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Drop Self Sacrifice and Embrace Self Love

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In the work that I do, I’ve come to believe that one of the biggest lessons we are here to learn while in this life is how to Love ourselves. For most people everything you are taught goes against this. We grow up hearing that to love yourself is to be self-centered or egotistical. A common belief when working with intuitive coaching clients is that to be worthy you must sacrifice yourself. This can show up in all sorts of ways. It could be sacrificing your time, your dreams, your health, or whatever is most important to you. There is a core unconscious belief  (and in some cases it is conscious) in many that sacrificing yourself is a way to prove your love, or your worth. And, in return receive love or recognition back. This is not exclusive to romantic relationships. I see people doing this with family members, friendships, and at work. It can happen within any social dynamic. Giving yourself up might appear to work for a while, but is not sustainable. Eventually resentment rears its head. The reason resentment feels uncomfortable is to remind you that there is a different way to do things. 

If this sounds familiar, my challenge to you is to replace self sacrifice with self love.The first step is to realize that the love you are seeking starts from within. There is nothing you need to do to prove you are worthy to be loved. Receiving validation from outside sources does not prove your worth. It is up to you to remember that you are valuable and that you are worthy of your own love. This is not a green light to go around treating other people badly. Rather, it is permission for you to take care of your needs. This realization gives you the space and the freedom to begin to live from a place of inspiration and create the things you desire in your life. From this place you have much more to give than if you are expecting another to prove your worth.

Loving yourself means you treat yourself kindly and let go of self judgement. By loving yourself you open the door to receive support from the universe. You realize that engaging and creating struggle for yourself is not a loving act but choosing peace for yourself is.

It is a choice to create a healthy mind, body, spirit relationship. Your body is divine and a spiritual antenna. It is a physical embodiment of how you are consciously creating your life and should be treated as the sacred space your spirt dwells. 

.It is remembering that you are the creator of your life. You are responsible for deciding what you would like to show up in your life. Loving yourself is recognizing where you give your power. Do you give it away to challenges and situations you are unhappy with? Or do you choose to know that being your authentic self is being in your power. When in your power you can create solutions to any challenges that appear. 

Loving yourself is connecting to and listening to the wisdom of your heart. It is choosing to live with an open heart. Loving yourself is choosing the joyful, graceful expression of yourself in the world. It is letting go of the need to battle the world, and choosing to create a world that welcomes and embraces the genuine you. 

Loving yourself is creating a vision for your life that excites and inspires you. It is having a vision beyond how you currently view your life and having the faith that you are everything you need to create what you desire. It is showing up for yourself, trusting the universe to show up for you and remembering that you are the one who manifests this.

In order to love yourself, self judgement, blame, shame, guilt and doubt must take a back seat to you connecting with the light of who you are. If you are not there yet, that is ok, but you must make the choice to believe it is possible and choose to allow it for yourself. You must make the choice to receive and be the love that you are. If you are ready for this but not sure where to start, I am here to help.  Having an outside perspective can support you to know that it is possible for you to have these things. Though you want to change you might not realize what blocks you. I am able to intuitively tune into the root of what holds you back and help you transform it. Contact me today for a session and embark on your journey to self love.

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Drop Self Sacrifice and Embrace Self Love


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