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8 Tips To Keep Your Face Skin Clear

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How to keep your face skin clear

My Skin problems began in my teen years, I was always full of pimples and blackheads and because of this I always had trouble making friends and my colleagues considered me dirty because they thought I did not clean my face. I was always a nerd, who always had its face full of sores, others took pity on me, while the others were laughing behind my back and some weren’t even that shy and just made fun of me in front of my face and that hurt me the most.

My parents took me to a doctor but it did not do much, he gave me an antibiotic cream which did not help me at all. And I also did wrong, because I was often squeezing the pimples which led to some huge signs on my white skin. A nice colleague from my job once told me that if I did not have all those pimples, my blue eyes would have been seen by many people.

I entered my office and the tears would not stop flowing when I realized that it’s time to do something, people will judge me according to the nature of my looks first and not by my personality. Especially that first impressions count and sometimes face says everything about you and it is more like a business card.

I decided to try several tricks that keep my skin clean and to try to solve those problems with the blackheads. I will present to you solutions which I tested and which I consider to be the best.

1. Establish what type of skin do you have

It is very important to know what type of skin you have, so you would know what you must apply to it. I do not think you want to buy a moisturizer for oily skin though you have a dry skin. From my own experience I can tell you that you risk everything when you apply various skin creams and gels that you skin type may not need.

Dry skin tends usually to have a matte look, feels dry, often you can confront with itching and often it is sensitive. Dry skin must be hydrated regularly from the inside (freshwater) and on the outside with thermal water for dry skin. You also need to take into account hydration with moisturizers or lotions.

When we talk about beauty, obviously we are talking about skin health. It is, ultimately, the mirror of a woman, and, if you want her business card. Now, if it’s a normal skin – without any particular problem – things are simple. We do not need many tricks or exquisite care products. Things get complicated when we have to deal with a delicate skin type. Dry skin, for example, is a type of skin that gives a lot of headaches.

An important aspect when we conclude that we have dry skin is to discover the cause, because there are two types of such skin. Dry skin should not to be confused with dehydrated skin. Dry skin have a deficiency in lipids and dehydrated skin have a deficiency in water.

Consume at least two liters of fluids per day. It is true that dry skin usually attracts in most cases dehydration, but dehydration occurs as easily in oily skins too. There are completely different things and correct diagnosis leads to the selection of appropriate treatments.

Dry skin is largely due to a genetic predisposition, but it is not excluded to be gained from the use of unsuitable products, with aging or of internal and external causes. When the cause is a genetic predisposition, the number and / or size of the sebaceous glands, which provides the necessary lipid is reduced in number.

Dry skin is very sensitive when it comes to wind or radiation, also you are advised that in that case to not go to a salon to bronze your skin artificially. Be careful at soaping and cosmetics that contain alcohol, you may think they will help you in cleaning your face, but in reality, it degrades and dries it.

Oily skin. Oily skin looks shiny and often oily in texture. This type of skin is prone to acne. Your skin will need regular treatments with herbal or clay sprays.

Using certain cosmetics you can hide the pores, get rid of blackheads and oily sheen. It is recommended to choose products that have this label mentioning “for oily / normal” or “oily and acne”. It would be good to wear the inscription “Dermatologist tested”.

Oily acne skin it is prone to rashes, acne and pimples and it creates many problems. Acne is characterized by pimples both small and large which leaves scars after their disappearance. Acne occurs generally because the hormonal changes that occur at puberty.

There are currently many problematic skin care products, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If necessary, a dermatologist can prescribe special medicines. If the case of an acne skin, I recommend using fat-free products that do not clog pores.

Normal skin is perfectly balanced, but rarely met at mature people. Such a skin type is a precious gift of the nature. Normal skin is soft, velvety, matte and elastic, it does not sparkle, and it does not peel. With such a skin type, usually there are no problems – it always have a healthy look, a medium thick and small and smooth pores. At this type of skin every girl dreams of, but unfortunately it is rarely met.

Is easy to maintain a normal skin, normal hygiene procedures are sufficient to maintain it in good condition as much as possible. Normal skin only needs two things – cleaning and protection against external influences. These procedures help maintain a healthy look and slowing the aging process of the skin.

2. Cleansing is essential

Cleansing is an important process that no woman should avoid no matter of the type of skin she have. The way you do matters a lot because on this step it may depend in large part the way your skin looks.

Before starting the cleansing, wash your hands with a disinfectant soap, because on our hands are microbes that we easily transfer onto the face. If the skin is oily, dirty hands can make a real mess, resulting in accentuation of blackheads.

