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Getting Rid of White Marks on Shower Screens

shower White marks on Shower screens can turn the most beautiful and well-kept bathrooms into one that looks a bit shabby and unclean. Staying on top of the white streaks which form all over a glass shower screen and on tiles can be a full time job. If white marks are left for too long, they can become stains which are exceedingly difficult to remove.

In this article we will discuss some methods which will help you maintain a white streak free shower environment and will not keep you cleaning for hours every day.

The primary reason why white streaks and marks form on Shower Surfaces is because there are contaminants in the municipal water supply which are carried into our showers. When water dries, these contaminants solidify and form the white marks and streaks which we can see. The main contaminant which causes biggest problem is lime scale and hard water. Lime scale particles such as magnesium, calcium, heavy metals and other minerals which contribute to hard water are clearly visible on all surfaces of the shower once shower water has dried. Other chemical contaminants such as Chlorine can also be left adhered to shower surfaces once shower water has dried. Also any sand, dirt or dust can be picked up along the way in old pipes that lead from municipal water supplies to our homes.

Now that we understand what is actually causing the white streaks and marks on our shower surfaces we can look at what the best solutions to ridding ourselves of these annoyances are.

Squiggy / Window wiper

Leaving a squiggy in the shower with us is a great way of removing the symptoms of white streaks and marks on our shower surfaces. With a squiggy at hand, whenever we finish our showers we can do a quick wipe down of the glass shower screen with the squiggy and remove all excess water. In this way water droplets will not dry on our glass surfaces and therefore no residue will be left. The drawback of this method is that we can only use it on glass surfaces and it doesn’t work well on tiles (as it is not a flat surface) therefore there might still remain some water droplets on tiled surfaces.

Shower Head Filter

The best way to tackle the problem of white streaks and marks on our shower surfaces is to remove the actual cause. Shower filters have a small water filter inside the shower head, when shower water passes through this filter it removes hard water particles, chemicals, dirt and other contaminants from the water itself. Therefore leaving shower water pure and free from contaminants which cause the white streaks and marks in the first instance.


When white marks and stains have been left for too long, then a preventative measure or a little elbow grease will not shift the stain. We will need to go for something a bit more powerful. In the first instance always go for something natural, try a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and scrub the stain vigorously. In most cases this will remove the stain, but in cases of extreme staining we recommend purchasing a bathroom chemical cleaner from your local hardware store. Remember when using chemicals always wear protective gloves and glasses.

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Getting Rid of White Marks on Shower Screens


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