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Heart Happy

According to the World Health Organization, Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide. This is shocking to say the least, especially considering all the things we can do to prevent this. That’s right! There is hope. Fresh Diet not only follows Mediterranean principles scientifically proven to prevent and manage heart disease, but also offers the peace of mind of having one less thing to worry about. Worry, anxiety, stress, doubt and unhappiness can all contribute to heart disease. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean exercising and balancing stress. It also means striving to be your best you. As we approach Valentine’s day what better way to approach heart health than with love- love of life and the people in your life.


In our office we have the Holstee manifesto printed on our wall. This manifesto was created to remind us of what life is about: inspiration and purpose. Heart health is not only about eating healthy and exercising but it is also about our quality of life. Love of life can be present in so many ways, however many of us, including myself, can easily get caught up in daily conundrums. This week I conducted a happiness survey. I sampled random Fresh Diet employees at our main office. The survey was greeted with slight confusion and responses including “wow, that survey really made me think.” Overall it was evident that many employees have not taken the time to recognize their own happiness. In fact, when employees were asked if there was a gap between what they are doing in life and what they would like to do, 45% of employees agreed there is a gap. Whether you are feeling unhappy, lost, in limbo or absolutely amazing, here are a few things you can incorporate in your daily life to be well on your way to a healthy heart.

Self Nurture: Just a few weeks ago I found myself overwhelmed and slightly more anxious than usual. Many of us at Fresh Diet have started taking yoga classes just up the road from our office. This definitely came in handy when our instructor taught us how to stop, breathe, count to 5, exhale and be present. Repeat as many times as you need. As simple as it sounds, simply breathing, clearing your mind and finding your space of calm is the best way to handle those moments. As for your heart, not only will this decrease your blood pressure but it will help manage stress.

If you aren’t happy find a way to get happy: Sounds simple right? Being unhappy can cause inflammation, high blood pressure and stress on your entire body. The mind is a powerful thing. We can all find something to be grateful for, to love, to appreciate and to look forward to. When life hits you and troubled times are inevitable, always remember one thing you love and one thing you are grateful for and immerse yourself in that everyday — even if only for a few minutes. Not only will this calm you down but in turn it will decrease cortisol leading to healthier weight management and decreased stress on the heart. Place a picture of loved ones on your desk, incorporate diffusers at home and the office for aromatherapy and surround yourself with positive words, images and sayings. Little details can make the biggest impact.

  1. Path of perfection: Don’t get caught up in living someone else’s version on happiness. Next time you find yourself tempted to “keep up with the Joneses” remember the best prize in life is true happiness and love. Money can’t buy happiness. The best clothes, jewelry, cars, or homes can’t prevent heart disease. The intention is to self nurture your heart and connect this with your mind and physical body to be the best you in every aspect of life. Easier said than done? The true key is going day by day. Finding what makes you happy and surround yourself with it.

This Valentine’s day take time to love yourself and the people in your life who calm you down, make you a better person, and keep you excited! Life is short and stress may be inevitable sometimes, so let Fresh Diet take care of your food while you focus on your heart. Remember to love, be present, and be grateful. In the words of the Holstee Manifesto, “This is your life, do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it. Life is simple.”

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Heart Happy


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