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Frequency of Working Out

Workout frequency is one of the most talked about topics out there. Some people claim that all you need is 3 Workouts per week, and yet others train as much as 7 days a week.

But it doesn’t matter how much other people train. What matters is figuring out the optimal Training frequency for you. Unfortunately, I lot of this will involve guess and check.

I believe you learn by doing. So start somewhere…anywhere, and make gradual changes along the way. Make sure to keep a log of all your workouts and record your results.

Factors in Training Frequency

The biggest factor in training frequency is actually recovery. Recovery refers to the length at which it takes for you to fully re-cooperate from your workout.

Complete re-cooperation includes:

  • Not being sore
  • Being able to lift the same amount of weight last time
  • Not feeling excessively tired

It’s somewhat difficult to gauge whether or not your body is fully recovered, especially for beginners. Most beginners, especially if they’re young, end up taking up a training schedule that is just too difficult for them.

That is why you should start off shooting for just 2-3 workouts per week when starting out.

Preferred Time Commitment vs. Actual Time Commitment

Your preferred time commitment is the time it requires to achieve your goal. For example, if you wish to lose 2 lbs per week, it is said you must burn off 7000 calories per week, either by increasing exercise, or decreasing food intake (or both).

Actual time commitment is the time that you can actually commit to a training program. For example, if you work 70 hours per week, getting in a 3, 45 Minute workouts per week might be difficult.

However, getting in 7, 20-minute workouts might be feasible. On the 3 day per week, 45 minutes per session schedule, you’re training 135 minutes per week.

And on the 7 days per week, 20 minute per session schedule, you’re training 140 minutes per week. With the way I workout, that extra 5 minutes can be the difference between achieving your goal and failing at your goal.

Now, how do you actually burn off 7000 calories with just 140 minutes of exercise per week without doing cardio? Well, that’s been covered already. The key is to boost your metabolic rate with short, intense workouts.

Here are some articles that may help you with your question:

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  • Supersets Training

Intensity vs. Frequency

As you will learn if you go through the above articles, intensity is more important than frequency. In fact, the more intense your workouts, the less you will have to workout.

But be warned: intense workouts give you fast results, and literally transform you from an average trainee to an athlete. Athletes can handle more work than others.

Short, intense workouts sometimes make you lazy. You say to yourself “Na, I just need 20 minutes, 3 times per week, and I’m done.” But you need to ask yourself this question: am I training at my full capacity?

If you’re only doing 3 workouts per week, then each one of them should be super intense, more intense than anything you’ve ever done. Any workout that does not challenge you does not even count as a workout.

But this is advice for advanced trainees. Beginners should be able to achieve results with almost any sort of workout.

Start Somewhere…Today!

Like I stated earlier, it’s absolutely crucial that you get started on a high intensity program today. You have lots to choose from:

  1. Athlean X – Train like an Athlete, To Look like an Athlete
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  4. Turbulence Training – The Original Turbulence Training At Home Workouts
  5. Look Great Naked – 60 year old with a Six Pack
  6. Workout Without Weights – Coach Lomax’s Bodyweight Training Manual
  7. Gladiator Body Workout – Coach Lomax’s Dumbbell and Bodyweight Workouts
  8. Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss – Complete 3-month Program for Fat Loss


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Frequency of Working Out


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