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How to Handle Sweet Treats this Halloween Medicine for Diabetes

How to Handle Sweet Treats this Halloween Medicine for Diabetes

Even though medicine for diabetes aren’t that difficult to come by, it’s a no-brainer that diabetics should still watch what they eat – especially during Halloween. Sweets are more abundant and more advertised during this time, making it nearly impossible to resist.

Contrary to popular belief, diabetics CAN still eat Candy this Halloween – but with some adjustments. This includes ensuring the kids (and kids at heart) have a limit, and that they’re stocked with enough medication or insulin to keep the blood sugar down to a reasonable level. Of course, this also applies to adult diabetics.

Enjoy yourself

Diabetics can still enjoy the process of trick-or-treating, but must be conscious about the amount of carbohydrates consumed if any. Just pick a favorite and set aside the rest of the loot or give it away if possible; however, some candy should still be set aside for cases of hypoglycemia. It’s always best to check the nutritional facts of the candies and treats.

It doesn’t have to be sugar

For those who think Halloween is just all about the candy, it’s obviously not. Focus on other aspects of the holiday such as decorating with scary or fantasy themes, watching scary movies, and throwing costume parties. One thing parents can do to get candy off their children is to offer to buy the candy from them. This way, parents can also teach the kids the value of money.

It’s still worth having a couple of candy bars on hand if ever someone’s blood sugar drops too low.

Replace the candy

If you really can’t resist the thought of consuming sweets, have baked goods made with sugar replacements or artificial sweeteners. Remember that if you opt for sugar-free candies you’re not supposed to overdose on that either, as it can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to avoid sugar altogether, but it also depends on how severe your condition is. For people who are managing their disease well, sweets are okay but it’s better to have them after a meal. The logic of this is that since it’s broken down together with protein and fat, rather than on its own as a snack, it’s easier to digest. It’s always best to watch what you’re eating than relying on medicine alone.

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How to Handle Sweet Treats this Halloween Medicine for Diabetes


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