Always use warm water. Because hot water( or rather, too cold) dries and irritates the skin, causing the rupture of the capillaries. Ideally, use distilled water when washing your face, because it is “devoid” of irritant substances.

Rinse several times after cleansing. Most cleaning products have the disadvantage that they dry the skin, so you have to clean them very well from your face after you have applied them. Do not always use the same towel for the face, you should always have one clean, if you think you forget doing this, buy disposable towels specially designed for your face skin. If you forget the change the towel every time, all you do is to spread bacterias all over your face.

And when you clean yourself with the towel, do not rub it strongly, but slightly press it. Apply a moisturizing cream as your skin is still slightly damp to penetrate efficiently into the skin.

Correct cleansing is part of a ritual that you must do it daily, at least 20 minutes and that we should not overlook if we want a clean and healthy skin.

3. Keep in mind the diet

A clean skin does not mean you have to spend money on expensive treatments and means and it also means what you eat. A diet rich in vitamins and healthy food, if it will cleanse your skin and it will keep you younger for a longer time. The food you have to consume to have a beautiful skin are:

  • Avocado fruit contains essential fat agents that help your skin to restore its suppleness and elasticity, your skin will definitely love this fruit. Eat this fruit in salads and use it for weekly masks. Avocado mask is extremely nutritious and suitable for dry skin. Prepare it thus: take out the core of ripe fruit and put it in a blender until you get a creamy paste. Add a little extra-virgin olive oil and apply the mixture on the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes then remove the mask and rinse with warm water.
  • Bell peppers rejuvenate and cleanse the skin, but also erase fine wrinkles on the skin, when eaten regularly. In particular, red peppers are an excellent source of vitamin A, which is needed to regenerate skin and improve its texture. Also peppers are full of vitamin C, which experts say is essential for stimulating the production of collagen, production which decreases with aging up.
  • Mango can be used with confidence in homemade masks and facials, as they contain generous amounts of vitamin A, plus a high content of antioxidants and essential minerals for cleansing the skin. Consume mango once a week to have a more supple skin and also preparare some mango facial masks. Here’s how to prepare a mango mask: mix two tablespoons of mango pulp with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of yogurt. Apply on face and leave the mask to act for 10-15 minutes. Repeat treatment once a week.

Avoid eating meat, fish, eggs, fried foods, white flour, white sugar and other products, such as coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and contraceptives, and any other drug that can be obtained without a prescription. Any artificial, processed food will only lead to leaving visible traces on your face. A proverb says that you are what you eat!

4. Do not overexpose yourself to sun!

Even when you go on your dream vacation at sea does not stay in the sun too long. Try to limit sun exposure (between ten o’clock and two o’clock in the afternoon). If you must sit in the sun for long periods of time, make sure you wear a quality sunscreen. The best would be to use a hat. Although you know that sunlight on your skin is a great source of vitamin D, be careful that excessive exposure can cause wrinkles and even skin cancer. Remember to use a natural protector such as coconut oil, or a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher.

5. Do not squeeze pimples!

I was doing this while I was a teenager and I did not knew why my face always looked like a ball that was just hit. You probably want to do it, but hold yourself from doing it because you will only emphasize what you already have. Squeezing them will only produce greater skin infections – which means automatically the extent of the life of the squeezed pimples. Also, this habit can lead to rapid multiplication of the number of pimples by spreading infection. Uses special cremes for these so you’ll avoid traces left after or worse, for them to expand on the rest of your face!

6. Exfoliate your skin!

To keep your skin clean and fresh! Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin and allows better absorption of creams for the face. Exfoliate your skin after you have cleaned it beforehand. Heat the area where you apply the scrub with warm water and put the product on the skin with circular movements. Avoid the sensitive area around the eyes. Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water and use a moisturizer. It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin about three times a week!

7. Prepare various masks at home

Using various ingredients, from fruit to milk, depending on your skin type! Applying a mask rich in vitamins and minerals is essential because skin needs hydration and natural refreshment!

