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Working to Music improved my mental health

Working to Music improved my mental health when I was most challenged at work.

I love Listening to music.  I work well with music in the background. Unfortunately my experience with putting headphones on while at work has not been a good one until recently.

“Take off your headset” was the response I got from a superior when I answered a  query he had for me.  I work well on repetitive tasks with songs that I like. The period of this event was a very stressful one for me.  I coped best then with the recordings that triggered excellent memories for me.  I felt much happier, relaxed and focused better listening to these recordings.

working to music

I seemed to give the impression that I was not serious with my work. Funny enough, I was never more serious at work than at this time. I was effectively reporting by having a daily update on tasks presented weekly to my manager.  This rapidly became reported daily to prevent excessive interruptions to the tasks I had at hand answering questions that I had previously given verbal responses to different people.

In noisy environments  have found myself to be even more effective at tasks when I put on my headset to listen to my favorite music.  I find that I relax and easily disregard every other thing happening.

Recently I have found myself smiling as colleagues siting close to me work to music on their headsets.   I have fully understood the value of listening to good music while working. On occasions a colleague shared what he was listening to with the rest of us.

There are a few occasions where listening to music has been counterproductive

1  When I am learning new things

I find it harder to focus well on the things I am learning when I listen to music.  I find that the lyrics of the music I am listening interferes with my concentration on the task at hand in this situation.

it is a rare workplace that would permit you to have headphones on
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2 When I am listening to new music

Listening to new music takes all my attention.  It becomes more appealing than any task I have at hand as I focus on the discovery of the new lyrics and musical arrangements.

On balance, working to music is very beneficial.  Having a playlist of songs helped as well particularly when I was carrying out repetitive tasks.

Having said all,  it is a rare workplace that would permit you in an office environment to have headphones on.  It is often seen as a sign that you are not serious with your work. Colleagues,  particularly managers, very often think you are inattentive as a result.

The only workmen who have put on music at my house have been people I have known socially.

What has been you experience working to music? Share with us and engage your social media contacts on this post.

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Working to Music improved my mental health


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