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advice to avoid/cure hair loss

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Tips must be followed in general to cure hair loss:

These tips should be followed if you suffer from Hair loss permanent or temporary.

1  Proper nutrition: 

You can achieve this by eating a balanced diet.

A) Proteins: proteins can be derived from protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, chicken, beans, eggs and nuts.

B) Iron and zinc: foods rich in iron and zinc, such as broccoli, liver, oysters and mussels, and squash.

C) Vitamin B: fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, meat, seafood, eggs and milk.

D) omega-3: omega- 3 -rich foods are canola, soy, fish and nuts.

In general you should diversify in the list of our food until we get all the nutrients needed by our bodies and for healthy hair, with great care to drink enough water every day, for example, 1.5-liter to 2 liters every day.

Health food is home-prepared food instead of junk food with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, as there are flavonoid antioxidants that can guard hair follicles.

For women who are pregnant or after birth should increase foods rich in biotin (vitamin B) because of decreasing during pregnancy, which may cause birth defects to the fetus, you can compensate by 3 mg biotin supplements every day with foods rich in iron and zinc.

For those who follow a special diet for weight loss have every interest in calories only, which takes a day and do not care nutrients that can compensate for dietary supplementation (biotin, iron and zinc) with a lot of vegetables on a few calories as possible.

You can buy some of the nutrients to prevent hair loss from here through Amazon.
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Hair Care:

It is possible that you are suffering from hair loss due to lack of care of your hair and your hair is exposed to extreme stress for many reasons, making it thin and brittle and weak, and when you pass a brush through
your hair find a lot of hair has fallen.

Of the causes of stress your hair, use harsh products, such as bleach or dyes, blow-drying, repeated moxibustion (hair exposed to very high heat may harm your hair), tight braids, cornrows, tight rubber bands and also wash hair with hot water (as hot water opens the pores and removes oils from the hair follicle, making it brittle and breakable and falling).

But to keep your hair should wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner containing biotin and silica (these nutrients for hair help to re-grow) using lukewarm water and then rinse with cold water, then comb your hair with a wide tooth comb in order to avoid the fall of a lot of hair, then you can put any of nutritious oils for hair.

Massage the scalp daily, because this stimulates blood flow to the scalp, but if you use one of the natural oils on your hair, you can massage your hair with oil even feed the hair follicles.

If you are already using a particular cure such as minoxidil or finasteride or any other cure
 Also follow the instructions above even accelerate the process of re-growth of hair again.

You can buy some of hair care products to prevent hair loss from here through Amazon.

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3  May be anxiety or tension from one of the causes of hair loss, and to reduce or eliminate them must exercise or meditation.

4  If you are using one of the drugs that cause hair loss avoided or ask your doctor about the existence of alternatives to the drug that you are using.

Finally, if your hair is very important for you and you almost lose it, Hurry up and go to a dermatologist and determine the reason and start a proper cure and take care of your hair well....
Good luck.

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advice to avoid/cure hair loss


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