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Secret Prescription to Prevent and Cure Hair Shedding Disease Effectively

Patient of liver-yin and kidney-yin deficiency

Patients of this type may have a flakiness shedding of Hair and the syndrome worsens as time goes by. Besides, they often suffer from dry hair, dizziness, insomnia, dysphoria in five parts, sweating when sleeping and soreness and debility in the waist and knees etc. Females might suffer from menstruation disorder while males may suffer from spermatorrhea. The principles of the diet therapy are tonifying liver and kidney, as well as nourish the blood and producing hair.

Recommended foods: black sesame, black beans, walnut kernel, dry longan pulp, chestnut, black date, wolfberry dishes, mulberry, mutton and dog meat etc. Recommended medicated food is walnut and sesame porridge. Taking 200 grams of walnut kernel, 100 grams of sesame and japonica rice for each. Grind the walnut kernel and the sesame respectively for preparation. Add some water to the japonica rice in the pot and cook it to 70% of thorough cooked and then add 30grams of walnut powder and sesame powder for each and cook it till well done. Eat it for once or twice a day.

Patients of Qi and blood deficiency

Patients of this type usually have thin hair, yellow complexion, fatigue, palpitation and insomnia, pale coating of the tongue, white coating, weak and slight pulse. The principles of diet therapy are Qi nourishing and blood enriching, as well as improve the spleen and heart.

Recommended foods: honey (honey food), Chinese date, yam, brown sugar, and chicken, hog blood, egg, milk, potato, grapes (grape-made foods) and carrot and so on.

Recommended medicated food is Polygonum Multiflorum cook eggs. Immerse 100 grams of Polygonum Multiflorum for 15 minutes and add 2 eggs into it. Then add proper amount of green onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine etc. into it. Use strong fire to boil it and mildfire to cook the eggs to well done. Immerse the eggs into cold water for a while, remove peel of the eggshell and then put it into the pot to cook for 2-3minutes. Eat the eggs and drink the soup once a day.

Hair shedding due to spleen deficiency and excessive dampness The syndrome reflects as oil and sticky on the hair, bright hair, scalp itching as well as inappetence, abdominal distention, diarrhea, red tongue and thick tongue coating. The diet therapy principle is to improve spleen and geting rid of the dampness.

Recommended foods are green bean, French bean, loofa, semen coicis and white gourd. Beware that do not eat cold, oil and fatty foods, to lest retain dampness in the body and obstruct the function of the spleen.

Heart tips
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Secret Prescription to Prevent and Cure Hair Shedding Disease Effectively


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