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Side-effects of skipping breakfast!!

Incorporating a nutritious Breakfast containing protein-rich foods has many health benefits. It can be a simple strategy for people to increase satiety, prevent overeating and achieve weight loss goals.

The Medguru suggests a few reasons why one should not miss the morning meal.

1.Skipping breakfast lowers down metabolism
Metabolism is nothing but ability of your body to burn off extra calories stored and Skipping Breakfast lowers the metabolism rate of the body. Eating small meals after short spans of time is recommended the entire day and skipping breakfast ignites the fire ‘burn-out’ inside the body. Breakfast is the meal taken after the time interval of 6 to 8 hours and body is at fasting stage. Breakfast in a way helps to kick start the metabolism process which then works efficiently the entire day.

2. Concentration level dips if breakfast is skipped altogether
After fasting for about 7 to 8 hours the body needs energy to stay active the entire day. Skipping breakfast deprives the body of the fuel and thus energy level declines. This leaves the body lethargic and tired the entire day.

3. Blood Sugar levels see a downfall
The state of hypoglycaemia can be reached because of lower Blood Sugar Levels if the body is not provided with sufficient fuel and energy at regular intervals. The hypoglycemia is reached when blood sugar levels dips below 4.0mmol. The symptoms of low blood sugar level are sweating, dizziness, nausea and shaking. Moreover maintaining healthy blood sugar level is very essential to lose weight.

4. No breakfast results in mid-morning cravings
Skipping breakfast in no way helps to reduce weight as one tends to over eat by the mid-morning time because it becomes difficult to resist hunger till that time. As a result one ends up eating high sugar content food with no nutritional value. Thus eating healthy breakfast helps to control the cravings and keeps you full and satisfied.

5. Avoiding breakfast is a big hindrance to lose weight
Avoiding breakfast completely reduces the metabolic rate of the body and thus ability to burn calories is reduced to a large extent. Thus poor metabolism rate makes it hard for the body to burn fat and thus creates a big hindrance to lose weight.

6. Sticking to exercise regime becomes difficult
The main side effect of skipping breakfast is that it makes you feel tired and lethargic the entire day and thus it becomes difficult to stick to your daily exercise regime. The energy levels dip to a large extent and exercise does require extra amount of energy. The best source of energy is regular healthy meals including breakfast.

Ever wondered why breakfast has been touted as the most important meal of the day by nutritional experts?


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Side-effects of skipping breakfast!!


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