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30 Days Of My Public Journal - Day 1

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Today is the first day of the 30 days in which I will keep a sharp eye on what I am doing with my time to see how I stand in the areas that I am not very happy with. This will allow me to get a pretty good idea of what I must do to improve the quality of my life.

March 10 2009

Last night I have gone to sleep at 03.00 o'clock in the morning and I woke up at 08.25. I ate breakfast at 8.30 and then I just lied in bed for the next 15 minutes. It's pretty interesting that I only slept for about 5 and 1/2 hours (and this doesn't happen very often as I tend to sleep a lot more), it's curious that I did this today, the first day that I chose to make part of my 30 days "were I am" experiment.

Hmmm, this could mean that the simple fact that I decided to start this little experiment made me change something. This is great! I can't wait to see what other things I will change in this 30 days period.

At about 8.45 I started reading from "Secrets for success and happiness" by Og Mandino which is a great book about how you can have a wonderful life. I did read for a while until 09.45 after which I washed my teeth. From 10 to 10.40 I just browsed through some sites from my entrecard widget and droped a few cards here and there. It's very interesting to see other people's sites, because everyone has something new and beautiful to offer and just by reading some of the posts I came across, I feel very happy.

At about 10.50 I started reading an article about how to become an early riser at as this is one thing that I want to do in the near future. I read until 11.33 and then I took a break from the computer. I returned to it at 12.00 and continued reading about sleep until 13.00 when I had lunch. At 13.30 I went for a little walk. I returned and I watched Harry Potter 1 for about an hour (I didn't watch it until the end as it is about 2 and a half hours long). I enjoy Harry Potter and already seen 1 to 5 and can't wait for part 6 to be released. I haven't read any of the book, but I will in the future.

It was about 14.50 when I took a break from Potter and started playing Heroes of Might and Magic - Wake of the Gods. It's not the newest version but it's pretty ok and I enjoy it (although I will have to reduce the time I spend playing because it's conflicting with other things I want to do). I played for about 90 minutes and then I took another break from the computer for about a half an hour.

At 16.30 I read something about polyphasic sleep which means sleeping 2-3 hours a night in 20-30 minutes slices at a 4 hour intervals. This sound interesting and I might try it somewhere down the road, but for now I want to reduce the amount of hours that I'm sleeping, in other ways than polyphasic sleep. It's now 17.05 and I'm writing this day report of what I've done until this hour. I'm very excited and also curious to see if I can do this for 30 days, as it may sound easy to keep a journal for 30 days, but for me it's a real challenge and I hope I am up to it. we will see... I'm going to get something to eat now so talk to you later!

Man, those Tom and Jerry and funny :)) I just watched them while I was eating and they made me laugh. They truly are the best cartoon ever in my book! It's now 17.33 and I'm going to get some work done from now as I haven't done anything today in regards to that. Wish me good luck! Well, this didn't take very long as it's 18.00 and I feel kind of tired and I'm going to try to take a 20 minutes nap and see how I feel afterwords. I hope I can continue my work then.

I wasn't really a 20 minutes nap, it was more of a 1 hour nap and after a woke up I didn't get to work, but I read for a half hour and I even exercised, so it was time well spent. Ar 20.00 I started writing for the blog and finishing this day report. It's now 21.48 and I just finished the main post that will announce the start of this 30 days trial or experiment. Probably the last thing that I will do today is watch the football game between Liverpool and Real Madrid which has already started. After the match I will go to bed, so that's going to be somewhere around 24.00 Have a great day!

I embrace you,

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30 Days Of My Public Journal - Day 1


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