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Best Ever 7 Summer Hair Care Tips

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It has been a glorious summer so far! We've had our absolute highest recorded July temperature at 36.7C, what a scorcher that was. All around our beautiful country we've had some lovely warm weather with plenty of sunshine. So we do hope this amazing summer weather continues all the way to the end of summer.

In this summer inspired article we will discuss the absolute 7 best summer Hair care tips. Tips that will help you maintain an amazing head of hair that is healthy and full of vitality.

Tip 1 - Ultra Violet is Ultra Harmful

We all know that Ultra Violet rays (UV rays) are harmful for skin and too much exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, but not many of us actually know that UV rays also can damage hair. If it is a particularly sunny day and the UV count is up high, please consider wearing a light and airy hat or cover hair with a scarf to reduce that damage from UV radiation.

Tip 2 - Sunscreen Isn't Just For Skin

Did you know that there are shampoos and conditioners out there with UV protection sunscreen in them? Pretty amazing isn't it? Elvive has a very good product which has a good protection level for UV. But there are many other similar products too. Next time you're at Boots or at the supermarket it would be a good idea to grab a bottle of UV protecting shampoo. If you don't use it all this summer. Just pop it in the cupboard and bring it back out next summer, it won't go off.

Tip 3 - Wash That Man Outta Your Hair - But Not Too Often!

All over our scalp we have oil glands which produce the universes' absolutely best serum which naturally conditions, protects and nourishes our hair. If shampoo manufacturers could somehow duplicate these oils they would make a fortune, but we all produce this magical oil every day and for free. So don't wash your hair too often because you're actually washing out those oils which are irreplaceable.

Tip 4 - Remove Chlorine That Strips Out Natural Oils

All those natural oils in our hair keeps our hair luscious and healthy, but chlorine which is added to our water supplies is a degreasing agent and upon contact with the natural oils in our hair it strips those oils away. During summer we need those oils in our hair desperately because the oil naturally protects us from UV rays. We need to install a shower head filter in our showers to remove chlorine and other chemicals from shower water which strips away our natural oils.

Tip 5 - Cool It With Hot Hair Dryers

When we step outside in the summer and it's hot and sunny, our hair gets a big dose of direct heat. So when we're drying our hair after a shower, turn down the heat setting of our hair dryer. Don't blast hair at the maximum heat setting because all you are doing is causing further heat damage to your hair. Turn down the dial on the hair dryer and if possible, just dry hair with cool air. The ambient air temperature is already high, so it won't take as long to dry hair.

Tip 6 - Make Your Own Revitalising Mist

Get yourself a small spritz bottle, add into it: filtered water, aloe vera juice and a little bit of coconut oil. Shake well and use it as a revitalising hair mist and detangler whenever you feel your hair has had too much sun and needs a little bit of a pick me up.

Tip 7 - Get Out and Enjoy!

Stress and anxiety is probably the worst thing for healthy and lusterous hair. With the amazing weather and long days, the best thing you can do is go out and enjoy yourself. See friends, have lunches, go for walks, play sport - just enjoy the wonderful weather and simply by enjoying yourself and being happy - your hair will feel the benefits too!

We hope you've enjoy these 7 best ever summer hair care tips and if you have any questions or are looking for a new shower head filter to remove chlorine, then please do not hesitate to ask us!

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Best Ever 7 Summer Hair Care Tips


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