Below I will share the masks used by me which had almost miraculous results:

  •  Mask with egg white – Separate the egg white and mix it in well with a fork( as for scrambled eggs). Apply on cleansed skin and wash with warm water beforehand. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes (even if you have a itching and even if it dries on the face). After 20 minutes rinse thoroughly with warm water and dab the skin at the end with a paper towel. For problematic skin, using this treatment is recommended once a day in the first week and then twice a week. The results are guaranteed. Egg white contains collagen, a natural product that helps preserve the skin’s elasticity and to avoid wrinkles. Basically, collagen is a placenta and contains many vitamins.
  • Mask with aspirin – You need: two aspirin tablets, a small teaspoon of honey and about ½ teaspoons of water. Once you have those ingredients, put the water in a plate and then the aspirin pills( do not use aspirin tablets because they dissolve very hard in water). After aspirin dissolves (do not expect to get a perfect pasta), stir well and add the honey after which stir it again to obtain a uniform paste. Apply the paste all over the face, including your chin and leave it about 20 minutes. I recommend you to lie down on the bed and arm yourself with patience because it will be very long 20 minutes. You will feel a strange sensation in the area as something will tighten the skin on your face. After the 20 minutes have passed, go to the bathroom and wash up easily with warm water while making a rotating massage of the face. You can do this mask without honey but after you would necessarily have to use a moisturizer. Also, if you prefer the aspirin mask without honey, the resulting paste will not stick this good to your skin. You can use the mask with aspirin no more than 3 times a week, but before an application, make sure you are not allergic to aspirin.
  • Mask with yogurt and olive oil and honey – The first thing to do is to heat the honey so that it becomes liquid and can be mixed with yogurt. After you warmed the honey, mix it with yogurt and olive oil, leave it for about 5 minutes, after you mix it again and apply it on your clean skin( carefully, thoroughly clean the skin before applying the mask with yogurt). After you have applied the paste after mixing yogurt with honey and with olive oil, wait 20 minutes for the mask to take effect, then remove the mask by rinsing with warm water. I recommend applying this mask with yogurt for 2-3 times a week and no doubt in a few months you will have visible improvements. Side effects from these masks were not noticed until now, but if you notice any irritation or something wrong cease to apply this mask.

8. Massage your face!

Massage improves blood circulation and tones the facial muscles. It is recommended at a young age, because when you are older, your skin loses its elasticity quickly. Use circular motions and fine ones for the forehead, cheeks and chin.

Some of the facial massage exercise that you can do in front of a mirror:

Smoothing your forehead: raise and lower the eyebrows

  • Lift the hair with your hands and look straight ahead
  • Gently lower the eyebrows, but try not to close them
  • Close your eyes,while still holding on top of the forehead with your hands, which remains stretched
  • Raise your hand and gently lift the eyebrows, without causing wrinkles on your forehand. 

Eyes relaxation: raise your eyebrows

  • Place one hand on your head, place fingers on the forehead forming a fan
  • Press heavily to avoid wrinkles between the eyebrows during exercise
  • Slowly raise both eyebrows, then slowly return to the starting position
  • Raise your hand on the forehead and notice your eyebrows: their basic line is slightly raised a few millimeters, which has the effect of sweetening of the facial features and expanding the look.

Toning of the whole face: pronounce the vowels

A – with a wide laugh:

  • Open your mouth wide and pronounce A
  • Then laugh slowly to further open of the mouth, supporting your face with your hands, to prevent the formation of wrinkles on the cheeks
  • Close the mouth slowly

E – with a smile

  • Pronounce the vowel E, pulling the corners of his mouth as much as a smile

8. Go to a salon!

If these tips does not help you, even after you have consulted a dermatologist, it’s time to choose a cosmetic salon specialized in cleansing the skin.

The high content of minerals in seaweed and caviar products are used into a cosmetic salon to stimulate circulation to help eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system of the skin. Facial peeling helps clean the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities without excessive drying of the skin and its protective layer. Crystallized algae based natural peeling won’t the skin and this is why it is also used in the fanciest of the salons.

Ultrasound spatula is a new element and you can ask about it at the salon where you usually go. It is used on all areas of the face: chin, nose, forehead, cheeks, and provides gentle cleansing of the skin. The degree of the exfoliation depends on the intensity, professionalism and conditions of the use of the mesotherapy spatula. But pay attention !!!

Do not become addicted to the beauty salon, because they can be quite expensive and besides you a not a diva so you can afford daily pampering. Try to create your own methods of combating skin problems at home, with more natural ingredients. They are healthier and your face skin will thank you for that.

If you really have some serious issues that you can fix at home, then choose carefully a salon where you can go safely, without being worried what might happen to you. Ask your dermatologist as well, before you opt for one method or another. It is recommended to ask him even before you try some home made mask, because maybe you haven’t identified the correct skin type of your face and you will only do harm to yourself by applying some other thing.

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8 Tips To Keep Your Face Skin Clear


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