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Mindfulness 102 - How to be mindful throughout the day

Why be mindful?

There are a whole host of positive benefits of practicing mindful meditation.  Below is a list of some of the benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • Being more effective
  • Experience less suffering
  • Get more out of each moment
  • Being more in touch with oneself
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Reliving stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improving mental health
  • Facilitates meta cognition

When people think of mindfulness they usually think of people meditating cross legged and focusing on their. However mindfulness can be used in a far more active capacity throughout the day. Someone can be mindful of anything in the present moment, including thoughts, sensations, emotions, surroundings and activites

Mindfulness mediation trains someone to continually refocus their attention on the present moment while exploring sensations with an open curious mind. Mindfulness increase the quality and duration of conscious attention by allowing someone to focus on one thing and if their mind wanders to experience the distraction and then gently refocus on the current activity.

Single tasking is a core aspect of mindfulness as being mindful allows someone to fully experience one thing. Studies have shown the single tasking mindfully is more effective than multitasking.

The following are ways to be mindful throughout the day

Practice mindfulness during routine activties

Some people have done their routine so many times that it becomes a habit and they do it automatically without paying any conscious attention to what they are doing. Routine activities are an excellent opportunity to practice being mindful

Eat with mindfulness

If you wolf down your food then you miss out on the chance to savor the experience. Next time you sit down to a meal try to eat each bite mindfully and maybe even play with your food mindfully

Focus on the body

Being mindful of sensations in your body is as easy as doing a body scan and paying attention to each body part. This allows greater connection with your body

Pay attention to breathing

If nothing in the moment seems interesting then returning to being mindful of breathing is always a good idea. Whenever you become aware of your own breathing (like now) try and see how long you can maintain that awareness

Meditate upon waking up and going to bed

Waking up and meditating is a great way to set up your day and meditating at night is good for getting to sleep and dealing with insomnia

Work with mindfulness  

Throw yourself into your work and when you notice your mind wandering then gently redirect it to your current project then be astounded much you get done

 Mindfulness 101

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Mindfulness 102 - How to be mindful throughout the day


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