceps and brachialis are targeted with a key focus on its stretch.

Strengths – The engagement of the arms and the muscles are effective and strong, and while stretching, you get to lose some muscle tension as well. Combined effect on lower and stabilizer muscles strengthen the biceps making them more visible and popped up.

How to do – Use a preacher bench pad for this. Position your upper arms and chest against the bench pad and hold the curl bar keeping at a length with your shoulder. Start with this, and gradually lower the bar till your upper arm and the biceps muscles are completely stretched. Bring the bar back to position and repeat.

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Top 5 Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps


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