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Learn the causes of fat in the buttocks area

There are several reasons leading to collect fat in the Buttocks area, including:
- Sitting for long periods because of the nature of the work.
- The status of the wrong stand.
-The intake of sugars and fats.
- The ratio of fat in the Buttocks Area in women, due to higher estrogen levels increase.
See  get rid of the fat buttocks

How to get rid of the accumulated fat around the buttocks area:

Get rid of the accumulated fat around the buttocks area by:
- Some food tips.
Practice of exercise that works to tighten the muscles of the buttocks.
-a the exercise of the wrong habits that work to be fat in the buttocks area.
This is what will we are introducing in this article ..
Foods that contribute to get rid of the fat buttocks:

Berries, grapefruit and oranges from foods that help you lose weight saluting recommended by the American Council for weight loss, and that the fruit contains a percentage of sugars that the body needs and do not lead to weight gain.

American Council recommends to lose weight eating some vegetables such as spinach and artichoke this green vegetables and beans contain a high proportion of fiber and contribute to the slimming buttocks.

Fat-free foods:
Eating fat-free foods helps slimming buttocks, and include:
- Red fat-free.

-Some Types of fish, such as salmon.
Do not deprive yourself of fat:
It recommended the Harvard School of Public Health eating healthy fats such as:

-olive Oil.

4 steps to get rid of the buttocks without resorting to diet:

The first step:
There are some reasons that work on the accumulation of fat in the buttocks area, you should avoid those reasons, prevention is better than cure, if the nature of your business depends on sitting for long periods of time you have to do some steps to stimulate the muscles of the buttocks such as:
- Up the stairs instead of the elevator.
- Put your car in a remote location.

The second step:
Then put pressure on the buttocks area, pressure on the buttocks area several times a day helps  and practice this exercise while watching TV or while sitting at your desk.

Step Three:
Some slimming exercises contribute to the buttocks and most important of these exercises:
-Develop Squat helps slimming buttocks, as it reduces the incidence of the knees and lower back pain.
-Develop Hands and knees on the floor, and a lifting of the hands and the man opposite her, this exercise works on
Slimming buttocks and reduce back pain.

Step Four:
The use of dumbbells where he works to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.

Fast diet to lose buttocks and abdomen:
1-reducing calories:
Reducing calories is essential if you want to reduce the fat in your diet
There are some necessary steps to reduce the calories such as:
-bad From eating sugars.
Avoid fried foods.
You will need to compensate for this lack of food containing a high proportion of fiber such as lettuce and cucumbers, you can be addressed between meals when you feel hungry.
2-carbohydrate intake and fat only useful:
You carbohydrate intake and useful fats that help you to maintain your metabolism and help the digestive system to absorb vitamins that your body needs include:
- Whole grains
- Bread.
- Oatmeal.
- Brown rice.
- Salmon.
- Nuts.
- Olive oil.
3. access to adequate quantities of proteins:
Proteins help build muscle in your body is the most important sources of protein:
- Skimmed milk.
- Yogurt.
- Eggs.
- Fat-free meat.
Add those items to your diet helps to reduce weight, and a feeling of fullness.
Is heredity factor in the formation of fat buttocks?
Recent studies have shown that genetics plays an important role in the formation of the buttocks, where increasing fat formation opportunities on the buttocks if a parent is suffering from fat be on the buttocks area.
Studies also pointed to increased formation buttocks fat in women opportunities, due to higher estrogen ratio.
Is Bran contribute to slimming the buttocks?
Bran is working on the feeling of fullness, and is added to bread, and noted some studies that bran contributes to weight loss because they contain a high proportion of fiber process, as the body supplying minerals and essential vitamins, but there is no research indicating the role of bran in slimming buttocks.
Diet of the buttocks .. survey buttocks during the final five days only fact or fiction?
Can you get rid of the buttocks during the 5 days only? Question deserves attention.
Unfortunately some people resort to use some of the recipes that called to get rid of weight quickly, but some of those recipes lead to damage to the body, and do not work on slimming the desired area.
Slimming buttocks includes diet, in addition to the exercise, which works to tighten the muscles of the buttocks.
The risk of fat to accumulate in the buttocks area on health:
More things that bother people who suffer from fat to accumulate around the buttocks area is the outer appearance, lack the body leads to a feeling of malaise, and reduces the consistency of self-confidence.

In addition to the risks for other obesity include:
Increase your chances of developing heart disease.
Increased chances of developing high blood pressure.
Increase your chances of developing diabetes.
In the end, we can summarize the buttocks diet system at several points, including:
1-drinking water:
8-12 eating a cup of water a day working on easily lose weight, and maintain the freshness of your skin.
2-carbohydrate watched carefully:
You can eat a third of your meal carbohydrate materials but be aware of the type of carbohydrates and be sure to eat beneficial carbohydrates, which include:

3. Avoid fried foods as it works to increase the accumulation of fat in the buttocks area.
4-interest in addressing beneficial fats, which include: olive  so do not expose your body to lack of
In minerals and vitamins it needs.
5-remove fat from meat and remove chicken skin before eating.
You diet for slimming the buttocks:
Breakfast: a slice of brown bread + boiled or a piece of cheese skimmed egg.
Food: half a cup of brown rice boiled + a quarter of a chicken without skin or fat-free piece of meat or half a kilo grilled fish or a can of tuna oil refinery + dish of vegetables.
After two hours of food: fruit fruit.
Dinner: a cup of yogurt + fruit 
Vegetables can eat between meals when you feel hungry.
So you some simple steps to get rid of fat around the buttocks .. and always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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Learn the causes of fat in the buttocks area


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