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For Teeth Sake-5 Foods Everyone Should Avoid

1. Taffy: Whether it’s store bought tootsie rolls or grandmas homemade rolled taffy, this sticky substance is no good for your Teeth.  With its sticky texture and ability to stick to your teeth quickly, it is more likely to leave a sugary substance on your teeth longer causing cavities. Taffy can also be detrimental to your oral health because it can adhere to fillings and pull your entire filling out.

2.       2. Citrus: Taken in strides, citrus can be good for you. However, if eaten too frequently, citrus can erode away your enamel leaving your teeth a little softer and a lot easier to break. If you do eat a lot of citrus foods, brush immediately afterward so that the citrus itself isn’t left on your teeth for longer than necessary.  If you drink citrus juices, try to avoid citrus juices that contain a lot of citric acid such as grapefruit juice or juices with lemon and lime additives.

3.       3. Soda: Sugary filled drinks such as soda are one of the leading causes of cavities in children and adults. How is Soda so bad for your teeth?  Because it’s typically consumed during daytime hours where people are away from their bathrooms or places where they can brush their teeth, the sugar and syrups from the soda have more time to sit on your teeth and cause cavities.  To prevent having cavities caused by soda, try either avoiding sugary drinks altogether or try diet sodas.

4.      4.  Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are misconceiving in many aspects for both your physical and oral health. Although energy drinks contain electrolytes to help your body recuperate from physical activity, they also contain a large amount of sugar which in turn can cause cavities and enamel erosion.  People typically think that because these energy drinks are good for them that it isn’t necessary to brush their teeth afterwards, but in fact it is quite opposite.  Either brush your teeth after you consume an energy drink or simply drink water.

5.      5. Coffee: Coffee is one of those things that many people can’t seem to give up; it has a taste that people crave and is packed full of the caffeine most people need to survive in the mornings.  If you’re one of those people who can’t kick your coffee habit to the curb, try rinsing your mouth with water after you drink a cup because water reduces acid erosion and stains by a significant amount.

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For Teeth Sake-5 Foods Everyone Should Avoid


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