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Tease your mind this weekend with these brainy haikus…and please add yours


Thank you to everyone who has written so many fun Haikus over the last several years (following the post Top 25 Brain and Mind Haikus. Yours?). These are the ones we have enjoyed the most.


My release technique,
Forgive, forget, love all,
Meditate on that!


Haiku’s are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense


Through the microscope,
slice of brain stains pink and blue,
the wonder of thought.


Love, college, career.
A new world of transitions.
Will I survive? Yes.


Justin the genieus
Must spell check the word genius
to post this Haiku


I thought is was fun.
Then it got a lot harder.
Wow i suck at this.


My fingers tapping,
I chant out five, seven, five.
Is this new music?


body aching now,
yoga isn’t so easy,
good for you they say?


You think yoga’s bad?
Try Aikido my good friend.
Knackers your shoulders.


Rain Stormy Boomer
Sewer Backing To My Door
Is Insurance Paid?


Five Syllables here
Seven more syllables there
Are you happy now?

Yours, please? Can you Write a haiku describing anything crossing your mind now? 

Remember the simple rules: write 3 lines, which don’t need to rhyme, containing 5,7, and 5 syllables.

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Tease your mind this weekend with these brainy haikus…and please add yours


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