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3 Reasons why 1000 Calories Challenge WORKS

Arnel Ricafranca sent me an advanced copy of his 1000 Calories Challenge yesterday. Every time I open up a new program, there is this little bit of excitement inside of me. I’m excited to see what new twist a trainer has come up with and what new twist I can incorporate into my training regimens.

Well, here are three things that stood out the most about Arnel’s 1000 Calories Challenge:

#1: Mobilizes Subcutaneous Fat

In order to start burning fat off your Body, you need to start to get rid of the subcutaneous fat out of the fat cells. You need to burn it as fuel, but you’re body can’t do it unless it’s released from the fat cell itself

So how do you do that? You create a Huge Calorie Deficit with your Workout program (hence 1000 calorie challenge) Once you’ve created this HUGE calorie deficit, the body starts to look for alternative sources of energy.

Now, you may be thinking that your body goes straight to these fat cells but…it doesn’t. Our bodies are hardwired to save those reserves until the VERY LAST MOMENT. You see, we have the same biological structure as our caveman ancestors.

So, our body thinks we’re starving ourselves. Hence, the first source of energy is in the form go glycogen from muscle and liver. The second place your body goes for energy is muscle tissue itself.

That’s not what we want! We do NOT want to break down precious muscle mass during a fat loss phase. This is a mistake that almost everyone makes (even me). However, Arnel has designed the 1000 Calorie Challenge to help keep things in a state of positive protein synthesis, hence sparing muscle mass.

Instead of doing tons of cardio to burn lots of calories, you’ll be performing high intensity workouts that require you to use muscle in order to move your body. So your body know that your muscles are engaged, and can not recruit energy from your muscles!

So….the third source is body fat, which is exactly what we want!

#2: Heart Rate Accelerators

Heart Rate Accelerators are exactly what they sound like: mini circuits WITHIN the workout itself to boost your Heart Rate even further, hence burning even more calories! So Arnel’s program gradually shows you how to burn more and more calories with each subsequent workout.

Heart Rate Accelerators are just one of the techniques he uses to trick your body into burning more calories. It’s a genius training device. Why didn’t I think of it myself! It’s like doing a regular, high intensity superset or circuit workout, but then adding an extra HIGHER intensity interval period right smack in the middle of the workout, when your body is already tired.


#3: Metabolic Circuits

Anyone who’s been training for a while KNOWS that circuit training is the best way to burn bucket loads of fat, right? But it also depends on the design of the circuits themselves. You can’t just throw together any random exercises and expect it to work.

Developing workouts takes a lot of guess and check, which is why I always recommend grabbing workouts that are done for you. It’ll save you lot of time and effort…

Back to Arnel’s workouts…for this program, he build you up steadily each week, until you get up to the 5th week of the program. That’s when you start doing these crazy 10-exercise metabolic circuits.

THESE are the workouts that burn 1000 calories per workout! Everything else you were doing was getting your body ready for these. For a short, 4-weeks, each and ever workout you perform will be these mega metabolic circuits burning 1000 calories per workout!

After the 8th week of the program you’ll back off and deload for 2 weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost another 5 lbs or so in these last 2 weeks, because your body will still be recovering from the 4 weeks of hell you just made it go through.

In conclusion, Arnel’s 1000 Calorie Challenge is a smartly planned, intense training regimen that will help you burn off all that stubborn fat on your body.

Click here to Grab the 1000 Calories Challenge Program Today!


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3 Reasons why 1000 Calories Challenge WORKS


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