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My Honest Alpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain Review

Let’s be honest: if you are like me, you consider yourself to be bright minded, fairly motivated and focused on your goals. You work out, take care of yourself, and think of yourself as being athletic. But, somehow, you think you could do more; could be better. I know I did.

What if you could have a razor sharp mind, learn faster, feel more motivated, have increased focus, and even get more out of your workouts and be a better athlete? Sounds great, right?

When I first heard about these possibilities, I thought that in order to do this I would have to either work twice as hard as I already was or take some kind of dangerous drug that would have negative side effects later on in life. Well, I didn’t have time to work any harder, and I certainly didn’t want to take dangerous drugs.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading! You’re going to want to read this Alpha Brain review.

But first, let’s get into the question you are probably asking yourself right now…

What is Alpha Brain?

I asked the same question.

Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs is a single dose Nootropic stack. Nootropics are sometimes called “smart pills” because they enhance brain function. There are different types of Nootropics that, taken in isolation, are used for different effects. Some enhance learning, some allow you to be more focused, others improve mood and motivation.

For maximum results, many people “stack” Nootropics (take more than one type). With Alpha Brain, there is no need for that. In a single dose, you get an effective stack of supplements to improve cognitive function overall.

According to the official website, Alpha Brain is a complete, balanced Nootropic. It has clinically demonstrated improvements in verbal memory and executive function helping to achieve greater focus, memory, and mental clarity.

On top of all that, Alpha Brain is a safe and natural way to improve your brain. The name Nootropic can only be given to supplements that have extremely low toxicity and have the ability to improve brain function. Alpha Brain is even considered a brain protectant!

You just take your supp every day, and feel the fog start to lift. You will feel sharper, more creative, have a better memory, and will be able to concentrate better. Hit the gym and get better results. Enjoy an improvement in your mood. Some have even reported having lucid dreams while taking Alpha Brain.

Of course, you are conscientious about what you put into your body. For most of us, our health is at the top of the list of what’s important. So now I bet your next question is…

Is Alpha Brain Safe?

Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs is a Nootropic. In order for a supplement to earn the name Nootropic, it must have very low toxicity and it must be neuroprotective (protect brain neurons). The Alpha Brain ingredients are stacked together by Onnit in 3 blends:

Flow Blend

Which includes L-Theanine that has a calming effect, and L-Tyrosine which improves mood and motivation. Your mood will improve and you will probably sleep better.

Fuel Blend

Made up of AC 11, Onnit’s blend of natural ingredients, which is helpful at repairing environmental-stress related DNA damage within your cells which leads to improved cognitive function and brain health. Also included is Vinpocetine used to improve memory and increase blood flow to the brain.

Focus Blend

With the main ingredient Alpha GPC. This amazing supplement increases a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine which is important for memory and learning functions. It also allows your body to produce more HGH, so workouts will be more productive and physical strength will increase!

All of these ingredients are known for having very few side effects, if any. Definitely a plus! Alpha brain is definitely worth a try! For me, it was a life-changer. Let’s look at some more of the benefits you will experience while taking this life-altering supplement.

Some of the benefits that users have reported in various Alpha Brain reviews include:

Sharp mind:

It literally feels like a fog you didn’t realize was around your brain has lifted. Memory improves, learning occurs faster, reactions are quicker.


When you start to work on your “to do” list, that sluggish feeling of “this sucks” just isn’t there anymore. Just Do It becomes your mantra, and you get it done!

Improved mood:

Many people report that their relationships have improved because they are less grouchy all the time. You do feel better – not like a euphoric state; just more satisfied. Part of that could be that you are accomplishing more.

Improved Sleep:

You may need to play a little with your dosing times to get the full sleep benefit of this supp, but you will get there! Most say that they wake up feeling refreshed and rested like never before. Better rest improves your mood, as well as everything else!

Increased Focus:

College students notice that it is easier to concentrate and focus on the content of their studies. Most people report improvement in forming sentences, analyzing problems, and concentration.

Lucid Dreams:

Some people have reported having very lucid dreams after taking Alpha Brain at night.

Increased physical strength:

As I mentioned earlier, the Alpha GPC increases the HGH in the body, so workouts are more productive. Physical strength will improve at a faster rate.

Not only does Alpha Brain provide many excellent benefits, it is also easy to take! Taken as directed, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. And you may even be protecting your mind from degeneration later on. What have you got to lose (besides that brain fog)?

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My Honest Alpha Brain Review


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