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[email protected] – Eyes

“The Eyes are useless when the mind is blind”

Hola again, Working Yogis!

Every Monday, I will be posting some information about Yoga at the workplace to try and assist you, the office goer, money spinner, bread winner with some tips on how to use Yoga at your workplace.

Our Eyes are one of the most precious parts of our body! Of course they are all precious (what am I saying!!), we need each and every part but our Eyes are a gateway into our Soul! You try talking to a person with sunglasses on, or who does not look at you when you speak and its hard to connect!

In this technology driven era (computers, phones, ipads, ebooks) our eyes are taking in gazillion images at any given time and need a break. So, this week we look at how to try and relax our eyes.

1. Sitting straight, start with closing your eyes and taking 5 deep Ujjayi breaths, into the belly, holding and slowly breathing out.

2. Rubbing your palms till they are warm, and then cup your eyes with your warm hands. Take a deep breath.

3. Slowly opening your eyes, bring your hand up to eye level and raise your thumb (like you are doing a Thumbs Up)

4. Move your hand from left to right, and back, and follow your hand with your eyes without moving your face. Do this slowly, three or four times.

5. Then move your hand to make a circle still following your thumb with just your eyes (not moving your head). Do two clockwise and two anti-clockwise.

6. Then lower your hands. Now look at your nosetip so as to squint your eyes, hold a few seconds. Do that twice.

7. Then close your eyes and blink about 10 times. Your eyes may water here but thats OK.

8. Sitting still again, rub your palms till they are warm, cup your eyes, take a deep breath.

9. Finish with 5 deep breaths, and you will feel refreshed and rejuvinated!

There you are, a few easy tips on exercising your eyes. Have you tried Tratak Meditation to cleanse the eyes and lachrymal glands? You can join us for our Full Moon Meditation on Saturday 23rd Jan where we will practice Tratak, read more.

Yogis after our 108SN Practice!

Yogis after our 108SN Practice!

On another note, for our Total Yoga challenge this month, we have taken up #KarmaYogathon on 26th January, Republic Day. We will be doing 108 Surya Namaskars to raise money for The Vidya Foundation. As part of our preparation, we were doing the 108 Surya Namaskar practice in our Saturday class, which was broken down into sets of 33SN. Doing it this way, what seemed like a daunting task became 3 smaller manageable challenges and the whole class completed the practice! It got me thinking, even at the workplace, if there is a large deadline looming or a big project or task that seems like it will never finish, break it down into smaller sections maybe that will help! Remind yourself, its all about perception! What you see may not be what you really see!

Having said that, I am hoping you join us for the Karmayogathon event at UBCity, after all 108SN is an easy and fun deadline compared to your next work project! What say?! :)

Have a good week yogis!

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