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Organizing yourself when you feel low

It is important to organize yourself when you Feel Low.  It is easier to lose focus when you are Feeling Low. Feeling low is a sign that events have affected your emotions.  Negative responses building up in your thoughts result in anyone feeling low. Pulling yourself out of these situations depend on your getting organized.

Here are a few steps to pull yourself of the blues.

#1 List your activities in order of importance to you

Getting your priorities right is the first step to pulling yourself out of negative situations.  It gives you focus.  Listing your Activities in order of importance to you not only gives you a clearer picture of the things you must get done, it gives you a template to plan with.

#2  Establish buffers that allow you focus on the most crucial tasks

We all know the importance of protecting our valuables. Too often we fail to realize the importance of protecting the time required to accomplish the tasks that are most crucial to us.  People in important positions have structures in place to protect access to their time so they can focus on crucial matters.  The higher the volume of activities, the greater the risk to critical activities. Buffers are any third-party activities  or individuals that “buy” you the time to deal with critical activities without faltering.

#3 Build Contingencies

Contingencies are actually buffers but go further than this. Contingencies give you fall back positions.  They build the redundancies that you have to support your crucial activities.

#4 Involve more people in your activities

Why go on a journey alone when you can travel with others? Ultimately, it is more fun travelling as a group than travelling alone.   Where you have assessed the risks involved in having others participate in your activities as very low to negligible there is no reason to exclude others.  A team is more effective than the sum of individual members.  You often get fresh perspective from others.

#5 Obtain and analyse feedback

Feedback is necessary to check whether you are being effective at what you are doing. If you are not being effective at your tasks, there is no point doing them. Feedback also helps you check how efficient you are at what you are doing.  This gives you insight as to what to improve on, and how to do so.


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Organizing yourself when you feel low


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