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I am grateful for friendship

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Unfortunately, yesterday, 13 November I didn't have the time to even open my computer so today, I will write 2 "I am Grateful for" posts, for today and yesterday.

13 November

I am grateful for friendship

Today I went with my girlfriend to Bucharest, as she is a student there. It was a fun trip (we slept the whole darn way :)) but that's not exactly what I am grateful for today. When we got to her university, I said to her that I am sure that I will meet 3 of my friends while we got from one university to another (she had to go to another one to attend classes there). This wasn't very far, about 12 minutes of walking.

I was really confident that I would really meet 3 friends and I even said to my girlfriend the names of the 3 people I was going to meet. I didn't really think that it wasn't going to happen, I just knew it would. I saw the people I wanted to meet in my mind and felt the joy of seeing them again as it was a couple of months since we last met.

So, there we were on our way to the university, when I saw one of the 3 people I wanted to meet talking on the phone. He wasn't really in our way, he was somewhere on our right, but I looked at him and he saw me and he said hi even if he was talking on the phone. I saluted him and saw that he was busy and in a hurry, so we went on.

I talked a little bit with my girlfriend and what do you think happen? I meet another friend. It wasn't one from the 2 left, it was another friend that was going to classes. We stopped and hugged and talked for 3 minutes about what we were doing and then I let him go, so he wouldn't be late for classes. I felt great to meet him, it was like a bonus to the 3 I really wanted to meet.

We got to where my girlfriend wanted to go and while I kissed her goodbye, guess who I saw? Of course you guessed it! It was one of the 2 friends left, actually it was one of my greatest friends, Robert. My and my girlfriend saw him from a distance and we raised our hands and we saluted him. He didn't see us the first time so on we went with the salutations until he saw us and smiled. I was really happy to see Robert, as he was my roommate for 2 years at the university campus and I really missed him.

My girlfriend had to go, so I went with Robert to where he had to go ,which was exactly were I was coming from, so we had about 15 minutes to talk. He let me know what was new in his life and I told him what was happening in mine, and the time passed really fast, too fast actually, and soon we were at point 0 in our short journey together. Those 15 minutes seemed like a lot more, because I talked to a dear friend. I hugged him and wished him a good day and all the best.

I stopped to make a phone call, and while the phone was ringing I thought about how grateful I was for these amazing friends that I have in my life. They are truly wonderful! I can truly say that I have at least 5 amazing friends, and what I mean by this those kind of friends that if you need them or their help in the middle of the night, they will help you.

And if they need my help, I will help them. I am grateful for these wonderful friends and I feel blessed to have them. While I was thinking this, realized what a wonderful gift friendship is for me and for the entire human kind. I am really grateful fro friendship, the real kind. The one that makes you cry when you think of your best friends (and I also started to cry as I felt I missed Robert even if I just met him 2 minutes back - maybe that is why I missed him, because I wanted to talk to him more).

If only we could spend our time with the ones we love most, oh, what an unbelievable life it would e then! Doing what we love to do and being with whom we love to be with. Now that is really happiness, no matter how much money you have. It's the feeling inside that matters, all that actually matters.

I didn't get to meet all the 3 friends I wanted to meet, but meeting two of them plus one I hadn't planned on meeting was really great. I'm glad I decided to meet them as I'm sure I make my own path and then choose to walk it or not. I'm grateful for my friends and I hope I can help them at least as much as they helped me. I hope that I will be able to make them as happy as they made me in the past and make me every single day, because they are there for me.

I embrace you with friendship,
Razvan Dobre

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I am grateful for friendship


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