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how to keep mind fresh

Mind getting calmness through instructions :

How To Keep Mind Calm
First part of this tip seems to be clear because you need to keep your mind calm to get better concentration.Just assume that you are happy with whatever you get. If you do this, you will be able to concentrate more on your things than your work.These mistakes happen either because of Anxiety or because of overconfidence.

Meditation gets to the roots of anxiety. Why? Because most anxiety is caused by agitation of the mind, too much information, stimulation, even the energy of anxiety itself sets up a spiral of uncontrolled and unwelcome thoughts that can be very hard to escape from.

When you're feeling anxious it’s not easy to stop everything and just be still, but if you try a simple guided meditation exercise where someone experienced talks you through what to do in real time, your mind becomes occupied with following the instructions and you can begin to slow down and calm down very easily.

They key with meditation is to do it regularly, just 10-15 minutes a day will reduce anxiety and help you regain control and direction of your mind.

Exercise can help you sleep better. Do this in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Exercise makes you feel awake so don't do it in the three hours before bed. A brisk walk for 20-30 minutes is as good as anything.

How to keep mind calm :

You have within you the power to experience the world, without suffering. Learn that you are an ethereal consciousness, a camera without even a memory, which merely reflects a kaleidoscope of sense patterns produced by your brain. Nature's outmoded design causes you to experience agony over the volatile interpretation by your brain of life's supposed burdens. The good news is that nature will also allow you to discard those burdens and walk free.

As your brain developed over millions of years, it assembled the emotional navigators, each a canny bundles of nerve cells, with access to generations of stored experiences. They continually process complex data and make decisions before you can even blink your eyes. As an example, you comprehend this sentence, because a few of those nerve cells scan the black and white pixels on this page, identify the words and expressions, sift your experiences and deliver their meaning.

That process is far too quick for your direct participation. Such nerve bundles sense danger and opportunity, or trigger guilt and shame. Those competing navigators come to conflicting conclusions. An intuitive mechanism in your brain switches control to one of the many navigators. The decision process undermines the captain by handing over charge to the most vociferous navigator.

With emotions in charge, you have a blinkered vision. You exist as a pure awareness, which has the capacity to perceive the results of complex processes in the ship, feeling its pain as well as the joy of its laughter. It can perceive the vast horizon of the feelings of your body, of your current goals and a myriad of emotions.

But, sadly, nature grants your consciousness a limited perspective. The intuitive focus of your brain limits the data available to your consciousness to a narrow slice of that panorama of patterns – to the viewpoint of a single navigator. Your conscious perception this moment is limited to the viewpoint of a single emotion – your current navigator. If that restricted pattern looks dark and bleak, you sink into despair.

Take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment, and then exhale. Feel more relaxed? Breathing exercises are one way to relax. Here you will learn about different ways to relax your mind and body. Being relaxed can help ease stress. It can also relieve anxiety, depression, and sleep problems.

To relax means to calm the mind, the body, or both.
Relaxing can quiet your mind and make you feel peaceful and calm. Your body also reacts when you relax. For example, your muscles may be less tense and more flexible.
There are different ways to relax. You may find one or more ways help to calm you down and feel at peace.

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how to keep mind fresh


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