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Get your desired weight at no extra cost

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A lot of people have attempted to rid of excess weight but fail at such attempts because they either have the wrong information or miss applied the knowledge at their disposal, and end up with much more weight than they
started with. Various articles have also tackled weight loss issues, elaborating on how to loose weight. But to succeed at a weight loss course and get the right results, you must be aware of "how not to loose weight"; the don'ts of losing weight.

Set goals

start by determining how much weight you want to loose and work at it.
Before you start the weight loss program, it is important to measure and record your present weight, upper arm, waist, thigh, chest, hip. Repeat the measurement weekly to keep track of your success. Be persistent, be discipline, you are accountable to yourself.

Skipping breakfast

Majority of people on a weight loss program are quick to adopt this method. It is not a good idea to do this, because it poses serious health consequences by way of giving rise to certain health risks like obesity, high blood pressure, hearth attack, diabetes and so on.
It is important to include breakfast in your daily routine, it can positively impact your overall health and help you to be focused and productive all day.
Settle for a healthy breakfast instead, one that is low in fat and sugar.

Balanced diet

Make sure to have a balanced diet to meet up with the daily requirement. Try as much as possible to prevent or cut down on high calorie and high fat foods like cakes, fried chicken, hamburger, carbonated drinks etc. Rather settle for fresh fruits and vegetables which are low in calories but high in nutrients and the necessary vitamins that enhance the body function.
Eat only when hungry, eat regular food not snacks.

Over eating

This is bound to happen when you skip meals.
As a result of that, you might become too hungry and find yourself eating more than you should at any one serving. This may not make you gain weight, but it does affect your ability to loose weight.
Therefore, to get your ideal weight and to guarantee a slender healthier body, you should change your eating habit.

Eating late

To begin with, eating late at night especially eating heavy foods/over eating plus going to bed right away, increases the chances of acid reflux which can be of serious consequence to your health.
If you are trying to loose weight, avoid eating at least two hours before bedtime. This is because unlike during the day when the body's metabolism functions rapidly, it slows down during sleep and cause the recent foods to be digested at a very slow rate and results in increased body weight.

Extensive work hours makes people to settle for late dinner. If you happen to fall into this category, consider having foods that are very low in calories or snack on fruits.


This is one of the best approaches in a weight loss routine, since it offers maximum result.
Apart from keeping you in shape, exercise keeps you fit.

Some of the exercises you can try:

This rather simple exercise is one great way to shed excess weight, especially when accompanied with a bit of jogging every now and then.
Taking an evening walk for at least 30mins daily would do the magic.
What's more it doesn't require any equipment.


About 2-3 sessions of cycling in a week will help a great deal to burn off extra calories. Cycling improves health, increases all round fitness and heart este.


Long period of exercises with excessive sweating may result in dehydration. Especially when you don't take enough liquid.
Drinking water alot won't make you gain weight. It would cleanse your body and positively affect your overall health. Water also helps you feel full, so you won't be tempted to jump on anything in sight.


Cutting down on high calorie foods is essential for weight loss. However, eating too few calorie for a prolonged period of time could cause a person to become under weight, leading to health problems in the long run. It is therefore, important to ensure that the calorie intake is just right for the requirement in body function.
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Get your desired weight at no extra cost


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